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Design Confidently With BeFunky’s Free Graphic Design Tool

By Isabelle | Featured Inspiration

Graphic design doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. With BeFunky’s free graphic design app, you can create beautiful, eye-catching designs from your desktop or mobile device – whether you have professional graphic design experience or not. Create posters, social media posts, business logos, web design elements, holiday cards, and more.

While this online graphic design software is easy to use, it’s anything but basic. The Graphic Designer features a wide array of professionally designed templates, a full library of hand-drawn vector graphics, a free stock image library, and a host of unique fonts.

It has all the free graphic design tools you could need, from layers and color palette libraries to alignment tools and smart resizing. Integrated photo editing tools allow you to edit images in your design without ever leaving the Designer. You can even start with a blank canvas or photo, and add your design elements later. In other words, you’ll have everything you’d find in big-name graphic design software, without the overcomplicated toolset or the overwhelming price tag.

Design Faster With Free Templates

Whether you’re not confident in your design eye or you’re just exhausted from creating content to keep up with the social media algorithm, the Graphic Designer’s enormous library of free templates is here to help. Enjoy pre-made templates for a variety of social media posts, from Instagram stories to shoppable Pinterest pins.

These designs have been curated for important events like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Diwali, Earth Day, and more, as well as for holiday promotions, flash sales, and other marketing posts. These free graphic design tools are fully customizable so that you can fit your brand’s fonts and color palette, and can even be used directly in the BeFunky mobile app for on-the-go posting.

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Of course, graphic design tools aren’t just for social media. The Graphic Designer also provides hundreds of free templates for print pieces like flyers, brochures, dinner invitations, and Christmas cards. These templates allow you to swap out images, change the text, choose a new color scheme, add graphics, and more to create something personal to you.

Layers make it easy to organize your design elements, while the integrated Photo Editor allows you to do comprehensive photo editing right from the canvas. Simply swap out the template image for your own with a quick drag and drop, and make any necessary edits right from your canvas!

Pick From Thousands of Hand-Drawn Graphics

Free high-quality graphics are hard to come by online. That’s why BeFunky has curated a full Graphic Library with thousands of hand-drawn vector graphics for you to use in social media posts, album covers, business logos, and other projects. 

graphic designer graphics

Use the built-in search bar to find the exact graphics you need. You can even adjust the colors of each graphic element to fit your design perfectly. Whether you’re creating a logo or designing a cookbook, the Graphic Library lets you add a unique flair to your projects without needing to hunt down high-quality graphics on external websites. That’s just one more benefit of using online graphic design software as opposed to bulky downloadable desktop apps!

Add Text and Create Typography

With the Graphic Designer, adding text to images has never been easier. Most pricey software is overly complicated when it comes to adding text, while most free online software is too simple. With a free but comprehensive text tool, the Graphic Designer is the best of both worlds. On both desktop and mobile, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of fonts, align the text, change the colors, and add eye-catching effects.

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BeFunky’s library of fonts and easy-to-use tools also make it possible for you to create your own brand logo. In combination with graphics from the Graphic Library, you can make a DIY logo for your small business stand out among the most professionally designed brands!

The Graphic Designer can also be used to make text-based designs such as marketing promotions and infographic posts for social media, or posters and event flyers for print. You can also make album covers and other typographic designs. Hundreds of unique typefaces, plus the ability to upload typefaces from Google Fonts or directly from your own computer, makes creating standout typography easier than ever. 

Streamline Projects With Integrated Photo Editing

Have you ever been in the middle of designing something only to find that you need to adjust the colors or contrast of one of your design elements? Traditionally, this means you would need to open the element in a new app or tab, make adjustments, save it, and re-upload it to your design canvas. The only thing that could change this process is a graphic design software that integrates photo editing right into the platform.

layer photo editing in graphic designer

Luckily, the Graphic Designer is that graphic design software. With full integration with the BeFunky Photo Editor, you can double-click any image on your canvas and take it straight to the Photo Editor, where you can adjust the lighting, replace the background, add unique effects and filters, and much, much more. You can restore an old photo or expand the edges with AI, and erase the background so that the element is layerable.

When it comes to photo editing, there’s no limit to what you can do with the combined power of the Graphic Designer and Photo Editor!

Create Better Designs Faster With the Free Graphic Design Tool

Long gone are the days of bulky, expensive graphic design software. In the social media era, where visual content matters more than ever, graphic design tools should be inexpensive, intuitive, and easy to use. Whether you’re an amateur designer looking to create better content or a seasoned professional streamlining your workflow, this online graphic design software provides you the free tools you need to bring your creative visions to life. Start creating today in the Graphic Designer!

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