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Filter And Edit Your Photos Easily With Our New Toning Filters

By Vanessa Poulson | What’s New

Here at BeFunky, our number one goal is to give you the tools to be your most creative self. We’ve made some additions to our most popular feature, our photo filters, that are sure to transform your photo editing process. In our Photo Editor, we’re launching three all-new Deluxe Edition toning filters: Warmer Tones, Analog Tones, and Black and White Tones. These exciting new and customizable filters can transform your photos with the click of a button!

new toning filters in BeFunky

These handy new filters let you easily filter photos to have unique and interesting tones. Using toning filters can help enhance colors, manipulate lighting, and more. The best part, customizing your own filter can help you create a personalized social media aesthetic by manipulating the tones and colors in your photos to be consistent. 

We’ll show you how these new versatile filters can transform your photos easily below! 

Adding Warmer Tones 

Are you looking to add some subtle warmth to your portraits or landscape photography? Our new Warmer Tones filters offer various ways of adding warm tones to your photo. It works by enhancing the warm side of the color palette and adding more of these tones to your photo. Play around with the different filter options to find your favorite way to amplify the warm tones in your photos and watch those colors pop!

Classic Analog Tones

Our new analog toning filters will help your photographs capture the timeless appearance of analog photography or film! There are various different filters that can make your photos appear warmer or cooler in tone, depending on the editing style and colors that you’re looking for. Whether you’re inspired by the colors of Wes Anderson or achieving a muted Tarantino vibe for your photos, there’s an analog filter to achieve your ideal look.

Perfect in Black and White

Did you know that not all black and white filters are created equal? Various black and white filters can make your photos look completely different, even if the filter relies on the same two shades! Black and white filters work by letting you control how the colors in your picture are converted to shades of grey. Due to the differences in how colors are converted, there can be different kinds of black and white filters. Lucky for you, we’ve added new black and white toning filters to fit every style and aesthetic for your photos that just look better with a classic white and black look.

How to Use Our New Toning Filters

Feeling inspired yet? Here’s how you put our new toning filters to work on your photos! Head to BeFunky’s Photo Editor and upload a photo by selecting it from the Open menu, or simply drag-and-drop the image file into the interface.

Upload your image toning filter BeFunky

Click on Effects and select one of our three new toning filters. For this tutorial, we’re going to use the Warmer Tones filter options.

Toning filter effects BeFunky warmer tones

Explore your options to find one that you like! We’re going to use Warmer Tone 6 for this tutorial. Select your desired filter to watch the effect on your photo.

Warmer tones filter toning filter with BeFunky

You can use the slider on the left side in order to increase or decrease the strength of the filter on your photo. 

Change settings toning filters with BeFunky

Click on the Settings button to manipulate the amount of the filter as well as the highlights and shadows on the image. Once you’re satisfied with how your photo looks, tap the blue checkmark to complete the change.

Adjust the filter amount toning filter with BeFunky

Click on the Save menu at the top of the Photo Editor menu and save it to your computer or to BeFunky!

Final Image

Final image toning filter BeFunky

Now that you've seen BeFunky's NEW toning filters in action, it's time for you to try it on one of your photos! With these new filters, you have more editing power than ever on your images. We’re pretty obsessed with them and can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with. These filters are exclusively yours with your BeFunky Plus account (among all of our other powerful Plus exclusives!) 

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified