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Crop photos with the unmatched ease of our custom aspect ratio presets.

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Crop Your Photos With Confidence

The Image Crop Tool in our free online Photo Editor is one of our most used photo effects. Its purpose is to trim away excess pixels from your images rather than a tool to resize images. Whether you want to crop your background image in the Photo Editor or crop photo layers for your Designer or Collage project, you're sure to get the perfect composition using our collection of crop presets. Use our Golden Ratio preset for a classic crop that never disappoints. Try our Square crop to frame up your image flawlessly. Use the Freeform crop mode to get your preferred height and width. Or, take your photography to the next level and choose from one of our many other image crop tool presets and never worry about dimensions, proportions, or aspect ratios again.

Crop Photos with Confidence

Take Control of Image Composition

Put your photos in perfect perspective with presets that let you quickly change the aspect ratio to focus your photography on the subject. Composition is everything when it comes to editing your images. Remember that vacation picture you look great in, but there was just too much of the background? Have a wonderful portrait from the beach but didn't notice that stranger in the shot? Luckily, we make it incredibly simple to alter and enhance the composition of your images. Easily crop image layers in our Designer and Collage Maker to get the perfect layout. Removing unnecessary elements from your photos allows you to put the focus on only the best parts of your image.

Crop photos online with BeFunky

Effortless Image Cropping for Social Media

Make your social media updating quick and easy. At BeFunky, we make cropping images effortless by offering templates specifically made for all your favorite social networking sites. You can crop photo projects to an exact size for use as a YouTube thumbnail, Facebook cover, and Twitter header in a few clicks without worrying about measurements. Add stunning visuals to Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram posts with the ability to add and crop image layers individually. With BeFunky, it's easy to crop your image into something unique for all of your social profiles.

Crop photos for social media

Crop On the Go

Download the mobile app to crop photos to perfection from any device.

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How to Crop Images in 3 Easy Steps

Crop your image online perfectly, every time.

open image

01. Upload Your Image

Open your original image in our free online Photo Editor.

adjust crop

02. Apply the Image Crop Tool

Crop your image to the perfect aspect ratio.

save photo

03. Download and Share

Save your cropped image to your computer and share it directly to social media.

Crop Photos Online With BeFunky