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Online Old Photo Restoration, Simplified

Over time, photographs deteriorate due to sun damage, cracks and creases from keeping them in wallets and purses, and even being exposed to air can cause photos to fade. Restore digital versions of these damaged photos to their glory days with BeFunky’s AI Old Photo Restorer. Scan or take a picture of your old photo to breathe new life into your faded old family photos and vintage black-and-white portraits. This AI photo restoration tool gives new life to old photos by clarifying and restoring details, removing scratches, and recovering faded, washed-out areas of your photos. Preserve your precious photo memories for years to come with BeFunky’s AI Old Photo Restorer.

After BeFunky's Old Photo Restorer
Before BeFunky's Old Photo Restorer



Enhance Details of Old Photos

Even if you’re a pro at photo editing, restoring the clarity and details of old photos can be a struggle - even for a photo restoration service. That’s because every photo is unique, and with so many various causes for faded photos, it’s nearly impossible to have a simple solution. Thankfully, our AI photo restoration tool can analyze the degradation in your old photos to correct for various causes of fading and reduce image noise while enhancing clarity and recovering details in seconds.

Man standing on beach before and after Old Photo Restorer

Restore Damaged Photos

It’s not easy to keep photographs pristine – they’re meant to be enjoyed and will often travel in wallets and purses. Even occasional handling can cause damage over time, and the fragility of printing paper and polaroids only increases with age. Luckily, removing scratches, creases, and cracks caused by a life well-lived is easy with BeFunky’s AI Old Photo Restorer. Our AI photo restorer can even remove the dust, hair, and other particles that can contaminate the digitization process of your old photos.

Portrait of woman facing left after scratch removal
Portrait of woman facing left before scratch removal



Recover Faded Colors

Whether you're colorizing a black-and-white photo or restoring color that's faded over time, our AI Photo Restorer has you covered. Our powerful AI analyzes grayscale and faded colors to identify the color profile of your photo and colorize it with astonishing results. From naturally black-and-white photos or sepia-toned images to photos experiencing natural fading or suffering from sun damage, it only takes a single click to refresh your old photos with color!

Colorized image of woman posing in baseball uniform
Black and white image of woman posing in baseball uniform



Restore Old Photos From Anywhere, Anytime

Download our mobile app to use our powerful AI photo restoration tool on any device.

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Enhance Familiar Faces

Sometimes, the important details are the ones that get lost in old photos. The most important details are the faces of the subjects in the photos. Now, you can recover facial details with BeFunky’s AI Old Photo Restorer. This face enhancement feature is a great addition to our online photo restoration tool – especially since some of the most popular photos to preserve include family photos, portraits, or candids of those dearest to us. Recover familiar faces in seconds and make those cherished moments last a lifetime.

Portrait of man in uniform before and after BeFunky's AI Face Recovery

Edit Old Photos From Your Phone

Sometimes, all you have is your cameraphone to snap a picture of an old family photo. Figuring out how to edit that photo can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you’re going to do the photo restoration process manually. We’ve made it simple to restore old photos using the BeFunky mobile app. It only takes a few taps of our AI photo restoration tool to enhance your old photos for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, and text messages. Whether you take a photo of the picture or your grandma sends you a sweet family photo she scanned, all you have to do is upload it to the BeFunky mobile app and use the Old Photo Restorer to create a refreshed old photo to send back and make her day. It’s a great way to share precious memories with friends and family from the palm of your hand.

Old Photo Restorer on BeFunky's mobile app

Restore Old Photos Online in 3 steps

Restoring your old photos to their former glory in a few steps is easy.

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01. Upload Your Photo

Upload your old photo to the Photo Editor

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02. Restore Your Old Photo

Open the Old Photo Restorer in the Edit section to watch it remove scratches and enhance details

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03. Save Your Old Photo

Save your newly restored old photo!

Old Photo Restoration Made Easy