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Step Up Your Social Media Game

By Peter Latriano | Inspiration

With the new BeFunky Designer Toolset, you can finally be the social media maven you’ve always wanted to be. This simple platform makes it easy for anyone to create professional quality designs, helping to really step up your social game. Whether it’s for your blog, your business or your very own personal brand, the Designer lets you communicate with your audience like never before. It'll boost your online presence and demand your audience's attention, helping take your social media following to the next level.

Adding Graphics

Bring your social media presence to a whole new level by using our graphic designer to create posts that combine copy and high quality graphics. Instead of using text-only posts, these type of posts grab your audience's attention and holds it. Try using bold images combined with an easy-to-read font to really make a statement, while also easily reaching out to mobile users on their small screens. No matter what device they're on, these posts are sure to make a lasting impression.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.43.21 AM

Sizing Made Easy

At one time, creating high quality social media graphics was not only inaccessible to the masses, but it was also quite annoying. It was important to ensure that you had the ideal image sizes for each platform, requiring you to constantly resize images and stretch them beyond their limits. Mercifully, that's no longer an issue. The Designer's blank templates allow you to create a perfectly sized canvas, so you only need to worry about how to create the best possible design.

Start Out Right

Social media headers provide the opportunity to make a strong impact on your audience right off the bat. There’s no easier way to make a great first impression than with the BeFunky Designer. Whether it's for Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Youtube or Google Plus, you can find a variety of templates that help show your social media pages in the best light. Use a pre-designed one for guaranteed quality, or get creative and customize them from scratch to really tell your story.


Custom Cover Photos

Creating a killer custom Facebook cover photo with BeFunky is simple enough for anyone to do. To get started, choose a blank template. From there, click on the Image Manager tab and decide whether you want to use pictures from your BeFunky account, Pixabay or Facebook, and drag those photos directly into the editing area of the designer. Next, select the text function and choose a font and appropriate sizing. It's important to remember to keep it short for this part of your header: audiences usually only absorb short, impactful messages, so try and make every word count. It’s also a good practice to align your text to the right to provide balance against your profile picture on the left. To finish it off, include design elements to add the finishing touches. When it comes to social media headers, the minimalist approach is best. Keeping things simple, clean and uncluttered, and your message will pop.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.41.12 AM

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