Add Text to Photo Projects, Collages, and Designs

Our free online Text Editor has all the features you need for adding text to photos.

Mobile app text editor by BeFunky Add Text to Photos With BeFunky's Text Editor

Hundreds of Preinstalled Fonts

Whether you want to add text to photos, collages, or designs, the right font will bring attention to your text and give your project a cohesive look. That's why the Text Editor in our online app comes packed with a diverse collection of fonts to complement your images and designs. They are hand-selected by professional designers, so you know that there's a high-quality typography collection. Whether you add text to photos, caption a collage, or customize a design template, the typeface options and tools in our Text Editor are always here to inspire you and help you get creative!

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Easily Add Your Own Fonts

When you're used to adding text to images with specific fonts, they become so crucial to your creative workflow that being without them almost feels suffocating. This is especially true when you find a great font that supports special characters or fits your brand when you watermark photos. It's straightforward to upload fonts to your library; there's no complicated upload process, simply drag-and-drop a font from your computer to your Font Manager and start using it right away on your photo. Our Text Editor is seamlessly integrated with Google Fonts to expand your options even further, allowing you access to hundreds of additional free typefaces with nothing to install or download! Without leaving BeFunky, you can browse through Google Fonts and add anything that catches your eye with a single click. They'll appear in your font library instantly, ready for you to use on your photo.

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Customize Your Text Layers

When it comes to adding text to images, our free online Text Editor comes with all the settings and tools you need to create the look you're envisioning with just a few clicks! Choose from unlimited color options to find the perfect complementary balance between your text and the background image. Add dramatic effect with rotation, adjust the opacity level, or increase the letter-spacing and line-height. Or, try different font weights, text alignment, and emphasis by making text bold, italicized, or underlined. Use our Curved Text tool to create an arc of text or take the text on your photo full circle. Or, use our Drop Shadow tool to give your text layer a shadow that'll make your text look like it's levitating off your photo. With so many tools and effects available, the possibilities are endless! If you want to use the same text effects in another photo, there's no need to recreate your customized text layers from scratch. Once you have your text layers from one image customized to your liking, easily copy them from your original image and paste them onto multiple photos and projects!

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Custom Text On the Go

Download the mobile app to customize text that will add stylistic flare to your images, designs, and collages.

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Text Pairings to Take Out the Guesswork

With our online Text Editor, you can create as many text blocks on your image or project as you'd like. Our text tool also features a collection of text patches to simplify adding multiple text layers – you'll find popular font styles, effects, and font pairings that are ready to go in a single click. You can use them on your photo as-is or inspiration for further customization. Our in-house design team has created each text patch with a unique purpose in mind. Text patches make it easy to find the right starting point for writing a picture quote, designing a menu, creating original content for a greeting card message, and more. When you're looking to add text to photos, and you're not sure where to start in the Text Editor, try one of our text patches!

Manage All Your Fonts

Between our hand-picked fonts and the ones you upload, chances are you've discovered a few that you find yourself using over and over again. Rather than search for your favorite typeface every time, curate your list of favorite fonts in the Text Editor for quick access from our Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Designer! Simply mark the fonts you love as Favorites to build your mini collection of go-tos and edit the list at any time. Need to work on your project from a different computer? No problem. With BeFunky Plus there's no need to download anything. Simply login to our online app to find all the fonts you've added and Favorited!

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How to Add Text to Photo Projects

Our free online Text Editor makes it easy to add text to your images!

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01. Add Text to Your Photo

Click the Add Text button or select a text patch, then change the text in the text box.

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02. Customize Your Text

Change font size, color, add a background, a drop shadow effect, drag in a photo to mask, and more.

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03. Transform It

Move, rotate, curve, and resize your text box to fit your project.

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04. Save Your Photo

Click Save Image to download your final photo, then save it as a project so you can edit your added text anytime.

Add Text to Photo Projects With BeFunky's Text Editor