Sharpen Blurry Photos in One Click

Fix motion blur, camera shake, and other blurry images.

Unblur images with AI on BeFunky's mobile app Unblur photos with BeFuky's Deblur tool

Powerful AI That Will Unblur Images

In a single click, our Deblur AI tool fixes blurry, out-of-focus photos without sacrificing image quality. Our AI will remove blur from only the blurry areas of your photos, leaving you with clear and sharp images. Never worry about blurriness ruining an otherwise great scene. Thanks to the highly accurate power of AI, nobody will be able to tell your image was blurry in the first place.

Unblur applied to photo
blurred image of friends posing with falling leaves



Fix Motion Blur, Lens Blur, and More

The Deblur tool can recognize and correct various types of blurry images thanks to AI detection. Lens blur occurs when your camera isn't focused on your subject. Sometimes, the subject is just a little soft; other times, the subject can be significantly out of focus. In either case, Deblur AI can easily deblur images affected by lens blur. Motion blur, on the other hand, is caused by either the motion of the subject, the subject's surroundings, or a shaky camera. It's a bit more complicated to fix motion blur with standard photo editing tools. But it only takes a single click to fix motion blur with Deblur AI. No matter what type of blurry photo you're working with, even if you have no idea what type of blur is affecting your image, our Deblur AI tool can fix your blurry photo in a single click.

BeFunky's Unblur tool applied to photo
Photo of woman dancing with motion blur



More Than Just an Image Sharpener

Sharpening and image deblurring are two very different things. Using the Sharpen tool on a blurry picture enhances the contrast along the edges of objects within the image in a way that can sharpen image details. It cannot, however, sharpen images with a significant blur issue. This is where one of our most powerful photo editing tools, Deblur AI, comes in handy. The Deblur tool uses AI to analyze blurry photos, then determines the type of blur and fixes it, leaving you with clear and sharp images.

Comparison of deblur and sharpen tools on photo of a girl

What Types of Blurred Photos Does Deblur Fix?

Both internal and external factors can cause a blurry photo. Luckily, our Deblur tool works on every kind of photo– whether that’s a photo taken mid-action or nature images that are just too busy for your camera to focus on. Deblur AI can also remove blur and restore details of screenshots and even unblur text in your photo for crisp legibility, all with a single click. With the AI Face Recovery feature, it’s easy to restore image details and salvage portrait photos, old photos, or any other blurry images that contain faces. 

AI Face Recovery

Unblur Images From Anywhere

Download the mobile app to fix blurry pictures right from your mobile device!

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Deblur Images in 3 Steps

Follow these steps to unblur photos in seconds!

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01. Upload Your Blurry Image

Upload a photo to BeFunky’s Photo Editor.

02. Unblur Image

Click on the Deblur tool in the Edit section and watch it work its magic on your blurry image.

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03. Save Your Deblurred Image

Save or export your newly deblurred image.

Unblur Images Online With BeFunky