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The Best Poster Maker For Marketing Your Events

By Rach DePaoli | Designer Tutorials

You might think that present day marketing has all gone the way of digital and that print advertising is a dying effort. But what happens when you need to target a more localized demographic for your event or workshop? It’s important to have all your advertising bases covered on social media and other digital outlets, but one of the quickest and most effective ways of targeting a local demographic is to create posters to hang around town in the areas where your target market frequents. Think coffee shops, record stores, or any place that is relevant to your event and the audience whose attention you want to grab.

event poster maker for marketing

In addition to being attention-grabbing and good for localized demographics, print advertising is a relatively cheap medium, especially when you have the tools to design posters yourself. The good news is that BeFunky’s Poster Maker is well equipped with pre-designed and pre-sized poster templates for you to create eye-catching posters in just a few clicks! No need for a graphic design degree or hiring out the work. With BeFunky’s Poster Maker templates, you’ve got the power!

What Makes An Eye-Catching Poster

Whether you need prints for marketing prior to your event or to display during your event, posters are a helpful piece of visual media to bring extra flare. To make it eye-catching, it’s important to ask yourself what kind of call to action you’re trying to promote in your poster design beforehand. Are you wanting the poster to attract people to attend? Are you wanting them to have a call to action to head to your website or sign up somewhere? These are important questions when considering the effect you want your poster to have. Once you know how you want your poster to effect your audience, here are a few tips to up the attention-grabbing factor:  

Choose The Perfect Color Palette

A good, on-brand color palette is essential to great poster design. Check out a color wheel and choose colors that are either analogous, complementary, triadic, monotoned, etc. A great way to find color palettes is using Pinterest or Google Search. Describe the type of color palette you want with descriptors that fit your theme like ‘forest color palette’, or ‘autumn color palette’, then choose three main colors to use as your focal point.

tips for event poster design by BeFunky

Color is such a good way to attract your audience’s eye but it is also a critical choice to your show your event’s ambiance. If you are promoting a rock concert, using pastel colors probably won’t draw the attention of the audience you are wanting. Be mindful of what you are promoting and who you want to be attracting when choosing a color palette.

Decide The Poster Layout and Hierarchy

This goes for both text and design hierarchy. Figure out the layout of your poster by deciding if you want to have a main graphic up top with the information below it or if you want to have both text and design intermixed throughout the entire poster. These types of decisions also play a large role in showing the aesthetic of your event. Thankfully, BeFunky’s Poster Maker templates feature pre-designed layouts to use as a great starting point!

customizable event poster templates by BeFunky

Text hierarchy invites the eye to navigate the poster in an organized way. If you’ve ever seen an ad or poster where there is too much text without organization, you will know how difficult it is to make sense of what is happening and when. Most of the time if something is not straightforward in the design or text, someone will lose interest even if the event is right up their alley! Decide what the main point of your poster is, and reflect that in the largest text. Keep in mind that you want to inform your audience of the what, when, where, how much, and where to find more information, but make sure that you are including all these pieces of information without overcrowding the poster.

Use Graphics And Images

You’ll need to decide whether you want a more graphic-driven or image-driven design. Whether you want the poster to include graphics or images, it’s best to choose elements that go best with your theme and color palette. These types of choices are completely up to you and can make a big difference when wanting to attract the right kind of audience!

image driven vs graphic driven poster design

When choosing an image-driven design, try to stick with one image. Too much imagery can often make your poster design look overcrowded or busy. When choosing a graphic-driven design, feel free to be creative (but again, don’t detract from your text!). You can use graphics to create a scene with shapes and lines, incorporate color blocking, and combine shapes to create an item you want to use as your main element.

Whatever look you’re going for, BeFunky’s Poster Maker has the perfect solution. After finding the template that best suits your design needs, you can customize all of the image, graphic, and text elements to make an attention-grabbing poster for your event.

How To Design The Perfect Event Poster

When you’ve decided how you want the end result of your poster to look, head to BeFunky’s Poster Maker and choose a template that will help you achieve it. We’ve gone with an image-driven template to begin with.

event poster maker by BeFunky

To change out the background image, head to the Images/Layers tab and upload an image from your Computer. If you don’t have an image (but still have an idea of what you want!), click the ‘...’ button next to Computer to search millions of free stock photos from Pixabay and Pexels to use in your project. Just type in a search term and watch all of your options appear! Click on all the ones that would work best to add them right to the Images/Layers tab. When your images appear as thumbnails, use your mouse to drag the thumbnail over the existing image in the template until it becomes opaque, then drop to replace it.

how to design a poster in BeFunky

Pro Tip: When you are finding an image for your poster, choose something that has a lot of negative space around the focal point. This will make it easier to put your information in empty space.

Next, customize the text to reflect your event information. You can click any text box on your template to type in your own information. Create a short title for your event and create a subtitle to further explain what your event is about. Notice that any time you have a textbox selected, a Text Properties menu will appear. You can use it to change the font, letter spacing, font color, and more!

how to add text to photos for poster design in BeFunky

There are two ways to add more textboxes if need be. Click on a text box and press the “D” button on your keyboard to create a duplicate textbox with all of the same formatting. Alternatively, you can select the Text tab from the menu on the left and click the Add Text button to add a new textbox.

Even if you’ve gone with an image-driven design, using a few graphic elements can help to elevate your poster and highlight important text. In the Design Elements tab from the menu on the left, you can choose from hundreds of graphics to add in shapes, lines, or anything you’d like to spruce up your poster. Supporting graphics like these can help visually divide information to help your eyes move easily through the information. You can see the difference here that just a few lines make throughout the poster.

how to add graphics to poster design in BeFunky

Once you feel that all of the elements are in the right places, make any last adjustments to text size, color, and placement. Making small adjustments like this really helps to tie everything together.

Lastly, you want to make sure that the main message of your poster is clearly coming across to the audience. You want the main message to be conveyed upon first glance. When looking at your final poster design, as yourself the following questions:

  • When people first see my poster, will they know exactly what it is about?
  • Do the colors work well with the subject and mood I am trying to portray?
  • Will the design decisions in this poster attract my demographic?
  • Does my poster include all of the information I need it to have?
  • Can people easily understand how to get more information, if needed?

Once all of your questions are answered, it’s time to save your poster design for printing and posting! To save your poster, simply click Save at the top of the Poster Maker and save it to a location on your Computer.

how to make posters online in BeFunky

In addition, we recommend saving your poster As A Project (in editable format!) so you can come back to it at a later date for adjustments, if need be. That way, you never have to start from scratch! Check out our final design:

how to design a workshop poster in BeFunky

With BeFunky's Poster Maker, it's easy to design professional-quality posters in mere minutes!

More Tips for Success

After saving your poster design, you can either print them off at home or send them to a print shop via email to pick up! Whatever option, make sure you end up with the best resolution prints on nice, thick paper. Nothing is more unprofessional than a great poster printed on regular printing paper. If you choose to have your posters professionally printed, you can discuss different paper options for your design. We recommend 170gsm silk, Gloss Art FSC, or 150gsm for posters.

Once you’ve got a nice stack of posters for placing around town, locate some stores that align with your demographic. Boutiques, kitchen stores, and places where homemakers (that are 30-50 years old) hang out are the places we would hang our supper workshop poster, but be sure to tap into your own demographic and place the posters accordingly (with permission from shop owners, of course!). 

And lastly, don’t forget to use some other means of advertising to support your event promotion. We recommend designing graphics for social media and a landing page for your website for further reach. The best part is, now that you’ve got the perfect poster design, you can use the same color palette and imagery to design other advertising efforts in a snap! You’ll even find all the social media templates you need for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more in BeFunky’s Designer. We’ve always got you covered!

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