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Imagine a New Scene With Expand AI

By Isabelle | Photo Editor Tutorials

AI photo editing tools are quickly becoming more powerful and effective than ever before. This includes tools like BeFunky’s Expand AI, which allows you to expand your image and create entirely new scenes around your subject. This feature allows you to “zoom out” from your original subject, creating more details, more depth, and more drama. (You might have seen a similar tool used in the zoom-out TikTok trend.) The results are virtually instantaneous, and you can generate as many expanded versions of your photo as you’d like! In this article, we’ll teach you how to use Expand AI and explore a few different ways to use it.

How to Generate New Scenes With Expand AI

Once you open up the Expand AI tool in the BeFunky Photo Editor, you’re just a click away from creating an entirely new world around your original image.

Step 1: Upload Your Photo

The very first step is to choose an image to expand. You can upload a photo from your computer, from Google Drive, or use a photo from the Stock Image Library to test out this new tool.

expand tool location

The images that work best with Expand AI are ones where your subject is in full view, without any cropped limbs or head.

Step 2: Adjust and Apply Expand AI

First, pick the aspect ratio you want your final image to be. You can choose the ratio of your original image, a square, a traditional photo (4” x 6”), the Golden Ratio, or a custom ratio of your choice.

expand tutorial aspect ratio

Now, with a single click, you can expand your image to twice its original size: Just click Expand Ai and the tool works like magic to create an entirely new scene around your image. 

expand ai to generate

Expand AI works by expanding either vertically or horizontally, so note that this will change the orientation of your image. If you’re unsatisfied with how your new photo turned out, or just want to see more options, you can Generate Again. You can do this as many times as you’d like! Once you’re happy with your expanded photo, click Apply. 

generate again

A great thing about the Expand AI tool is that you can use it on the same image multiple times. This means you can use it one more time to expand the image further and get the photo back to its original orientation! 

Note that, because the tool generates material based on the existing photo, it will continue to build layers on these “imagined” scenes and may start to look wonky if you use it too many times. One to two applications work fine for most purposes! But it can be a fun experiment to keep generating new expansions.

Step 3: Fade Edges

fade edges of expansion

Expand AI automatically provides a strong fade so that there’s a seamless transition between the generated image and your original image. This can sometimes make the edges of your original image a little fuzzy, so feel free to adjust it as needed. 

Step 4: Save Your Expanded Image

And that’s it! You’re ready to save your newly extended image. Just click the Save button at the top of the page to save it to your computer or to another location. Saving as a high-quality PNG usually offers the best results.

save your expand ai

Your expanded image is now complete!

expand final

When to Use Expand AI

There are a few practical reasons to use Expand AI, but you may also just want to play around with the tool and experiment with different types of photos. This is a new technology, and you might stumble across a brand new use for it in the world of photo editing!

Creating a Dramatic Backdrop

Add a wow factor to your photos by expanding the backdrop and strengthening the angles.

dramatic expand

Changing Image Orientation

Want to use a vertical image for a horizontal-format Christmas card? Trying to make a landscape image into your phone background? With Expand AI, can easily change image orientation without any weird cropping or loss in quality. Here’s an example of portrait to landscape:

orientation change expand

And landscape to portrait:

orienttion expand 2

Adding Visual Interest

Sometimes, you’ve captured a great subject in your photograph but the image doesn’t have much else going on. Expand AI can add visual interest by adding supplementary details to set the scene.

visual interest expand

Zooming Out

If you feel like you’ve zoomed in too close to your subject and want to give a more expansive view of their surroundings, Expand AI is a great tool to use.

zoom out new scene

Create New Worlds With Expand AI

The Expand AI tool is your one-click trick for extending images, generating new scenes, and sparking your imagination. Now that you’ve learned how to use it, you can apply it to as many photos as you want, as many times as you’d like! Try out Expand AI in the Photo Editor today!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified