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Get Award-Winning Photos With These Cinematic Effects

By Whitney | Basic Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials

Some photos were just made to look like scenes from the big screen. That’s exactly why we’ve developed our Cinematic photo filters and effects - so you can take your favorite shots and turn them into award-winners in just a few clicks! Whether you’re going for a Wes Anderson vibe, want to create a custom screen-worthy photo filter, or simply want to add some film grain to give your photos a vintage look, we’ve got something for every look.

color grading photo effects by BeFunky

In addition to making your photos more stunning, the Cinematic effects in our Photo Editor will even correct your colors and camera angles. They’re just an all-around great collection to have in your photo editing toolset. We can’t wait for you to see how they can take your photos from good to jaw-dropping!

Cinematic Photo Effects Inspiration

Located in the Effects tab of our Photo Editor, the Cinematic category is jam packed with effects and filters to make your photos stand out. From powerful color adjusting to correcting lens distortion and making your photos look like they were captured on film, the Cinematic effects have it all. Here are some examples to inspire your next photo editing session:

Film Grain

The Film Grain filter is a flawless replica of what you’d capture with a film camera. It’ll add the look of film grain to any photo, giving it a nostalgic retro look.

film grain photo filter by BeFunky
portrait of a man



The best part about the Film Grain effect is that you can control the look and amount of film grain that’s added to your image. It defaults to RGB (red, green, and blue) film grain, which is perfect for colorful photography, but you can also select the Monochromatic setting for black and white or monochrome photography. You’ll find everything you need to customize the Film Grain effect in its Settings menu.  

Color Grading

Whether you’re into creating your own photo filters or you just need to color correct a photo, the Color Grading effect is for you! In its Settings menu, you can assign different colors to the Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights of your image to create a totally unique color scheme.

how to create custom photo filters in BeFunky



You can get as creative or as natural as you want with your colors - the possibilities are endless. That means you’ll always be able to create custom photo filters that no one else has.  


The Anamorphic effect will give your photos major Wes Anderson vibes. You’ll be able to use its Settings menu to stretch your photos, add distortion, vignette, and edge blur - all iconic characteristics of scenes from Wes Anderson films.

wes anderson photo effects
vw bus



The Anamorphic effect works best on photography that is landscape orientation. We’ve added some new Cinema crop aspect ratios to the Crop tool menu, so try cropping your photos using those new aspect ratios before applying the Anamorphic effect. The Cinema 1.825:1 crop is especially perfect for this.

Lens Distortion

The Lens Distortion effect can do two amazing things for your photography. You can either use it to create a fisheye effects, making it look like your image was captured with a fisheye lens, or use it to correct a fisheye effect.

how to correct fisheye photo
fisheye photo effect



With a single slider adjustment in the Lens Distortion Settings menu, you can make sure you always get the camera angle you’re wanting.

Warped Blur

The Warped Blur effect is a really artistic way to blur photos. It creates an effect similar to what you’d see if you crumpled up a piece of cellophane and placed it in front of your camera lens prior to taking the shot. In other words, some areas of your image will be in focus, while others will be out of focus at random.

blur photo effects by BeFunky



The best part about Warped Blur is that you can use the Settings menu to control which areas of your image are sharp and in focus. In addition to controlling the Blur Amount, you can use the Phase slider to move the blurred areas around your image until they’re placed where you want them. The Scale slider can be adjusted to control how large or small the blurred areas are, and the Lightness slider can be adjusted to control how light or dark you’d like them.

Chromatic Aberration

The Chromatic Aberration effect emulates the way that light waves refract through a lens. In the natural world, light waves are composed of red, green, and blue channels that separate as they refract through a lens. A chromatic aberration occurs when these channels get distorted, causing color fringing around objects.

chromatic aberration photo effects in BeFunky



Although chromatic aberration is considered an error when you’re trying to get crisp, clear photography, we think it can be super artistic, which is why we created the Chromatic Aberration effect. You can use the Settings menu to control how dramatic the effect is, resulting in a somewhat of a Holga Art or Motion Color effect made of RGB colors!

How To Add Cinematic Effects To Photos

Now that you’re inspired, we’ll show you everything you need to know about adding Cinematic effects to your photos. To get started, head to BeFunky’s Photo Editor and upload your image using the Open button at the top of the page, or simply drag-and-drop your image file into the interface. Next, click on the Effects tab (the star icon) in the menu on the left and scroll down to select the Cinematic category.

Cinematic photo effects by BeFunky

Click through each of the effects to preview them on your image. You’ll notice that you can control the amount of each effect using the slider on the thumbnails and apply it as is, but there’s so much more you can do by clicking on the Settings menu (the mixing board icon).

how to create a custom photo filter

In this case, we’ve chosen the Color Grading effect. You’ll notice in the Settings menu that you can control the Amount of the effect in addition to assigning different colors to the Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights in your image. Clicking the color tile next to Shadows lets you choose a color for the darker areas of your image. In the Color Palette that appears, you can either slide the rainbow slider and circle around the color palette to choose any hue you’d like, or use the Eyedropper tool to select a color from your photo.

how to correct color in photos

Choosing a color for the Midtones assigns that color to the shades between light and dark, and Highlights assigns a color to the lightest parts of your image. Keep in mind that you can turn down the Intensity slider on any of the colors to keep them minimal, or even nonexistent.

how to add color to photos

When your colors are looking perfect, click the blue checkmark to apply your edits. From here, you can continue on to use more Cinematic effects. We went ahead and added some Film Grain and Warped Blur to enhance the drama of this image.

how to edit photos

When you’re finished with your edits, click the Save button at the top of the Photo Editor to save your photo to your Computer or share it straight to social media.

Before and After

Doesn’t this photo look straight from the movie screen with a little help from our Cinematic effects? We think so! All it took was a little Color Grading, Film Grain, and Warped Blur to take it to the next level.

Cinematic photo effects by BeFunky Photo Editor



If you’re ready to get your photos looking Cinematic, click the link below for everything you need!

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