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How To Stay Organized With The Layers & Groups Tab

By Whitney DePaoli | What’s New

We here at BeFunky are all about making you feel like the design wizard you are. That’s why we’ve added some new professional-level features to our Creative Platform! The topic of discussion today is all about the new Layers & Groups icon you’re seeing in the new bottom toolbar in our Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, and Collage Maker. The icon looks like a simple stack of papers, but it’s about to seriously up your creative game!

Here’s a quick video to see how Layers & Groups will help organize all of your graphics, text, and image layers for more efficient editing:

What Is A Layer?

If you’re scratching your head about the term “layers,” that’s ok. A layer refers to any movable item on your image, collage, or design. Any time you add a photo, graphic, or textbox, you’ve created a layer that can move about the canvas.

what is a layer in photo editing

The cool thing with BeFunky is that you can add as many layers as you want! But we all know that when you’re working with multiple textboxes, graphics, or images, things can tend to feel cluttered and disorganized. That’s exactly why we’ve added the new Layers & Groups tab - to make your creative flow a whole lot easier and help you keep track of everything.

How To Group Layers

We recently introduced the ability to group select your layers by holding the CTRL button as you click on each item, but now we’ve gone a step beyond. After you group select layers, you now have a new right click menu for creating a group of those layers!

how to create a group in befunky

You can select different kinds of layers, or choose to select only one type of layer and label the group accordingly. Depending on the project, you can have one group for all of your textboxes, one group for all of your graphics, one group for all of your image layers, and so on. You can create as many groups as you’d like and they’ll all be stored in one place: the Layers & Groups tab.

How To Access Your Layers & Groups

After you’ve created your groups, you’ll be able to easily access them by clicking the Layers & Groups icon in the left corner of the new bottom sidebar (looks like a stack of papers). You’ll notice two tabs within the Layers & Groups menu that are named fittingly: a Layers tab and a Group tab.

layers and groups tab in befunky

The Layers tab will show every single layer involved in your photo, design, or collage. Clicking on them will highlight the corresponding layer within your project and bring up its respective Properties menu for further editing.

layers tab in befunky

The Groups tab will show all of the groups you’ve created. Clicking on each of the groups will highlight all of the layers within that group for editing them as one.

groups tab in befunky

When your group is highlighted, you’ll notice a blue dashed box around all of the layers within the group. Using the blue circles around that blue dashed box, you can click and drag to resize all of the layers within the group at once, or use the taller blue circle to rotate them at the same rate.

layers and groups tab befunky

You can also right click the group to access a special menu that allows you to align the objects within the group to your specifications and move them backwards or forwards between layers outside of the group.

How To Remove Layers From Your Groups

If you’ve realized you have included a certain layer within your group and don’t want it there, fear not. Simply click on that specific layer, right click, and select Remove From Group in the menu that appears. It’ll be gone from the group while all of the other layers remain grouped together.

how to remove a layer from a group in BeFunky

Decided you don’t need a certain group anymore? That’s not a problem either. All you have to do is open the Layers & Groups menu and click the trashcan icon next to the group name. All of the layers within that group will be ungrouped in a flash.

Ready to get organized with your creative processes? The Layers & Groups tab is here to help be your right hand design assistant. Try it out in our Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, or Collage Maker today and be amazed!

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