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DIY Logo Creation For Your Small Business

By Lori Hil | Inspiration

Graphic designers are wonderful, but can get expensive. Some design companies charge upwards of $15,000 for a logo. Freelance designers can run much less, but still may be out of range for you. As a small business owner, you may find yourself needing to go the Do-It-Yourself route to successfully manage your budget and grow your business.

Today, we have a DIY project in logo creation with the BeFunky Designer. Since your logo is an important aspect of your branding and can be used in everything from business cards to your website banner, you'll need versatile logos that are scalable to different sizes and graphic needs. This means you'll want to try and keep things pretty simple.

Remember, A Great Logo

• Helps establish your brand identity
• Helps clients recognize you across platforms
• Provides a sense of professionalism
• Builds loyalty

In our DIY, we’re going to focus on the graphic and font type logo…

First, you need to decide the feel and message you want to convey with your logo. What’s your brand story? This will affect the elements and colors you choose. Second, be sure to keep your customers in mind and seek to understand your business from their view. You can also look at popular logo examples to get some inspiration.

Once You're Ready to Start Creating...

It just so happens that the BeFunky Designer has a Small Business section under Templates which includes letterheads and business cards.

Small Business Templates

For our purposes, I have started with the business cards template. I removed all elements and changed the background color to white. Now we have a clean base to start.

Blank Card Canvas

Add Some Elements

Next, we’ll explore elements. Badges are a good place to begin your logo creation. Play around with them. You could choose one ready-made badge or combine two for a more unique look. If you choose more than one, use your mouse to move the badges, resize, move forward and back to come up with the best combo.


I have chosen the heart badge on the right for a sweet and feminine type logo. Pinks and purples are representative of creation and imagination. Pink is a good color, but maybe this is not the right shade of pink…

Lighten Up


Lighten Up

Using the Color Overlay and Color Picker, I have chosen a lighter pink. If you have a brand kit with your website’s color codes, you can easily put in the exact hex number.

I want to use gold text to add pizzazz, but as you can see it does not show up well. By clicking on the badge and going back into the color picker, we can change the intensity to 75. This lightens it up more giving it a more transparent effect so that our text can be seen.

Text Comparison

We now have a logo that is perfect for a local “Sweet Creations” bakery, craft store, or other playful biz. Viewers will understand the brand message elicited by this simple logo. You can make the background transparent if you like. To do that, you may use a website like Clipping Magic. That way you can overlay your logo wherever needed.

Sweet Creations Logo

Ready to create yours?

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