Quality Photo Blurring

Create depth of field and surreal effects with professional photo blurring

BeFunky's Online Blur Image Tool

Take Photo Editing to New Depths

Behold the power of our Photo Editor's Blur Image tool! With it's Paint Mode feature, you have the ability to decide which parts of your photos you want to remain sharp and in focus, and which will fade away into the background. Use it to control depth of field and direct your audience's attention to what matters most in your image. Create a miniature world with a tilt­shift effect. Blur images and transcend the limits of perspective with unmatched ease!

Blur Images with BeFunky

Blur the Lines of Reality and Imagination

Create a dream­like effect using our professional quality blur image tool. With a few quick and easy clicks of the mouse, you can use it to blur images, soften your photos and create a mysterious and alluring atmosphere in your photography. Just adjust the blur intensity and combine it with our photo to art effects to create an endless variety of unique pictures that will add character to your portfolio.

BeFunky's Online Blur Image Tool

Put Your Design in Focus. Blur the Rest.

The Blur Image tool turns your photographs into the ideal canvas for creating picture quotes and web graphics. It will remove hard lines, cloud the details, and blur photos to provide the perfect space for making your designs pop. Add text to your photos along with graphics and design elements to instantly create beautiful, professional quality images for all your business and personal needs.

Blur Image Tool by BeFunky

How to Blur a Picture

Change depth, create surreal effects, and captivate your audience with our Blur Image Tool.

photo editor

01. Open the Editor

Open your photo in BeFunky's Photo Editor

blur tool

02. Select Blur Tool

Select Blur from the Edit menu

adjust slider

03. Adjust Slider

Adjust the slider for the perfect Blur, then hit Apply

save photo

04. Save It

Save your photo to your computer, Facebook, Google Drive and more!

Control Focus and Blur Reality