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Our photo filters will turn an ordinary photo into an extraordinary photo.

Mobile app photo effects by BeFunky
Digital Art Effects by BeFunky

The Best Photo Effects and Filters

BeFunky's Photo Editor was one of the first to offer online photo effects and filters. Starting with our Cartoonizer, we've grown our library of filters extensively, empowering you to achieve your creative vision. We have a wide selection of features that'll take you from photo to art, filters to fit a certain aesthetic, an assortment of A.I. tools for one-click simplicity, and everything in between.

Examples of BeFunky's Photo Effects and Filters

Powerful A.I. Photo Effects

BeFunky's collection of A.I. filters and photo effects can elevate your selfie game, remove backgrounds with ease, make small corrections to your photos, or add an Artsy effect – with just one click. Our A.I. Image Enhancer works to correct some of the most common digital photo issues. Balancing image exposure, adjusting highlights and shadows, and enhancing colors, it does the work of multiple photo editing tools in a single click. When it comes to tools specifically for portraits, our A.I. Portrait Enhancer works to even skin tone, diminish blemishes and fine lines, whiten teeth, and brighten eyes – all without sacrificing your natural beauty and skin texture.

Photo with BeFunky's A.I. Photo filters applied
Photo of man smiling against a blue sky with flowers in the foreground



Go From Photo to Art in Seconds

Our Artsy photo filters allow you to transform an ordinary photo into a work of art. Upload your photo and let our Watercolor filter simulate the delicate and airy brushstrokes of a watercolor painting on your photo with a single click. A filter like Cross Hatch saves you tons of time by reducing what is usually a very laborious process to one click. And don't forget about our Digital Art filters, which include revamped versions of some of our most popular Artsy photo filters. With BeFunky, there are so many ways to make your artistic vision a reality – in seconds.

Examples of BeFunky's Artsy Effects

Fun Photo Effects and Filters

BeFunky gives you more free photo filters and effects than any other online photo editor, with hundreds of options. Our collection of photo effects includes standout photo filters like Winter, Cinematic, Glitch, and Lens Flares that can be customized and applied in just a few clicks. You can stack multiple effects on your image to create a unique, signature look and put our A.I.-powered Background Remover to work to isolate the subject in your photo and selectively apply the photo filter to your image!

Photo with BeFunky photo filters applied and subject isolated
Photo of man fixing his hair and smiling with sunglasses



Get Creative With Photo Effects and Filters From Anywhere

Download the mobile app to turn your photo black and white, add a vintage look, and more right from your mobile device. All it takes is a single tap!

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How to Apply BeFunky's Online Photo Effects

Elevate your photo editing with just one click.

Photo icon

01. Upload Your Photo

Open your image in the Photo Editor.

select effect

02. Select an Effect

Choose an effect that fits your desired aesthetic. Try layering multiple filters for a unique effect!

Customize icon

03. Adjust the Effect

Use the corresponding sliders to adjust the filter.

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04. Download Your Photo

Save your photo and, right from BeFunky, share it on Facebook, Instagram, and more!

Online Photo Effects and Filters by BeFunky