Product Updates

Check out how we keep making BeFunky better.

New AI - Artsy GFX Series 

June 2024 | Recreate your favorite art styles with any photo. Powered by intuitive AI, the Artsy GFX Series represents our smartest and most realistic AI photo to art technology to date.

photo collage showing several images with artistic filters

New AI - Relight Your Portraits

May 2024 | Got a portrait you love but the lighting isn't quite right? With our Portrait Relight tool, you can get studio-quality lighting in just one click. You can even place your subject in a whole new scene—like a city at night, a forest walk, a neon dance floor, and more!

A portrait shown 3 times with different kinds of lighting

New AI - Expand your Image 

February 2024 | Extend your image with generative AI in the Expand tool. Now you can create a whole new scene around your subject and make those landscape shots even bigger.

New AI - Restore Old Photos

December 2023 | Bring new life to your old photos! The Old Photo Restorer is an A.I. tool that removes scratches, enhances clarity, recovers facial details, intelligently adds color, and more.

before/after picture showing an old photo of a soldier in sepia tones. photo on right is much more clear

New AI - Unblur Your Photos 

Oct 2023 | Use BeFunky's A.I. to remove blurs from your photos. Whether that blur comes from an unsteady camera or catching something in motion, we've got it covered with the brand new Deblur tool.

Same image shown twice, one on left is blurry, one on right is clear. Image is of a belly dancing person

New AI - Clean Up Noisy Images 

Oct 2023 | Image noise reduces clarity and skews details. With BeFunky's cutting edge Denoise tool, image noise is removed and details are recovered, brining new life to your photos.

Image of person with glasses split in middle with dashed line. On the left it is grainy, on the right it is clear.

Redesigned Background Remover

October 2023 | We completely redesigned the experience of removing and replacing a background at BeFunky. With the new Background Remover, you can remove your background in a single click, and replace it with something fresh in just a couple more, all without leaving the tool.

Photo split in 3, same portrait of woman in each. Left frame she is on a field, middle is transparent, middle is on a color gradient

New AI - Erase Unwanted Objects

September 2023 | Something in your photo that shouldn't be there? Now you can use the Object Eraser to make it disappear. Just paint over the object, click, and it's gone! It works great with high-resolution images, too.

New AI - Upscale Your Image

August 2023 | Need an image to be bigger but don’t want to lower the quality? BeFunky’s Upscale tool uses A.I. to increase the dimensions of your photo, while keeping everything looking sharp.

New AI - Replace the Sky

July 2023 | Replace your drab skies with something stunning. BeFunky’s best-in-class A.I. Sky Replacer lets you transform your photo by swapping the sky in just a few clicks. 

before/after image, before on left showing woman in yellow walking on beach with grey sky. after image shows a sky with a rainbow

Custom Colors for Artsy Effects

May 2023 | We just gave many of your favorite Artsy presets a serious upgrade! You can now easily rotate through a range of colors, blend in a single color, or keep it subtle and start with the colors in your original photo.

Updated Zoom and Pan Gestures 

March 2023 | We've updated the zoom and pan controls to feel a bit more natural on the desktop. Now, you can use the standard trackpad gestures when you're on the canvas - pinch in/out to zoom and, when zoomed, use two fingers to pan around your project.

Illustrations of zoom and pan gestures

HEIC Support for All Devices 

March 2023 | BeFunky now supports native-Apple HEIC formatted images across all devices. That means you can drag images from Apple Photos straight into the web app!

Illustration of image file types, HEIC is circled

Added Rotate to Batch Processing

February 2023 | Ever take a bunch of pictures only to find out that they were oriented the wrong way and then spent way too long fixing them one-by-one? We’ve got good news - you can now fix the whole lot with just a couple clicks using Rotate in Batch Processing.

Pixelate Effect

January 2023 | We liked the Pixelate option in Funky Focus so much that we decided to add it as a standalone tool to the Blur & Smooth section of the editing tools.

BeFunky Pixelate effect on a mural

Frequently Used

December 2022 | Find your most used tools the fastest. We just added a Frequently Used category to your Dashboard that will display the tools you use the most (as long as you are logged in). And, no matter where you are in the app, you can find these same tools any time you open Feature Search.

Enhanced Editing Tools 

November 2022 | Always striving to make the tools you love even better, we just made some major upgrades to Blur, Vignette, and Funky Focus editing tools. Check out the motion effects in Blur, smarter Vignette controls, and a totally redesigned pixelation component for Funky Focus. 

blur, vignette, & funky focus tools

Collages in Designer

August 2022 | While grid-based layouts have been popular for a long time with our best-in-class Collage Maker, we wanted to create something to give you more flexibility to be creative. Now, you can find a wide selection of collage templates built into our Graphic Designer. These collages use image masking to allow endless possible arrangements. 

collage made in befunky's designer

A Brand New Mobile App

July 2022 | BeFunky is now a truly cross-device platform. We completely redesigned the mobile experience to flow seamlessly with what you know and love from the web app. Start a project no matter where inspiration strikes and then finish it up on your preferred device. Anything you save to BeFunky will be with you everywhere you have the app. Check it out now in the App Store or on Google Play.

befunky on multiple devices

Volume Light & Color Bleed

February 2022 | Volume Light and Color Bleed have been added to our extensive library of effects. With Color Bleed you can add watercolor details, providing an abstract-meets-digital flavor. Volume Light lets the bright points of your image radiate to create heavenly imagery. 

Volume Light & Color Bleed effects

Hide & Lock Layers

November 2021 | We added the ability to hide and lock design layers so you can make more precise adjustments. In the Layers & Groups menu, you’ll see two icons when hovering on each layer. Hide any layer to get it out of the way or use the feature to quickly A/B test a new element. Lock the layer to prevent it from moving or resizing independently. 

Project Organization

October 2021 | Let's try to keep things organized, OK? Now you can create folders in the Project Manager to store your projects. When you save a project, you'll have the option to save directly to a folder. Or, you can open up the Project Manager and drag and drop to your folders.

Curved Text

September 2021 | Our #1 most requested feature is here! We really took our time with this one. And in that time, we were able to make it the best curved text feature out there. It works seamlessly with all of our other text properties so you can create an immersive design with ease.

Copy/Paste External Text & Images

September 2021 | Now you can paste images and text directly from your clipboard onto the BeFunky canvas. Text So simple. So perfect. This update really makes your workflow more efficient! Try it in any section of the app.

Copy & paste text

Color Management

August 2021 | We’re happy to introduce yet another new feature to make your creative process easier – Color Management. Now, right in the Color Picker, you can easily find and save your favorite colors and quickly access your most recently used colors!

Color Management

Drop Shadow & Border

July 2021 | The wait is over! Now, you can easily add a drop shadow to your text layers. Our new Drop Shadow layer effect isn't just for text, though. You'll find that it's available for shapes, graphics, and image layers too. You can even use it to create a beautiful glow effect. And along with Drop Shadow, we are also introducing a Border effect that'll embolden your layers and make them stand out from the background.

Enhanced the Replace Color Tool

June 2021 | We know you loved the Replace Color tool just the way it was, but we went ahead and made it better! Now you have the option to Preserve Luminosity and keep your images looking natural while making adjustments to color.

Replace Color

New Blend Modes

June 2021 | In a continued effort to help you unlock new avenues of creativity, we've added 3 more blend modes - Color, Hue, and Luminosity - for you to utilize when adding layers to your creation. We hope this helps you achieve your vision!

Blend Modes

Improved Tablet Experience

June 2021 | We've made some big changes for you iPad users out there. Gestures are more intuitive than ever and we have really optimized the touch experience so working on BeFunky feels good no matter where you are.

BeFunky Tablet App

Dark/Light Theme

May 2021 | Alongside our site refresh, which includes a new color scheme and crisp category graphics, we’ve also added the option to alternate between Light and Dark themes during the editing process. You can even change the canvas independent of the overall theme so you can choose the best option depending on what you are working on.

Light and dark themes

Text Patches

May 2021 | We’ve taken the guess work out of how to add professional-looking text to your projects. With our new Text Patches, you can add a block of text for any occasion! Birthday cards, menus, signs, business’s all there! 

Text Patches

A.I. Artsy Effects

February 2021 | We’re happy to introduce the next segment of our A.I. Series, Deluxe Edition Artsy Effects in the Photo Editor. These new effects use a technique called Style Transfer, where we mimic your favorite art styles and apply them to your photos. Using powerful artificial intelligence, turn your photos into art with just one click!

A.I. Artsy Effect

Progressive Web App

November 2020 | Getting and staying creative with BeFunky just got easier. You can now access BeFunky from a dedicated window on your desktop! Don’t lose your project by accidentally closing BeFunky or misplacing it in a sea of tabs. Streamline your creativity by installing BeFunky to your desktop today.

Progressive web app

A.I. Image Enhancer

November 2020 | You could spend hours modifying the colors, saturation, and contrast, manually enhancing every element until your photo looks its best...or you could use the A.I. Image Enhancer. This segment in the BeFunky A.I. series uses powerful A.I. technology to amplify your landscapes, portraits (or selfies), cityscapes, and more, to the next level—no complicated editing tutorials necessary.

A.I. Image Enhancer

A.I. Portrait Enhancer

October 2020 | In the latest addition to our ongoing BeFunky A.I. series, we've added the A.I. Portrait Enhancer to the Photo Editor. This tool is powered by the highest standard of artificial intelligence to help make adjustments to your portraits and selfies a breeze, without any heavy lifting on your part.

A.I Portrait Enhancer

Glitch Art Effects

September 2020 | Glitches are software errors or bugs that are often caused by a corrupted signal. The end result leaves your screen incredibly distorted and hard to make out. Lucky for you, we’ve just added all new Glitch Art effects to our Photo Editor to help you easily transform your modern photographs into retro shots with the perfect amount of distortion, no signal error needed.

Glitch effects

Deluxe Tone Filters

September 2020 | We've added three Deluxe Edition toning filters - Warmer Tones, Analog Tones, and Black and White Tones. Using toning filters can help enhance colors, manipulate lighting, and more. The best part, customizing your own filter can help you create a personalized social media aesthetic by manipulating the tones and colors in your photos to be consistent.

Tone photo filters

Text Wrapping & Group Alignment

August 2020 | Perfecting the appearance of your layers just got easier! Now, your textbox width will remain the same as you type, only expanding if you adjust the size or according to your widest single character. With group alignment, you can easily customize the alignment of your layers by clicking the alignment button that corresponds to the position you’d like to align it to, and then clicking the same alignment button a second time to align the graphic elements individually.

A.I. Background Remover

April 2020 | Built entirely by our in-house team at BeFunky, the new Background Remover uses AI to automatically detect the subject in your image and remove the background behind it. Whether you need to create a transparent or solid-colored background or replace the background with a new image, this Background Remover is going to be your new go-to.

A.I. Background Remover

Font Management Update

February 2020 | When it comes to adding text to photos and designs, font selection is everything. We’ve added some major upgrades to make your font library bigger and more customizable than ever before! Including easier ways to add your favorite fonts from your computer, the ability to access and add Google Fonts, and new ways to organize them into your own curated font collection.

Edit Image Layers in Place

February 2020 | Instead of bringing your image layer to the Photo Editor, now we’re bringing all the power of the Photo Editor to your image layer! Just one click of the Edit Image button will bring all the essential editing tools and photo effects of our Photo Editor on demand, so you can edit that image layer and see how it looks with the rest of your project in real time!

Canvas Guides

December 2019 | No more guessing if your designs are positioned just-right. We just added some handy Guides to help you measure your designs to perfection! They’ll help you easily set your own parameters, margins, and safe areas no matter what kind of design you’re working on.

Photo canvas guides

Smart Resizing for Design Templates

November 2019 | Have you ever created a design that you wanted to use in more than one place but the size just didn't work? Rather than restart a design from scratch, you now have the ability to resize designs at any point in your design workflow! Talk about a time saver.

PDF Exports

November 2019 | In addition to being able to save your work in JPG and PNG file formats, now you’ll find a brand new PDF file format option to choose when you select the Computer option in the Save menu.

PDF Export

Added Pexels to Stock Photo Library

November 2019 | Our free stock image library was already huge, but now it’s even bigger. In addition to providing you stock photos from Pexels and Pixabay right within our web app, we’re elated to add Pexels to our list of stock photo partners. That means we now have millions of free stock photos for you to easily access and use in your BeFunky projects!

Pexels Photo Library

Template Library & Basic Shapes 

October 2019 | We've really stepped it up with graphic design at BeFunky! You'll now find hundreds of customizable templates in a brand new Template Library to help you get started with everything from the perfect party invite to branding for your business. And you can now add Basic Shapes (customizable geometric design elements) to your creations anywhere in the app.

Template Library

Clipping Masks

August 2019 | With our Clipping Mask tool, you can now add an image inside of any text, shapes, vector graphics, or PNG! Clipping masks are just one more way we’ve made photo editing and graphic design simpler than ever.

Clipping Masks