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Get Creative With These Full-Color Graphics

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Exciting news for all of you graphic-loving creatives: we’ve just added thousands of full-color graphics, stickers, and icons to our already-huge Graphic Library! And since there are so many graphics to choose from, we’ve also made searching them easier than ever with some brand new options in the Graphics Library menu. Whether you want full-color graphics, outlined icons, or solid shapes, you’ll find everything you need to add and customize them.

adding graphics to photos in BeFunky

Another great thing about BeFunky’s Graphic options is that you have the ability to add your own SVG (scalable vector graphics) to your projects, so if you’ve got your own collection going, you can easily use them! Whether you add your own or choose from our Graphic Library, we’re sure you’ll have the perfect finishing touches for your photos, collages, and designs. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know below: 

How To Search BeFunky’s Graphic Library 

To search for the perfect graphic, click on the Graphics tab in the Photo Editor, Collage Maker, or Designer, and click the Search Graphics button.

search graphics in BeFunky

Our Graphic Library menu will appear to help you find just what you’re looking for. To search using a search term, type whatever you’re looking for into the Search Graphics box and press Enter on your keyboard. You can also search by clicking the buttons under Popular Tags

full color vector graphics in BeFunky

Your search results will appear and default to All Styles. Using the buttons underneath Styles, you filter your search results to show only Outline, Solid, or Color graphics. 

vector graphics in BeFunky

Whenever you find a graphic you love, click on it to add it to Your Graphics. When you close out of the Graphic Library menu, you’ll see all of your selections in the Your Graphics section of the Graphics tab.

how to add graphics to photos in BeFunky

How To Upload Your Own SVGs 

If you have your own collection of SVG’s (scalable vector graphics), it’s easy to add them into the Graphics tab and use them in your projects. Simply click the green Computer button at the top of the Graphics tab and select the file from your computer. 

how to upload svg into BeFunky

Once added, you’ll see your SVG as a thumbnail in the Image Manager tab (where you’ll be redirected after the upload). Double click to add it to your project, then use the blue circles around it to resize and rotate it and drag it around the canvas for perfect placement. 

how to add svg to befunky project

From there, you can  use the Graphic Properties toolbar that appears to customize the color, opacity, blend mode, and more!

How to Add and Customize Graphics

You’ll be able to use these vector graphics on any kind of creative project, but for this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use them in BeFunky’s Photo Editor. When you’re in the Photo Editor, upload a photo using the Open tab at the top of the page or simply drag-and-drop and image file into the interface. Next, click on the Graphics tab (the heart icon) in the left side menu. 

how to search graphics in BeFunky

Select the Computer button or the Search Graphics button and follow the above steps to find the graphics you want to use. Each of the graphics you’ve clicked on will automatically be added to the Your Graphics section of the Graphics tab. To add them to your photo, either drag or double-click the thumbnail.

free vector graphics in BeFunky

Once you have a graphic added to your image, you can click and drag the blue circles around it to resize it, and drag it around your image for perfect placement. You’ll notice that any time a graphic is selected, a Graphic Properties menu appears to help you customize it.

how to resize graphics

In the Graphic Properties menu, you can change the Color Overlay by clicking the box next to it and choosing any hue. Use the Intensity slider in the Color Overlay menu to adjust how intense the color overlay will be.

how to change color overlay vector graphic

You can also tint your graphic by choosing the tile next to Tint. The Tint option will add whatever color you choose over the top of the colors already present on the graphic.

how to tint graphics

Clicking the Options button in the Graphic Properties menu will bring up even more customization options, allowing you to add a Blend Mode, adjust the Opacity, flip and rotate the graphic, and more.

how to design with graphics

You can add as many graphics as you’d like, customizing as you go. If you want to continue editing your photo once you’ve added your graphics, you can choose the Flatten Layers button in the bottom left corner of the canvas to essentially glue down the graphics and make them part of your photo.

how to flatten layers in BeFunky

When you’re finished editing your photo, click the Save button at the top of the Photo Editor to save your work.

Final Results

Whether you choose full-color graphics, monochromatic icons, or add your own SVG’s, BeFunky has everything you need to add character to your projects in just a few clicks!

vector icons in BeFunky

Ready to start browsing and adding these fun graphics to your photos? Click the link below to find just what you need!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified