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18 Halloween Costumes Guaranteed To Get You More Candy

By Derric | Inspiration

We all know Halloween is awesome. So what's even more fun than wearing a costume and trick or treating? Throwing a costume on your dog (or cat... or turtle) and getting even more candy! Here's 18 ways to get your furry (and shelled) friends in on the fun :)

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Clothing, Apparel, Sunglasses, Accessories, Accessory, Coat

This Biker Dog is bad to the bone...


A Teddy Cat is wayyy better than a teddy bear

Glasses, Accessories, Accessory, Sunglasses, Canine, Animal

The Pupster knew about Halloween before you, back when it was cool (it still is BTW!)

Plastic Bag, Plastic, Bag, Diaper, Pet, Animal

Super Cat might be too afraid of her cape


Super Dog might even earn you a full size candy bar!

Animal, Tortoise, Sea Life, Reptile, Turtle

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle turtle for obvious reasons

Blanket, Animal, Pet, Abyssinian, Cat, Mammal

Cat-O-Lantern because cats love pumpkins

Canine, Mammal, Animal, Hound, Pet, Dog

Bunny Dog because dogs love wearing things on their head

Pillow, Cushion, Cat, Mammal, Pet, Animal

Panda Cat is much easier than getting an actual Panda

Bumper, Vehicle, Transportation, Dog, Pet, Mammal

Puppy The Pooh and hopefully you're Tigger, that's how you do Halloween.

Cat, Pet, Mammal, Animal

In Bread Cat is hilarious as long as the cat doesn't eat the bread

Dog, Canine, Pet, Animal, Mammal

Bro Dog gets all the bitches while you get all the candy

Abyssinian, Cat, Pet, Mammal, Animal, Kitten

Kitty Bear will get you an extra handful of candy

Cat, Pet, Animal, Mammal

Bat Cat aka The Dark Kitty

Cat, Animal, Mammal, Pet

Sailor Cat will help you bring in a good candy haul

Cat, Pet, Mammal, Animal, Kitten

Rainbow Cat is the one that will get you all the candy... Unless

Dog, Mammal, Animal, Pet, Canine, Puppy

You have Tiger Dog with you, of course!

Now all that's left is for you to figure out YOUR costume :) Get inspired in the BeFunky Explore Gallery and have some fun with our fantastic Photo Effects!!

Stay Funky :)

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