Sky Replacer – The Smart Sky Replacement Tool

Changing the sky in your photo has never been easier

Mobile App A.I. Sky Replacer tool by BeFunky BeFunky's Sky Replacer

Your Go-To Sky Editor

Before, the best sky replacement feature in BeFunky's photo editing software was the Background Remover. But now, we have a dedicated AI tool that detects the sky and foreground of your image for precise sky replacement. Our Sky Replacement tool also has all the features to edit the foreground and sky area independently. It’s an all-in-one sky editor!

Before. and After Sky Replacer

Go From Dreary to Blue Sky in Seconds

Don't let bad weather ruin a great photo! This tool is especially useful for real estate marketing, as it’s one of the few edits you can make to listing photos, and replacing a grey sky with a blue sky can make a huge impact on the first impression of a home, equating to higher prices and faster sales! This is also a great tool for portrait photography, as having the perfect sky may help add drama and better convey the emotion of your subject. Whatever you need, we’ve made sky replacement easy and intuitive. 

Real Estate photo after sky replacer
Real Estate photo before sky replacer



Hundreds of Skies to Choose From

Stock images or upload your own; easily replace skies with any photo you desire. From images of starry nights to skies with clouds or the perfect sunny day photo, In our Sky Replacement tool, you’ll find the perfect sky image that suits your needs. If you have something more specific in mind, you can upload a sky image from your computer. 

AI Sky Replacement on the Go

Download the mobile app to change the sky from any device.

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Edit Your Original Sky With Precision

This awesome tool can also be used as a sky editor for the existing sky of a photo! By selecting Edit Sky, you can adjust the colors in the sky. By selecting Edit Foreground, you can adjust luminosity, exposure, and more to better blend with your sky or really stand out. It’s a great tool for selectively editing the sky and foreground of your photography for harmonious results.

woman leaping with edited sky background
woman leaping



The Sky’s the Limit With Our AI Sky Replacement Tool

BeFunky’s AI Sky Replacer offers one-click sky isolation, intuitive sky replacement, and tons of additional editing to perfect your photo! Whether you want to change the mood of a photo with a new blue sky or improve the one you have, it’s quick and easy to do with BeFunky's AI Sky Replacement tool.

Architecture photo with starry night sky
Architecture photo with blue sky



How to Replace a Sky in a Photo

Easily replace the sky of any photo in four steps.

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01. Upload a Photo

Upload a photo to BeFunky's Photo Editor.

02. Isolate the sky with the A.I. Sky Replacer

Click on the Sky Replacer tool, located in the Edit tab, and the A.I. will isolate your sky in just a few seconds. 

03. Replace the Sky

Choose a replacement sky from our available stock images, or upload your own!

Sky Replacement Has Never Been Easier