Object Eraser – Revolutionizing Photo Editing

Remove unwanted objects from photos in seconds with BeFunky’s Object Eraser

Mobile App A.I. Object Eraser tool by BeFunky Remove people with BeFunky's Object Eraser

Use Powerful A.I. to Remove Unwanted Objects

BeFunky’s Object Eraser is revolutionizing photo editing. Our expert team, equipped with decades of experience developing photo editing software, designed this tool based on one simple question – “How do we help our users flawlessly remove objects from photos?” As pioneers in the space, our solution was a custom A.I. object remover that allows you to remove unwanted objects, people, and more from your photos in seconds. Not only does our Object Eraser offer better quality, but it’s also the only object remover available that works well processing images with higher resolutions. We’ve put a lot of love into this object remover – and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

After Object Eraser
Before Object Eraser



Remove Unwanted Elements From Photos Seamlessly

If you have a perfectly good image ruined by unnecessary objects left in the background, distracting signs or posters, and other elements, the Object Eraser is just what you need. By selecting the unwanted elements in the photo you want removed, the A.I. works its magic by removing the unwanted object and blending the selected area with the surrounding area to create a seamless background. Salvage your otherwise great image with our impeccable object remover.

Remove telephone poles and wires with Object Eraser

Remove Unwanted Objects From Any Photo, Anywhere

Start removing unwanted objects, people, and more right on your mobile device!

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Remove People From Photos in Seconds

Whether you want to remove your ex from an otherwise fantastic photo, a photobomber in your selfie, or remove tourists that have wandered into your travel photos, the Object Eraser can instantly remove unwanted people from photos. The tool works on people and objects the same way, so expect flawless results that make it impossible to tell that an object remover has altered the image in any way.

After Object Eraser
Before Object Eraser



The Future of Photo Editing Is Here

BeFunky’s Object Eraser tool is the future of photo editing. And thanks to the power of A.I., the future is here now! Remove objects that would otherwise ruin a perfectly good image, people who sneak their way into the frame, and more. We created this tool with almost every object removal scenario in mind – so rest assured that you’ll see amazing results every time.

Remove distracting objects with BeFunky's Object Eraser

How to Remove Unwanted Objects From a Photo

Learn how to remove unwanted objects, people, and more in just a few steps.

Photo icon

01. Upload Your Photo

Upload your photo to our Photo Editor.

Object Eraser icon

02. Find the Object Remover

You'll find Object Eraser in the Edits section under Remove/Replace

Using the paintbrush icon

03. Select the Unwanted Object

Use the brush tool to highlight the object you want to remove.

Settings icon

04. Remove Object

Click the Erase Object button. Make any additional erasures/adjustments before clicking Apply.

FAQ's For Removing an Unwanted Object

Here are some common questions and answers regarding our Object Eraser.

How do I remove an unwanted object from a photo?

Object removal is easy with BeFunky's Photo Editor! Using the Object Eraser, simply use the brush tool to select the object and click Erase Object for seamless results. This article goes into more detail with examples of how our object remover works.

How do I remove unwanted people from a photo?

All you have to do is use the brush tool to select the person you wish to remove, and our Object Eraser will work its magic and do the rest! Check out this article to see the object remover in action.

Object Eraser vs. the Clone stamp tool – which should I use?

The Object Eraser shines brightest when you want to remove unwanted elements from a difficult or complicated background. The Clone tool works well to cleanup pictures, remove blemishes, shadows, or imperfections when you have a source to sample from. Here’s an article that goes deeper into the topic!

Remove Unwanted Objects From Photos With BeFunky