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Mobile app photo editor and glitch art by BeFunky
Crop, Resize, and Rotate your image with BeFunky's Photo Editor

Edit Your Photos Online for Free

With BeFunky’s free online Photo Editor, you can access a vast library of easy-to-use, photo editing tools to help you fine-tune your images. Easily crop, resize, balance exposure, adjust saturation, and more all from your desktop and mobile devices. You can even take your photo editing a step further and add text, photo effects, graphics, stickers, and add frames. Anything you want to do to your photo, you can do with BeFunky's free online Photo Editor.

Adjust Photo Exposure in BeFunky

Online AI Photo Editing Tools

Make complex edits easy with our AI photo editing tools. Enhance images in seconds, remove backgrounds, get rid of unwanted objects, selectively apply photo effects, and more. With a single click, you can correct common issues and achieve professional-looking results – no prior photo editing experience required. You can also turn your photos into stunning works of art or replace the entire sky of a photo. These edits used to take tons of time and technical skill to pull off, but thanks to BeFunky's AI photo editing tools, getting creative is easier than ever.

After Object Eraser
Before Object Eraser



Powerful AI Photo Editor

AI tools for removing objects and backgrounds, enhancing photos, unblurring images, and more!

Photo split in 3, same portrait of woman in each. Left frame she is on a field, middle is transparent, middle is on a color gradient

Remove Backgrounds With a Single Click

Quickly isolate the subject of your image and remove the background. Keep the background transparent, give it a solid color, or swap out the background with an entirely new image!

Photo to Art effects by BeFunky

Turn Your Photo Into a Painting

Transform your photo into a digital painting, sketch, and more in a single click. You'll find Artsy effects based on popular artistic styles, from oil painting and watercolor to mosaics and poly art.

Photo Enhancer with BeFunky

Enhance Photos In One Click

One click of our AI Image Enhancer will balance exposure, boost vibrance, and increase contrast for flawless results.

object remover

Remove Unwanted Objects

Remove unwanted people, objects, and more from a photo with this powerful photo editor tool. Simply highlight the object and let the AI tool do the rest.


Upsize Images Up to 4x

The Upscale tool upscales images up to 4x their original size while enhancing finer details – all in one click! Perfect for increasing the size of low-res images while improving overall quality.

replace sky

Easily Swap Skies For a New Aesthetic

Isolate the sky of your photo with one click and replace it in seconds. Completely change the scene, or make a more subtle change. Then, you can edit and adjust your new sky to your liking.

portrait enhancer

Enhance Portraits for Stunning Results

It only takes one click to enhance your portraits while painting the natural beauty of your subject. The Portrait Enhancer analyzes your image to adjust highlights, shadows, brightness, and contrast for stunning results.

Before and After of BeFunky's A.I. Deblur tool

Sharpen Blurry Photos

Our Deblur AI tool clarifies any blurry photo in seconds – without sacrificing image quality. Never worry about blurriness ruining an otherwise great image ever again!

Easy-to-Use Premium Photo Editing Tools

The premium tools in BeFunky Plus make editing photos online ridiculously easy. Whether you’re looking to change the color of something in your photo, remove something/someone altogether, or do any other fine-tuning you want, you’ll find it really easy to accomplish with our desktop and mobile Photo Editor. To make photo editing even easier for you, many of our premium editing tools work with a single click! Removing backgrounds is a breeze. Or balance exposure, enhance colors, and add contrast to your portraits, landscapes, and more with one click.

After AI Background Remover
Before AI Background Remover



Photo Effects That Transform Your Photos in a Single Click

Transform your photo into something more than your camera can capture in a single click. With our Artsy effects, you can turn your photo into any style of art, from oil painting to watercolor and cartoon to pop art; there are hundreds of artistic filters to choose from. You’ll also find more subtle effects like Chromatic, black and white filters, vintage effects, and so much more. No matter if you're on desktop or mobile, BeFunky's Photo Editor has photo effects for any aesthetic you want.

Online Photo Editor by BeFunky

Customize Your Photos With Text, Graphics, Stickers, and More

Turn your photo into something more than just a photo, easily add text, graphics, stickers, and more. Choose from hundreds of ready-to-go fonts, add your own, or find one from Google Fonts without leaving BeFunky. Search our hand-curated collection of graphics and stickers or upload your own. No matter how you want to customize your photo, BeFunky's free Photo Editor has the features you want.

simplify with font management

Quick and Easy Batch Photo Editing

If you’ve ever had to edit multiple photos at once, you know just how tedious it can be. Thankfully, BeFunky’s Batch Photo Editor offers the option to apply our essential photo editing tools and a selection of photo effects from the Photo Editor to hundreds of photos at once. If you need a quick way to edit multiple photos at once, check out the Batch Photo Editor to save time and get creative – without sacrificing quality! 

batch processing photos and tools

Easily Create Photo Collages

With BeFunky’s Collage Maker, you can create a grid-style collage, create your own layout, or choose from one of the photo collage templates our Collage Wizard creates for you. And with the seamless integration of our Photo Editor, you can edit photos in your collage without leaving the Collage Maker, simplifying your collage-making process.

Collage Wizard by BeFunky

Edit Photos On the Go

Download the mobile app to use our massive collective of filters, effects, and editing tools from anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your frequently asked Photo Editor questions – answered!

Can I use BeFunky on my desktop and mobile device?

Yes! BeFunky offers a seamless experience between our desktop and free mobile apps to edit images online. Access all your saved projects from any device so you can start editing your photo on the mobile app and finish it up from your desktop (or vice versa!).

Is BeFunky the best free photo editor?

Yes, our Photo Editor offers more photo editing tools for free than other photo editors. With more options comes more creative possibilities!

How do I remove the background of an image?

BeFunky's Photo Editor offers a one-click image background remover. Use it to remove the background of an image or isolate its subject so you can selectively apply effects.

Is BeFunky an easy photo editor for beginners?

Yes, BeFunky is the easiest free photo editor. With intelligent presets, one-click tools, and a simple user-friendly interface, BeFunky makes photo editing easy for everyone!

How do I remove something from a photo?

BeFunky's online photo editor makes it easy to remove backgrounds with a single click or remove unwanted objects from your photo in seconds with the Object Remover.

How can I edit the text in a photo?

You can click the text layer on your image to edit the text in your photo at any time before saving your image. For text that's editable after saving, be sure to save your image as a project file to ensure your text is always editable.

How to Edit Photos With BeFunky's Free Photo Editor

Edit your own photos in three easy steps.

Photo icon

01. Upload Your Photo

Upload your photo, drag and drop it to your canvas, or paste it right into the Photo Editor from your clipboard.

Adjustment sliders

02. Edit to Your Liking

Make adjustments, add photo effects and filters, add text, graphics, and more!

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03. Save Your Photo

Download your image to your device or share them directly to your social media accounts.

Free Online Photo Editor by BeFunky