Get in a Funky Frame of Mind

A Photo Frame is the perfect finishing touch

add frames to photos in BeFunky

Put it in Perspective

There's something satisfying about framing a picture. It adds the finishing touches to a project, bringing your view of the world into focus. And with BeFunky's dazzling array of digital photo frames, you can find the perfect one for any photograph. It's quick, it's easy, and it's the best way to make your photos stand out.

add border to photos in BeFunky

Unlimited Potential

We believe in options. It's why we provide you with a wide array of photo frames to choose from. Whether you want to dress a picture up with a classic frame, or dress it down and go for an unprocessed look using one of our filmstrip borders, we offer plenty of possibilities.

photo film borders by BeFunky

Finely Tuned Frames

From overlays and opacity to finding the perfect positioning and rotation, there are plenty of ways to customize our photo frames. With the BeFunky Photo Editor, we make it easy to create the ideal photo frame for just about every possible occasion.

Photo Frames by BeFunky

Add Photo Frames in any Style 

From the retro look of a Polaroid frame to a realistic-looking wood finish, you'll find everything you need to add borders and frames to photos.

photo borders by BeFunky


Sometimes a simple border can make a world of a difference. And with the BeFunky photo editor, you can adjust their size, color and shape to fit your needs exactly.

photo drop shadow by BeFunky

Drop Shadows

Ours really make your pictures pop. By adding depth to your photos they create a 3D effect, giving the appearance of being raised.

Polaroid Photo Frames by BeFunky


Remember the days of analog photography? If you're feeling nostalgic, use one of our many photo frames that create a vintage look with no effort at all.

grunge photo frames by BeFunky


The 90's may be over, but grunge is still in at BeFunky. Give your snapshots a little attitude with our selection of edgy online frames.

film strip photo frames by BeFunky

Film Strip

These frames transform your pictures and produce a raw effect, while at the same time giving a nod to the art of photography.

Photo frames by BeFunky


Not feeling the funk? Go for the refined look and try out one of our more sophisticated photo frames.

BeFunky Photo Frames