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How to Design Your Own Dinner Party Printables

By Nikki | Inspiration

One of the best things about being an adult is dinner parties. There’s nothing quite like gathering around the table on a beautiful night and breaking bread with a few of your nearest and dearest friends. But sometimes, the planning of such an event can become quite the headache. There are invitations, menus and place settings to be made, in addition to decorating and cooking. Who has the time or money for all that? Lucky for you, BeFunky can help you create fabulous invites, menus and the like every step of the way with our innovative Designer Toolset templates. Take a look below, and learn how to use BeFunky to plan your very own DIY dinner party with with a handmade touch that's sure to impress!

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Behind every great party is a great invitation. Fortunately, BeFunky’s Designer Toolset has an entire section of beautifully designed invitation templates to help you prepare your big night, from simple and elegant to whimsical and colorful. So be sure to look through them all and select one that resonates with the theme of your dinner party! Then you can customize them to your fancy! 

If you want to flex your own creative skills and ditch the preset templates, you can also go to the Blank Templates section of the Designer to start from scratch. Simply select the size of your invitation and upload a photo from the Image Manager. If you don’t happen to have one on hand, head over to Pixabay and explore all the awesome images at your disposal. Then, you can take your image to the Photo Editor and customize it as you please. Try adding filters to make it extra dynamic and eye-popping! We recommend using the Vintage Colors filters and Summer effects for this purpose. 

Next, choose a background color to add a little variation. If you'd like, get creative and change opacity to soften your image. You should also add text to give your wonderful guests the deets on your upcoming soiree. And finally, add design elements to give it some extra whimsy, and voila! You have a totally unique and creative invitation that you’ll love showing off to your friends.

How to design invitations with BeFunky

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that many of our invitation templates are exclusive to our Plus Users, so be sure to upgrade!

Name Plates

To customize your seating arrangement and make your guests feel extra special, try creating name plates. Although BeFunky doesn’t quite have name plate templates (yet!!!), there are other templates and tools you can use instead. For example, under the Social Media tab in the Blank Templates section there’s an option for Etsy Header, which is the perfect shape and size for name plates. From here you can add a photo to the background of your name plates, or simply use a background color. Then, use the text editor to add the names of your pals. Lastly, you can include some design elements if you wish. Try adding arrows for a rustic aesthetic, flowers to represent Spring or illustrations of food to get your guests hungry. The options are nearly endless!

Using template design to create name plates with BeFunky.

Pro Tip: The Facebook Header template is also a great size template for name plates, and will give you a little more room to add flare.


A successful dinner party starts with a stellar menu, and we don’t just mean the food. Once your guests have arrived, schmoozed and had a few cocktails, get their mouths watering by presenting them with your homemade menu. To create one, just go to the Menu templates in the Event Graphics section of the designer and pick a template. Once you’ve chosen your poison, start manually typing in the items on your menu using the Text Editor. Then adjust the size, spacing and font. With BeFunky’s preset menu templates, you'll have everything you need to create professional quality menus that'll impress and prepare your guests for the delicious food they’re about to enjoy!

While there’s no doubt that our templates are the bee’s knees, you may still be yearning for a little more creative control over your menu. Luckily, you can alter the colors of any of the menu templates to fit the aesthetic of your fabulous dinner party. You can also customize your menus further by uploading a background photo to truly make it your own. Feel free steal some ideas from this post on creating menus for weddings.

Designing menu

Pro Tip: Use similar fonts, photos and design elements throughout your dinner party printables for consistency.

Thank You Cards

To show gratitude for your friends’ presence at your fabulous dinner party, check out our Thank You Card templates in the Event Graphics section of the Designer Toolset. You can use the same template for both your invitations and thank you cards for a similar look, or you can create something more personal and modern. BeFunky’s exclusive Event Graphics and Greeting Cards templates have everything you need to create one-of-a-kind thank you cards that'll give a perfect ending to your fantastic dinner party!

Creating thank you cards with BeFunky

Pro Tip: Consider including a handwritten note on your thank you cards. That personal touch makes all the difference!

With the help of BeFunky, your DIY dinner party is sure to be memorable. Now, go forth and start creating amazing invitations, menus, name plates and thank you cards that are sure to impress!

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