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Introducing All NEW Options For Adding Text To Photos

By Melanie Doncas | Effects Showcase What’s New

There are two main components of any great design: imagery and text. Both go hand-in-hand to effectively communicate your message and provide the information that’s necessary. After all, have you ever seen a card without words or a flyer that lacks any text whatsoever? Neither have we!

No one can deny the importance of text in the design world, which is why our creative platform has taken this component to a whole new (and very exciting) level! With a plethora of fresh new options in our Text tool, creating your photo, collage, and design masterpieces has never been easier – or more fun. Think cool new fonts to up your typography game, the chance to customize your text box colors, blend modes to create a more seamless design, and so much more!

how to stylize text in BeFunky

Keep reading to find out more about each of these new options, as well as how they can transform your everyday projects into works of art.

An Expanded Library Of Free Fonts

Fonts, fonts, and more fonts - this is exactly what you’ll find across BeFunky’s creative suite, including our Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Designer. Our wide range of brand new fonts have been hand-curated by our graphic design professionals, and trust us, they know a thing or two about typography! With more font options than ever before, you can easily create beautiful and professional-looking designs within a few clicks of your mouse – no graphic design experience needed.

free fonts to add text to photos in BeFunky

You’ll find all of the various typefaces you need too, whether it’s Serif, Sans Serif, Script, Handwritten, or anything else you desire. And when it comes to creating that perfect, eye-catching design? Mixing and matching complementary fonts is the key.

Font Search

Since there are so many new fonts, we’ve added a search bar to navigate the list and make them easy to find. Forget wasting time trying to find that ideal font you have in mind. If you know the typeface’s name, then you’re good to go!

free fonts online in BeFunky

Did you know that you can also access the fonts you’ve downloaded to your computer through BeFunky’s platforms? Simply scroll through our long list of fonts and you’ll notice them all there. Now, that’s generous! When it comes to our wide range of design options, no font is off-limits, helping you to create the unique title, headline or text that you had in mind.

Add Typographical Emphasis

The new BeFunky creative platforms now allow you to add typographical emphasis to your text, including Bold, Italics, and Underline. Hooray! This way, you can say what you need to say and really get your point across (see what we did there?).

how to make text bold in BeFunky

These options also allow you to beef-up a particular font if it isn’t quite noticeable enough in your design.

Every Font Color You Could Dream Of

Did you know that you can also easily change the Font Color, Outline Color, and Background Color of any text box within BeFunky’s Photo Editor, Collage Maker, or Designer? Simply choose your desired color from the color swatch or use the Color Picker to select a hue that’s already present in your image or design.

font color options in BeFunky

Got a super-specific color you’re trying to locate on the swatch? If you know the hue’s HEX color code, then you can just type this into the HEX Code space (next to the eye dropper tool). Why try to match a color as closely as possible when you can now get it on-point every time?

More Blend Modes Than Ever Before

In the Options menu of the Text Properties toolbar, you can now choose from an expanded selection of Blend Modes. These make it easy to create text overlays and text masks, as well as to create a more seamless (or contrasting) look for your text.

how to use blend modes with text in BeFunky

There’s a ton of Blend Modes to choose from too, including favorites such as Soft Light, Color Dodge, Multiply, and Vivid Light (just to name a few). Why not experiment with each to see what you come up with? Often, the coolest designs come from some trial and testing.

Super Precise Snap Lines

Sure, our creative platforms have always had snap lines, but they’re more precise and helpful than ever before! Whenever you click and drag your text layer, the snap lines will appear to help you line it up with the other layers in your design (for example, graphics, other text boxes, etc.). Now there’s no reason to second-guess. Our snap lines will ensure your design is cohesive and exact, every time.

design your own wedding invitations in BeFunky

It’s time to get your message out, loud and proud! No matter what kind of project you’re working on, adding text has never been easier or more option-filled. Thanks to these wide range of new text options, the text on your photos, collages, and design templates will now look exactly how you imagined.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified