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Photo Enhancer effects by BeFunky


A technique called adaptive exposure allows for our Photo Enhancer to surpass typical HDR effects. Rather than applying the effect to the entire image as a whole, HDR DLX separates the image into regions. This enables our Photo Editor to make micro adjustments based on the lighting conditions of each region, allowing for precise contrast, sharpness, and color enhancements that will make your photos pop.

HDR DLX effects by BeFunky
photo enhancer effects by BeFunky



Sharpen DLX

Photo Sharpening is the process of enhancing details by increasing contrast along the edges within a photo. Our Photo Enhancer functions off an entirely different technique; it boosts contrast, enhances details, and adds depth by intelligently sharpening only the edges that need it.

sharpen photos online in BeFunky

Vibrant Colors DLX

Oftentimes the colors in your photos can look a little flat, which is where Vibrant Colors DLX comes in. This effect in our Photo Enhancer focuses on boosting the midtones to make colors vivid and bright. It's somewhat similar to adjusting Saturation but with Vibrant Colors DLX, trees and grass won't look artificially neon green, skin tones won't turn orange, and the sky will remain its true blue.

Vibrant Colors DLX effects by BeFunky
how to enhance color in photos



Denoise DLX

In photography, 'noise' is used to describe the graininess of a photo taken with incorrect ISO settings and/or in low light conditions. To solve this issue, our Photo Enhancer offers Denoise DLX. This smart tool analyzes your photo to detect and differentiate between noise in both the chroma and luminance. This means our Photo Enhancer is able to intelligently apply the effect where it's needed to give you a beautiful noise free image without loss of detail.

image noise reducer by BeFunky

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