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Photo enhancer tools for correcting blurry images, improving image color, and more.

Mobile app A.I. portrait enhancer and A.I. image enhancer by BeFunky Photo Enhancer effects by BeFunky

Image Enhancement Tools for Professional Results

"Photo enhancement" is a blanket term to describe our suite of online image enhancement tools – it's easy to improve photo quality, image resolution, correct colors, and more in just a few seconds. It used to be that you'd have to use complex photo editing tools (and have plenty of time on your hands) to enhance images. Thankfully, our photo enhancement tools streamline the process for near-instant stunning photos. Upload your image to BeFunky, then use our photo enhancer tools to correct those low-lighting issues, make colors more vibrant, enhance contrast, and more!

boy with dog at grand canyon after enhancement
boy with dog at grand canyon



Balance and Enhance Photos With AI

Have you ever taken a photo that didn't look as striking as you remember? It's a pretty common issue with digital photos; it's mainly due to unbalanced exposure, a lack of overall image contrast, and desaturated colors. We built the AI Image Enhancer with these image issues in mind. Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology and paired with our unrivaled photo editing expertise, our online Image Enhancer is the easiest way to make your photos look professionally edited. Without losing quality, this tool balances image exposure, adjusts highlights and shadows, and enhances the colors in your image automatically.

BeFunky's A.I. Image Enhancer

Make Portraits Stand Out

Portrait photography comes with its own unique set of issues. Of course, there are the typical image issues described above, but now you also have to worry about your subject's skin. Poor lighting conditions can enhance blemishes or fine lines and make skin tones look uneven. To tackle these issues, we took the powerful photo enhancement capabilities of our AI Image Enhancer, paired with our Touch Up tools, to create the AI Portrait Enhancer. With only one click, correct image exposure and enhance colors for a natural-looking effect. And the best part? It does all of this without any loss of image quality.

image of woman after portrait enhancer
image of woman before portrait enhancer



Sharpen and Enhance Details

Sometimes, image details just don't pop. It tends to happen because it's easy to end up with low-contrast photos when using a digital camera. This is where sharpening comes in. Sharpening your photos will enhance the details and improve photo quality by increasing the contrast along the edges of a photo. The Sharpen DLX tool in our Detail Enhancements section takes this technique and improves upon it. It'll enhance image details and add depth by intelligently sharpening only the edges that need it, giving your photo a high-definition look without adding a "halo" effect to objects.

Sharpen photos online with BeFunky

Improve Image Quality From Any Device

Download the BeFunky mobile app to sharpen, balance colors, and correct exposure right on your phone.

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Crank Up the Exposure

While the all-in-one of our AI photo enhancement tools is unparalleled, sometimes you only want to enhance the image exposure. In these moments, you'll want to use HDR DLX, a photo editing tool built to enhance images using frequency separation. This particular technique sets our HDR DLX tool apart from typical HDR effects. Rather than applying the effect to the entire image, this tool separates the image into "regions" – enabling micro-adjustments to be made based on the lighting conditions of each image region. This technique allows precise control over highlights and shadows, sharpness, and color enhancements without sacrificing photo quality.

After HDR DLX by BeFunky
Before HDR DLX by BeFunky



Make Photos Vibrant

Colors in digital photos can often look flat and unsaturated. Boosting the saturation is one way to fix this, but too much saturation will sacrifice photo quality. One of our most powerful photo effects, Vibrant Colors DLX, focuses on boosting the mid-tones of your image to make colors vivid and bright without affecting image quality. It's somewhat similar to adjusting saturation, but with Vibrant Colors DLX, trees and grass in your image won't look neon green, skin tones won't turn orange, and the sky will maintain a true blue.

Vibrant Colors DLX effects by BeFunky

Salvage Grainy Images

In photography, "noise" describes the graininess of a photo taken with incorrect ISO settings or in a low-light environment. To solve this issue, our Photo Enhancer offers the Denoiser. To reduce noise in seconds, simply upload your photo and let this intelligent tool analyze your photo. Use the AI version for instant results, as well as the option to utilize the AI Face Recovery feature to recover the details of faces. Or, try the Standard version to manually control the smoothness and fine details. Whichever you choose, our tool will then detect and differentiate between chroma and luminance noise and enhance where necessary. The result is a beautiful, noise-free image.

After Denoise
Before Denoise



Clarify Any Blur

Our AI Deblur tool can be used to correct any blurry image – no fancy photo editing software required. It uses AI to identify the blur in your photo and then bring those lost details to the surface for crystal-clear results. Blurriness should never ruin a perfectly good photo, and thanks to our extremely accurate AI, nobody will be able to tell there was a blur in the first place. This tool works on all sorts of images – from screenshots and selfies to action shots and landscape images. Check it out to save your blurry images in no time at all!

Deblur with AI Face Recovery

Restore Old Photos

Breathe new life into old photos with the Old Photo Restorer! This tool works on any old image – whether a damaged family photo, vintage black-and-white portrait, or sun-bleached vacation shots. The Old Photo Restorer clarifies your image, smoothes out any grain, and resurfaces details lost to time. This tool also has some great AI features to further renew your old photo: With Scratch Reduction, it’s easy to remove any scratch-related blemishes caused by common wear and tear. And with Recover B&W, you can colorize a black-and-white or sepia-toned photo for a more modern look. You can also toggle Recover Faces on portraits or group photos for extra definition.

After Old Photo Restorer
Before Old Photo Restorer



Photo Enhancement Tips

Our top tips, tricks, and tutorials to enhance your images.

How to Unblur an Image

BeFunky's powerful Deblur tool can unblur an image for near-instant results. Click on Deblur and let the AI work its magic.

How to Enhance Your Image

Our Photo Editor has a collection of free photo enhancement tools that will improve image quality, including the one-click AI Photo Enhancer tool. With these tools, it's easy to save time during the editing process.

How to Glow Up Your Portraits

Automatically adjust exposure, minimize blemishes and fine lines, and enhance your best features with the AI Portrait Enhancer.

How to Adjust the Colors of a Picture

With BeFunky, there are many ways to adjust the colors of your image. The easiest way to enhance the colors is using Vibrant Colors DLX to give your photo a more vivid appearance.

How to Enhance Photos in 4 Steps

Enhancing photos is super easy with BeFunky's intuitive AI tools! Here's how:

Photo icon

01. Upload a Photo

Open your photo in BeFunky's Photo Editor.

Exposure icon

02. Balance Exposure

Fix exposure issues with our HDR DLX photo enhancement tool.

Sharpen icon

03. Enhance Photo Details

Amplify the details of your image using the Sharpen DLX tool.

Eyedropper icon

04. Make Colors Vivid

Add Vibrance DLX to give colors a bold, rich appearance.

Enhance Images With a Single Click