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10 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day EVERY DAY

By Patricia McNamara | Inspiration

April doesn’t just bring May flowers—it puts Mama Earth in the spotlight with her own special holiday.

Take a look through the Explore Gallery and you’ll be mesmerized by the flowers, landscapes and bright blue sky that constantly surround us. We already celebrate the beauty of the world through our pictures, so why not treat it with the TLC it deserves on April 22...and every other day for that matter.

Here are some super simple ways you can celebrate Earth Day any month, week, day or minute of the year. Together, let’s try to reduce our carbon footprint and be friendly to our planet. We’ve only got one, after all.

1- Go Digital

Earth Day Collage

Before running out to your nearest card store for your bud's birthday or to send a friendly "just because" note, think about swapping paper with a mouse-created card instead. The great thing about e-greetings is that you can customize many to your liking, adding a more personal touch to whatever you're trying to say.

2- Watch Your Water


Did you know that the average American family uses over 300 gallons of water per day?! Cut back on the H2O by being mindful during everyday tasks. Make baths an occasional treat and opt for quick 10-minute showers instead. Turn off the faucet in between brushing or shaving, and reserve the dish washer and washer machine for full loads only. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save.

3- Build a Birdhouse


Celebrate the creatures who share our planet. Birdhouses are not only a great DIY activity, they’re also a wonderful source of protection for your chirping buds. Pressed for time? Even making a homemade bird feeder out of an empty paper towel roll is a clever way to pitch in while practicing those recycling skills.

4- Rethink Your Bags


It is estimated that 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide annually. Since they can take hundreds of years to decompose, they’re causing serious damage to our environment, like polluting our oceans and harming marine life. Take a stand by toting your own reusable shopping bags on every grocery run. Bonus: Some shops offer a discount for BYOB. Bags, that is.

5- Go Eco-Crafty


Pop Quiz! What are the most important items you should recycle? According to the National Recycling Coalition it’s: aluminum, PET plastic bottles, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, steel cans, HDPE plastic bottles, glass containers, magazines, mixed paper and computers. Stay crafty with your scraps and whip up fun things for the house like the above paperless décor.

6- Make Mondays Meatless


Or any other day of the week for that matter. Then upload pics of your dishes for the entire BeFunky community to see. Going back to the whole water thing, it reportedly takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef, compared to 25 gallons for 1 pound of wheat. Not to mention, cutting back on meat reduces energy and pollution. Those veggies have never tasted sweeter.

7- Care to Share


With sharing communities like Spinlister and B-Cycle, it’s easier to find a set of wheels of the bike variety today. Not only does biking save ya mega bucks, it also cuts back on nasty carbon emissions. Two wheels just aren't your thing? Implement a tried-and-true carpool with your colleagues or group of friends.

8- Plant Local


Use native plants to your area for landscaping or gardening. They typically require less water, pesticides, or fertilizer, and attract wildlife. Trying to decide what to plant? Locate a Native Plant Society near you to learn more about the gorgeous greens in your community.

9- Shop Smart


And while you’re at it, try to shop locally as best you can. It will boost your local economy as well as cut back on pollution caused to transport those otherwise out-of-town goods. Cha-ching!

10- Turn Your Pet Green


Hey, even your cat or dog can get in on the eco-friendly action. Use biodegradable bags to pick up after your furry friends. And don't forget to treat them to toys and gear made from recycled or plant-based materials.

How do you celebrate Earth Day every day?

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