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Celebrate the Environment With Customizable Earth Day Templates

By Isabelle | Inspiration

Every April 22nd, Earth Day reminds us to be conscious of what we consume and how we treat the planet. This global event also reminds us that environmental conservation isn’t an individual act, but a collective effort. While this day has been celebrated since 1970, social media has spurred its growth significantly. Apps like Instagram and TikTok are some of the most effective platforms to spread the word about community events, sustainability practices, and waste-free product alternatives. 

Using a premade Earth Day template saves you time and ensures your materials look polished and cohesive, so that your followers take notice of what you have to say instead of scrolling by. With one of the Graphic Designer’s professionally designed templates, you don’t need to start from scratch: Just change some details with a few clicks and you’re ready to go. The best part? This efficiency frees you up to focus on the bigger picture, like engaging your community and driving real environmental action. 

Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day was created in the United States in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental protection and to emphasize the importance of conserving our planet's natural resources. It was created by Senator Gaylord Nelson to ensure the issue garnered national attention – which it did. This led to many important pieces of environmental legislation being passed. Ever since, it’s been a significant day for environmentalists and the general population: After all, we only have one Earth, and we need to share it! 

earth day

Earth Day has grown over the years, often involving activities such as planting trees, cleaning up local areas, educational programs, and rallies aimed at promoting sustainable practices. It serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to maintain and protect the Earth for future generations. Earth Day now engages communities worldwide, highlighting issues like climate change, pollution, wildlife conservation, and clean energy, and mobilizing individuals and governments to take action toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

Where Can I Find Earth Day Templates?

The Graphic Designer has several stunning Earth Day templates that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. These beautiful templates were made by professional graphic designers so that you only need to make minimal tweaks, saving you time.

However, they’re also fully customizable, so you can feel free to change it all: Text, fonts, colors, photos, and graphics! This comes in handy if you really want to personalize your template, or if you have brand guidelines to follow. BeFunky’s enormous Graphic Library even allows you to choose from a wide variety of hand-drawn vector graphics so that you can find the perfect art for your final piece.

Earth Day Template Inspiration and Examples

Whether you’re running a marketing account or looking to celebrate Earth Day on your personal social media, BeFunky has you covered with a beautiful selection of hand-designed Earth Day templates. Just open up the Graphic Designer and type “Earth Day” into the search bar on the left. You can use these templates for social media posts and stories, blog headers, or even printed posters. 

Here are just a few ways you can take advantage of the Graphic Designer’s Earth Day templates. Use these as inspiration for your own Earth Day post, or play around with the Graphic Designer and come up with something entirely new!

1. Educate Your Followers

There’s a lot of misinformation online about climate change and the current state of our planet. Earth Day is the perfect time to research some facts from reputable sources and share them with your followers on social media. They may just end up sharing your post with their own audience too! 

instagram post earth day

2. Offer Sustainability Tips

It can often feel overwhelming to start living sustainably because it requires a lot of intention and change. Consider using an Earth Day template to create an infographic that shares some easy, simple tips. Small steps toward sustainability are much better than no steps at all! 

earth day pledge

This template can also be printed out and hung up at your school or place of work. It may even spark discussions about how to act more sustainably as individuals and as an institution.

3. Promote a Sale

Many companies have sales around Earth Day where a percentage of profits go to planting trees, cleaning beaches, or toward environmental action groups. This Earth Day template allows you to easily create an eye-catching sale post: Just change the image, tweak the text, and you’re ready to go.

earth day sale

4. Make an Earth Day Pledge 

An Earth Day pledge is a personal or collective promise that includes specific actions you will take to benefit the environment. By making a pledge, you're saying you're ready to take steps to be more eco-friendly, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. This Earth Day template can be edited to fit your own Earth Day pledge.

earth day pledge

5. Share Your Story

We all know that environmental decline affects the planet, but it can be hard to remember that it also has a direct, visible impact on communities and individuals. The effects of overconsumption and wastefulness are no longer “to come” – they’re already here. If you’ve personally witnessed the effects of climate change – such as an abnormal natural disaster, food and water scarcity, or a drastic change in your surrounding biodiversity.

Writing a blog post is a great way to share your story with those who are less personally affected. You can easily resize an Earth Day template to use as a blog header and keep readers engaged. 

earth day banner

Make an Impact With Earth Day Templates

Earth Day is a great excuse to start engaging in environmental discussions and enacting change in your community. It reminds us of our missteps, but also encourages hope for the future. With BeFunky’s Earth Day templates, you can create posts and printouts that remind us that we should care about our planet every day. Create your own Earth Day post today in the Graphic Designer!

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