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NEW Enhance DLX Effects Fix Photos In One Click!

By Whitney | Effects Showcase

After some hardcore innovating, we’re so proud to bring you four groundbreaking effects for enhancing your photos in a single click! Whether your photos are low-lit, lacking detail, oversaturated, or undersaturated, our new Photo Enhancer effects will fix them in seconds. They’re based on the same adaptive technology used in expensive software, but here’s the thing - there’s no learning curve! They’re so smart that they’ll only enhance the parts of your photo that need it most, which makes for the sharpest, most vibrant images with tons of added depth and realism. Here’s how these new Photo Enhancer effects will fix those common problems that plague your photos:


This effect is super powerful on low-lit photos or any time you’ve taken a photo with significantly lighter and darker elements, like when sun is behind an object and darkens the foreground. Ordinarily, most photo editing effects work to transform the entire image as a whole, regardless of the distribution of pixels - but our HDR DLX effect is way more clever! The effect separates your photo into grid-like regions that are invisible to the naked eye, knowing exactly where to apply the most power based on the light and dark pixels of each region. The result is truly balanced contrast, added sharpness, and a sense of depth that couldn’t be achieved with other effects that treat all regions the same.




The coolest thing about the HDR DLX effect is you can control the amount of regions! When you open the settings menu, you’ll see a slider that indicates the amount of regions the effect is being applied to. As you increase the amount of regions, you’ll notice a huge difference in depth and more balanced contrast, since the effect is being more meticulous with all the fine details of each region and blending them all together in the process.


Most image sharpeners are a little too powerful. When you increase the sharpness too much, it can create halo effects, grainy texture, and color banding (that unrealistic gradient effect that can happen to uniform colors in your photo, like a bright blue sky). Our Sharpen DLX effect is way more detailed. It senses the edges in your photo, knowing to avoid sharpening near-flat areas and very sharp edges. This drastically lessens the chances of color banding, creates more realistic texture, and gives your photo fine-tuned sharpness!





If you want to make the colors pop in your photo, but you don’t want the trees to look neon green and your friends to look like cheetos, then Vibrant Colors DLX will be your new best friend. Instead of bumping up the intensity of all colors in your shot (which can easily lead to oversaturation), Vibrant Colors DLX knows to only increase the intensity of more muted colors and leave the well-saturated colors alone. Think of it kind of like fill light, but for colors. The result is nature shots that are as colorful as your eye would naturally see them and the skin tones that are vibrant without ever becoming oompa loompa status.





Noise is a commonly-used term in photography to describe the visual distortion that occurs when you take a photo and it comes out grainy or has splotches of discoloration. It usually happens when you take a photo in low-light or shoot uniform color, like a blue sky. Since cameras don’t see color like we do, you’ll notice noise as those little red, blue, or green dots that appear like television fuzz and ruin your photo. But alas, our new Denoise DLX will reverse the noise and save your photo!




The Denoise DLX effect works to reduce noise in both the luminance, or lightness of the image, and chroma, or the colors in the image. Unlike most noise reduction algorithms, it knows the difference between these two elements in your photos. When you click on the settings menu in Denoise DLX, you’ll be able to further enhance the colors, tones, and textures in your photo using the Fine Details slider. Increasing this slider results in more detailed application to the luminance and chroma, greatly reducing the noise of your photo overall.

Ready to give these clever new Photo Enhancer effects a try? You can preview them today for FREE, and all you need is a BeFunky Plus account to enjoy them forever! But trust us, these clever new Photo Enhancer effects will ensure that even your worst photos can be rescued. Worth it. 

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