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Use Enhance DLX Effects to Fix Photos In One Click

By Melanie Doncas | Effects Showcase

Want to create the sharpest, most vibrant photos with tons of added depth and realism, all within a click? It might sound too good to be true, but this is exactly what BeFunky’s Photo Enhancer effects do!

They use smart and adaptive technology, including Artificial Intelligence, to only enhance the parts of your photo that need it the most. The result is imagery that’s edited to perfection and reminiscent of pro photographers. But best of all, there’s no learning curve!

Keep reading, because we’ll walk you through each of these powerful Enhance DLX effects and show you how they can transform your imagery.


If your image’s exposure is looking out of balance, then the HDR DLX is your go-to tool. This is particularly useful in situations where you’ve captured a scene containing a mix of either very light or very dark elements – like a bright sun behind a darker foreground, for example.

Rather than dialing up or down the exposure of the entire image, the HDR DLX effect uses what’s known as adaptive exposure to separate your photo into a grid of 'regions' It then examines the lightness and darkness of the pixels within these regions, so it knows exactly how and where to apply these changes. This approach allows precise control over your image’s highlights, shadows, sharpness, and color enhancements, all without losing precious picture quality.

You can even control the number of regions influenced by the effect within the settings menu. Increasing these regions creates an even more noticeable difference in depth and balanced contrast.




Sharpen DLX

Want that high-definition look without the halo effect, grainy texture, or unrealistic gradient of colors? Many image sharpeners are simply too strong when they apply a sharpening effect to an entire image. Instead, our Sharpen DLX tool works by assessing the edges already present in your photo and determining which ones require the most sharpening. Near-flat areas and very sharp edges are left natural, while only the edges that require added depth will have the effect applied to them.

The final photo is realistic, detailed, and fine-tuned to perfection!




Vibrant Colors DLX

If the colors in your photo are looking dull and lifeless, then some added saturation is needed. Yet, it can often be a fine line between lifelike colors that pop and artificial hues that ruin the integrity of an image.

The Vibrant Colors DLX effect takes the guesswork out of color correction. It focuses on boosting the mid-tones of your image to make colors vivid and eye-catching, without affecting image quality.

The final result is an image with colors as naturally vibrant as the human eye sees them. With the Vibrant Colors DLX effect, oversaturation is a thing of the past!




Denoise DLX

If you’ve ever captured a photo in a poorly lit environment or with the incorrect ISO settings, then you’ve most likely experienced ‘noise’ in your image. This term simply refers to the grainy texture within a photo, which affects an image’s overall detail and clarity. When zoomed in, it can look like a fuzzy television screen with tiny red, blue, or green pixels scattered throughout.

The Denoise DLX effect helps to minimize noise in both the luminance (lightness) and chroma (colors) of an image. Unlike other noise reduction algorithms, it can distinguish between these two aspects in your photographs.

When you open the settings menu in Denoise DLX, you can use the Fine Details slider to further enhance the colors, tones, and textures in your photo. Increasing this slider results in a precise adjustment to the luminance and chroma, which considerably reduces the overall noise within your shot.




Online Photo Enhancing – Made Easy

With BeFunky’s brilliant, AI-powered Enhance DLX effects, every photo can be perfected. All it takes is a click of a button and you can let our smart, adaptive photo-editing technology do the rest!

Ready to see just how ground-breaking these effects are? Try our Photo Enhancer for yourself today!

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