If you want to replace the sky color in a photo–you’re in luck. Thanks to the Replace Color tool in our Photo Editor you can easily change the color of the sky to capture whatever aesthetic you’re going for! Whether you want to create a unique photo, stand out on social media, or demonstrate your photo manipulation skills for branding, using our Replace Color tool will work wonders for your creative vision!

Using BeFunky’s Replace Color tool is the easiest way to change the sky color to any shade you want, whether it’s a subtle hue change or something bold and dramatic. If you’re ready to start getting creative with your sky photography, check out our tutorial below!

how to replace colors in photos with BeFunky

BeFunky’s Replace Color tool lets you change the colors of the sky into any color palette you want, whether it’s a subtle hue change or something totally dramatic. Want to learn how? We’ll reveal all below.

How to Change the Sky Color in a Photo

To change the color of the sky in your photos, open the Replace Color tool.

Replace Color Tool by BeFunky

When you’ve got the Replace Color tool menu open, you’ll notice options for Source Color and Target Color. The Source Color refers to the color in your image you want to change, while the Target Color will be the color you choose to replace it with. You use Source Color to select the color in your sky you want to replace. 

how to change color of sky in BeFunky

Once you’ve decided which color in your sky you want to change, click on the box next to Source Color and use the Eyedropper tool to select this color in your photo. The Target Color defaults to transparent, so you’ll notice any area in your photo containing your Source Color will become transparent. You can either leave this area transparent so the color of whatever background you place it on comes through, or you can change the sky color by selecting a Target Color. Use the Tolerance slider to adjust the sensitivity of the color (or transparency) you’re replacing. 

how to edit the sky in a photo with BeFunky

When you’ve changed the sky to a color of your liking, click the blue checkmark to apply the effect.

All that’s left now is to share your photo! You can save it to BeFunky or your computer, share it across your social media channels, and more!

Final Results

When it comes to editing your photos, BeFunky’s Replace Color tool makes editing the sky color in your photos a breeze. Look how it completely transformed the sky in this image:

Sea, Ocean, Nature, Outdoors, Water, Horizon
Nature, Sea, Ocean, Outdoors, Water, Horizon




Still need inspiration replacing the sky color in your photos? Here are three examples of how to use the Replace Color tool to change the colors of the sky:

Subtle Sky Color Changes

Often, a subtle change to the sky color can be most effective and eye-catching! The tip is to replace an existing color in your sky with colors and hues that are only slightly different from the original sky picture. This will make it look most realistic!

how to enhance color of sky
blue sky with clouds



Go Bold With Dramatic Sky Color Replacement

Not looking for a subtle sky color change? The Replace Color tool can also be used to add a striking change to your existing sky.

how to change color of the sky in photo
golden gate bridge



A Complete Sky Color Change

If the color in your sky photo is still too plain, replace the sky completely! You can do this by working with the layers of your photo project. Upload your photo showcasing a sky you like, and add it as a layer over the current sky on your photo. Adjust the sizing and flatten the layers together. The result should look natural, yet completely different.

how to replace sky in a photo
mountain landscape photography



For a full tutorial on how to completely replace the sky with a new one, head over to this blog post.

Are you ready to change the color of the sky in your photos? Using the power of the Replace Color tool, any sky color you can imagine is possible!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified