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Have a Low-Resolution Image? Fix It With BeFunky’s Upscale Tool

By Rach DePaoli | Photo Editor Tutorials

Cameras these days produce such high-resolution images that you can print them out on a canvas ten times the size of the original, and it will maintain its crisp resolution. Have you ever had a photo that you knew you would love, if not for the low resolution, but you keep it tucked away in a folder somewhere just in case you could fix it someday? Today is that someday.

BeFunky’s Upscale tool acts as a magnifying glass that zooms in and reveals finer details that weren’t visible in the original, low-resolution image. It will then upsize images up to 4x the original size in seconds. You can see an instant transformation as it turns low-resolution images into high-resolution.

If you have an old photo to digitize and it would have been perfect if it was simply in focus or had better resolution, scan it into your computer and use BeFunky’s Upscale tool in the Photo Editor – trust me, it will instantly transform any sub-par image into a higher-resolution one.

How to Scan an Older Photo to High-Resolution

Scanning and digitizing old photos can be a cumbersome process but it is very worthwhile and provides extra security to have backups of your favorite images.

Use a Printer or Scanner to Digitize Old Photos

Most printers have scanning features, or you can use an actual scanner. For around $100, you can purchase a good scanner. Scanning these images helps to provide good-quality images, ready to be edited. Check out how this photo below was scanned into our computer and then edited using BeFunky’s Upscale tool. Follow the tutorial below to get similar results.

This tool can be great for old travel photos that you, your parents, or even your grandparents took from years past. Because the Upscale tool increases the image resolution, you can now print your images at a larger scale without losing quality. Take your old family photos and blow them up as wall art.

wall photos for upscale

There are often times many tutorials online for the product that you choose, so it is easy to do a quick YouTube search for help if you get stuck. If you don’t have any extra money lying around, you can use your phone’s camera to scan your images with the options below.

Use Your Phone to Digitize Low-Res Photos

You can either take a photo of the photo, or you can use an app like Google Photos, PhotoScan, or Microsoft Lens to scan your photo with your phone. Each of these options allows you to take a digital photo of your physical photo and it converts it into a digital file.

quality 2 after
quality 2 before



Once you have your file digitized, you can then edit it in BeFunky’s Photo Editor and enhance your low-resolution image with the Upscale tool. As you can see, the tool increases the resolution of your images, while keeping, and even enhancing, the quality of them.

How to Use the Upscale Tool

To get started, head to BeFunky’s Photo Editor and upload your photo by selecting Open and then Computer at the top of the screen. You can also drag and drop an image file directly onto the canvas, which is my preferred method.

Step 1: Click on the Upscale Tool

Head to the Edit tab. From here, find the Detail Enhancements drop-down and select Upscale. Click on the tool and in seconds you’ll see a before and after slider to compare the original to the results. You can uncheck this box if you’d rather just see the after.

upscale tool

You’ll notice the “Ai” icon next to the Upscale tool – this means that it utilizes the power of A.I. to “fill in the blanks” and create crisp definition where there were once only fuzzy details. Aside from improving resolution, you can also see how much your photo has been enlarged by reviewing the new dimensions in Upscale menu.

upscale tool after up close

When you are happy with the results, select Apply

Step 2: Save the High-Resolution Photo

When you've finished editing, click the Save button at the top of the screen and then select Computer. Save your image as a high-quality JPG

save upscaled photo

Take a look at the before and after of this image.

low res upscale after
upscale tool before



Upscale Low-Resolution Images in Seconds

This tool allows you to enhance low-quality images in seconds. When you are ready to start transforming your images, open BeFunky’s Photo Editor to get started.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified