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Learn the Basics of Removing and Replacing Elements in BeFunky’s Photo Editor

By Rach DePaoli | Photo Editor Tutorials

Before BeFunky’s Photo Editor, removing or replacing certain aspects of your photos was something that could only be done with expensive programs like Photoshop. Now, with BeFunky’s incredible AI-powered tools, removing, replacing, cutting out, and erasing objects just got a whole lot easier and cost-effective!

We are going to show you the top five tools for removing and replacing objects and colors in your photos. We are also going to break these tools down in order so you can follow along and see which is the best tool for the photo you’re looking to edit.

To start, we are going to look at the Remove/Replace tools in the Edit tab of BeFunky’s Photo Editor, which has tools that can be used on both Mobile and Desktop.

replace remove category

The Edit Tab’s Tools for Removing and Replacing Anything

We are going to look at the top five tools in the Remove/Replace tab. These include removing backgrounds with the Background Remover, cutting out objects with the Cutout tool, using the Obejct Eraser to erase any object in seconds, using the Sky Replacer tool specifically for replacing and enhancing skies, and using the Replace Color tool to replace any color in your image for another one.

Background Remover Tool

Built entirely by our in-house team, the Background Remover uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect the main subject in your image and remove your background in just a few seconds. This is the fastest tool for removing the background of any image. Not only that, but you can either keep the background Transparent, set it as a single Color, or as an entirely new Image.

From the Edit menu, select the Background Remover tool under the Remove/Replace tab. The AI will automatically get to work. detecting the main subject in your photo and erasing the background behind it in seconds. Any removed area of your image will look like a checkerboard, which means it’s now transparent. You can stop here or keep going in order to make adjustments like replacing the background with a color or a new image.

background remover

I like using this tool most when I want to replace the background of my image with a new, more dynamic image. It can really make a difference to your photo. Just look at the before and after here:

background remover after
background remover before



This is also a great tool to use for product photography or when you want to change your background to something more simple like a single color. You can either choose a color from the original background in order to remove the unwanted shadows, or a new color from the product itself to make it pop.

Cutout Tool

The Cutout tool is a powerful tool for when you want to cut out a single subject from an image. This tool is perfect for when you want to cut out a subject from your photo and export it as a layer to use elsewhere in other design work or promotional material.

cutout tool

From the Edit menu, select Cutout from the Remove/Replace drop-down. Select Isolate Subject to let BeFunky do all the heavy lifting. There are so many options included within the Cutout tool that it makes cutting out any subject a breeze. Some of my favorite brushes are the Magic Brush, the Lasso, and the Polygon tool. The Magic Brush makes it so simple to clean up any areas where the Isolate Subject tool didn’t quite get it right the first time.

save layer cutout

Because this tool gives you the option to Export as Layer at the end, you can literally turn your subject into its own layer that you can then use in other graphic design work.

cutout tool graphic

Object Eraser Tool

The Object Eraser utilizes A.I. to remove your selected subject and then fill in the blanks of where your subject once was. It is the only object remover on the market that works on high-res images.

object eraser

To use this tool, select the Object Eraser tool from the Edit tab. After you select the tool, adjust the Brush Size and paint over the object that you want to erase, making sure to get as close to the edge of the object as you can. If you want to start over, you can select Clear, and if you are happy with your selection, click Apply. Voila!

Not only is the Object Eraser tool helpful for getting rid of distracting objects like photobombs or stop signs, but it can also take care of small things like a stray crumb in your food photography or a tattoo on someone’s arm.

object eraser after
object eraser before



Sky Replacer Tool

The Sky Replacer tool is just as the name suggests, made for skies! This tool uses powerful A.I. to detect and replace the sky within any photo in just a few clicks.

sky replacer

Head to the Edit tab. From here, find the Remove/Replace drop-down and select Sky Replacer. Click on the tool and in seconds you’ll see the A.I. at work analyzing the photo. Once it is finished doing this, you can select Change Sky, Edit Sky, or Edit Foreground. Select Change Sky to find the replacement photo you like. You can either replace the photo with one you have by selecting Computer, or you can select Stock Image to choose from hundreds of stock sky images we have in BeFunky.

sky replacer options

It also has foreground and sky editing options in the tool so that you can make fine-tuned adjustments to blend the sky with the foreground. as well as the Adjust section that has all sorts of ways to blend the new sky.

sky replacer after
sky replacer before



Replace Color Tool

The Replace Color tool allows you to select a specific hue within your image and replace it with a new color. With this tool, you can change the color of an object to show color variation, change your hair color to see what hue looks best, or enhance product photography to give your products a more accurate color to how they appear in real life.

replace color

To use this tool, select the Replace Color tool from the Edit menu. Select the Source Color that you want to change and then select the Target Color, which is the color variation you want to showcase.

replace color before and after

Easily Remove or Replace Anything in Your Image With BeFunky

These tools in the Remove/Replace drop-down are the best tools to use when you need to remove or replace an object or color in your image. Once you feel you have these tools down, it is time to start using them for bigger design projects like creating a hero image for a marketing campaign. BeFunky’s Photo Editor has so many tools for you to master. Once you learn the Essentials, and then these more advanced tools, check out our other Learn articles for more ideas!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified