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11 Spring Photography Ideas to Try This Season

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

Every season is photogenic in its own way, but Spring is particularly special. Not only does it mark the start of new beginnings, but it’s also a season full of foliage in full bloom, wildlife coming out of hibernation (or back from migration), and warmer temperatures that encourage us to get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer.

In order to make the most of this season, we encourage you to grab your camera and document it in all of its glory. If you’re wondering “what should I take pictures of in spring?”, however, then don’t fret. We’ve compiled the top spring photoshoot ideas to help you get started!

1. Spring Picnics

If you’re someone who loves to celebrate spring with an outdoor picnic, then be sure to capture these memories during the season. Find a photogenic location, create a pretty picnic set up, then enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food with your friends.

Try placing your camera or phone on a tripod and use a self-timer or burst mode to capture some candid shots. Then, if you want to recreate the same warm and nostalgic aesthetic of the example below, utilize the Photo Effects within BeFunky. We recommend experimenting with the Warmer Tones, Analog Tones, or Chromatic effects to achieve this same look in your own spring picnic images.

spring picnic photography

2. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are perhaps one of the most impressive trees to bloom in spring, with their soft pink petals and abundance of flowers. These beauties are only at their peak for a few weeks within the season, so you’ll want to capture them sooner, rather than later.

You can photograph these beautiful trees as-is, incorporate them into a portrait shot, or snip off a couple of sprigs to accent a flat lay.

You can even use BeFunky’s Photo Editor to create that eye-catching depth of field featured in the example below. Both the Funky Focus and Blur tools can help you achieve this look within just seconds.

cherry blossoms spring example

3. April Showers

You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers. If you fancy braving the wet weather in spring, then you can also create some stunning rainy shots that are both moody and eye-catching. Whether it’s shimmering rainforest foliage or children having a ball while splashing in puddles and playing in the rain, the options are endless.

If your photo has the right amount of light reflecting off the water droplets, then you may be able to produce eye-catching bokeh within your image, just like in the example below. Need to fake the effect instead? BeFunky’s Bokeh textures make this super easy to do!

april showers example

4. Your Spring Vacation

Spring also marks the time of year that many of us choose to go on a vacation. Whether you visit somewhere within your own state or hop on a plane to explore another country, why not document your travels with as many photos as you can?

Perfect your photography by familiarizing yourself with our Travel Photography 101 guide, along with our top tools for editing travel photos. Tools such as Crop and Exposure are great for adding those small (but mighty) tweaks, while our range of DLX Effects can fix common issues such as dull, blurry, or grainy images in as little as a few clicks.

spring vacation

5. Fields of Flowers

Nothing screams spring like a field of colorful blooms. Capture a photo of the field on its own, or try using it as a background for your own spring photoshoot session with friends or family. Alternatively, you can even capture some stunning portraits with the colorful field providing the perfect backdrop.

Sunflowers, daisies, poppies, and tulips are just some of the most common floral fields you’ll stumble upon in spring, but of course, there are plenty of other varieties too.

A common problem you might encounter when photographing these blooms is that their vibrant colors don’t quite translate as powerfully on your camera or phone. Thankfully, you can use tools such as Vibrant Colors DLX or even turn up the saturation in the Color tool to counteract this.

filed of flowers for spring

6. Spring Wildlife

Spring is also the season when many animals come out to enjoy the warm weather and sweet-smelling blooms themselves. Next time you spot a bee, butterfly, bird, or any other wildlife taking in all that spring has to offer, try to capture it on your camera or phone. We especially recommend using a macro lens or the macro setting on your phone’s camera, as this allows you to zoom right in on your subject and photograph as much magnificent detail as possible.

Whether using BeFunky on your mobile or desktop, you can then use tools such as Funky Focus to draw attention to your subject and let the background fade away into the distance – something which is characteristic of macro photography.

spring wildlife

7. Childhood Memories

Being such a picturesque season, spring also makes a wonderful time of year for capturing photos of your kids that you’ll cherish for decades to come.

If you’re looking for some spring photoshoot ideas for toddlers, babies, or even older children, consider visiting a botanic garden to serve as the perfect location. There’ll be plenty of vivid flowers and greenery to make your photos pop, plus kids will love exploring all that the garden has to offer (which makes for some great candid photos as well!)

You can even enhance your shoot with spring-inspired props or outfits, just like the example below. Then, when editing your spring photoshoot, opt for a photo effect to give it that whimsical aesthetic. The Orton Style and Tilt Shift effects are great for adding a dreamy haze, while textures such as Light Leaks and Bokeh can add further intrigue.

childhood spring example

8. Spring Senior Portraits

Why should the young ones have all of the fun? Spring is also the perfect season to schedule your senior portraits. Not only is the weather ideal, but it allows you to tick this item off your to-do list nice and early.

So, what are some spring picture ideas for school? Head to the beach at Golden Hour to make use of those beautiful spring hues, or try to utilize foliage and flowers for pops of color within your photos.

If you love the look of the senior portrait example below, you can fake a lens flare with BeFunky’s Lens Flare photo effects. For those gorgeous golden hues, try experimenting with the Warmer photo effects too.

spring photography senior portrait

9. Spring Color Palettes

Capturing a spring-inspired photoshoot can be as simple as photographing spring color palettes, whether in architecture, flatlays, food, and more. You can even organize your family photoshoot outfits to feature a spring color palette.

So, what colors do you wear for spring pictures? A spring-inspired color palette features pastel pops of color, such as soft pink, baby blue, mint green, and lemon yellow. Think of the colors you regularly see at Easter, for example!

color palette spring photography

10. Nature Up-Close

We mentioned macro photography when capturing photos of spring wildlife earlier, but you can also embrace this method to capture Mother Nature in all of her glory. Flowers and leaves make great subjects for photographing up close, particularly when they feature other details like interesting patterns, pollen, or even dewy water droplets.

When editing your macro nature photography, you can then use tools such as the A.I Image Enhancer or DLX Effects to take them to a whole new level. The result will be sharper details, more vivid colors, and a softening of any digital noise.

up close spring photography

11. Foliage-Filled Portraits

Sure, you can take portraits year-round, but spring gives you a great excuse to get creative with foliage. Consider foraging for interesting leaves or vines, then using them to form a border around a colored backdrop, just like the example below.

You might even incorporate foliage into your portrait so that it covers part of your face. The options are endless, so don’t be afraid to experiment and come up with interesting new portrait ideas!

Once you’re done, try using BeFunky’s Touch Up tools to perfect your portrait even further.

foliage for spring photography

Ready to Try These Spring Photoshoot Ideas?

Don’t let this stunning season pass you by without capturing its beauty in photo form. If you’re stuck for suggestions on what to photograph, these 11 spring photoshoot ideas are sure to get those creative juices flowing!

Once you’re ready to edit your spring photos, you can use all of the incredible tools and features within BeFunky to create your best images yet. Visit the Photo Editor today to see just how great it is!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified