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11 Spring Photography Ideas To Try This Season

By Whitney | Inspiration

Spring has officially sprung! If you’re anything like us (or a bear), this is the season where you shed your winter coat and get outside just to see the flowers blooming. We believe that every season is photogenic in its own way, but Spring is particularly special because it marks the start of new things - foliage in bloom, wildlife coming out of hibernation (or back from migration), and if you’re lucky, warmer temperatures to appreciate it all.

Grab your camera (and perhaps a rain jacket depending on the day) and get ready to try these spring photography ideas! When you’ve nailed your shots, BeFunky’s Photo Editor is always ready to help you edit them to perfection. Here are our favorite Spring-inspired photo ideas:

Cherry Blossoms

When the cherry trees start blooming, that’s when you know Spring has arrived. They’re the perfect pop of color, whatever the weather.

Spring photography ideas by BeFunky

You can photograph these beautiful trees as-is, incorporate them into a portrait shot, or snip off a couple sprigs to accent a flat lay. You really can’t go wrong.

April Showers

Yes, they can be a drag, but you know what they say: April showers bring May flowers.

how to photograph rain by BeFunky

A bit of rain is essential for impressive foliage, and a good photoshoot in the rain can produce some awesomely unique photos. You just need to brave the weather!

The Birds

With the birds back from their Winter migration, there are plenty of opportunities to get some good action shots of them doing their thing. Plus, hearing them chirp makes it sound even more like Spring.

how to photograph birds by BeFunky

You have to be pretty quick with your camera though - birds tend to be busy and very camera shy.

And The Bees

If you’re not afraid of them, you can get some great close-ups of bees doing what they do best (collecting pollen on pretty flowers).

Spring photography ideas: macro photography

Just pop on your macro lens, find a flower bush, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get some great photos.

Your Spring Break Vacation

If you’ve got a vacation planned for Spring Break, we know you won’t forget your camera. Because, memories!

spring break photography ideas

Weekend Adventures

Now that the weather is (a little) warmer, plan some weekend getaways to places you love or have never been.

weekend getaway photography ideas by BeFunky

The most photogenic places might be just a day trip away.

Farmers Markets

When Spring hits, all the farmers markets start back up again.


They’re a great place to get fresh produce, flowers, and take some unique photos of it all.

Tulip Fields Forever

If you’ve never seen a field full of tulips in bloom, you’ve never lived!

Spring portrait photography ideas by BeFunky

They’re quite the sight, and a great place for taking some fun and colorful portrait shots.

Spring Reads

If you’re into photographing your latest read, try using a floral bookmark to accent the photo.

photography ideas for spring by BeFunky

You’ll add in that extra pop of color to make the photo look oh-so-Spring!

Great Heights In Bloom

There’s something special about hiking in Spring - mostly the wildflowers have started to bloom and add that hint of color you’ve been longing for all Winter.

hikes with wildflowers photography ideas by BeFunky

The views, with blooms incorporated, make for something magical.

Macro Floral Shots

Because you can honestly never go wrong taking close-up photos of flowers. They’re the best subjects because they’re naturally beautiful and colorful, plus they won’t move around. They just sit there looking pretty and waiting for someone to capture their essence.

macro photography flowers by BeFunky

We're so excited to see what you capture with your camera this Spring! When you've nailed your shots, be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can marvel at your creativity.

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