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An Introduction to Editing Macro Photography

By Sarah Foster | Inspiration

Macro photography is a style that makes tiny items seem larger than life. Extreme close-ups are uncommon in most styles of photography, but that is what makes macro photography so special. It is so up close and personal that it captures every detail about the subject in a way that makes the smallest item become the main focus. It takes things not seen by the naked eye and puts into perspective how intricate they have been made. 

What Is Macro Photography?

By definition, macro photography is acutely close-up photography where a very small subject appears to be larger than life in the end outcome. A beautiful place to start is out in nature; leaves, flowers, and insects are all perfect subjects for macro photography. Grab your phone, snap some photos, and edit them on the go with the BeFunky Mobile app!

macro photography tutorial

How to Shoot Macro Photography

When shooting macro photography, it is important to keep a slight distance and use a tripod. Keeping your distance will ensure that there isn’t a shadow on your subject and that the image does not get distorted by being too close. The tripod is important to make sure that you have a steady place for the camera (or phone) to rest, so the final result is a crisp image. 

Pro Tip: Most cameras will have a Macro mode that you should be able to select. That’s going to be the easiest way for you to shoot using this technique.

With macro photography, the background should be the least remarkable thing about the image. Having a background that is free of distractions allows your subject to take center stage. If you can’t eliminate all the background noise, you could use the Background Remover tool in the Photo Editor to replace the background with something less distracting.

how to shoot macro photography

Top 3 Editing Tools for Your Macro Shots

To make the subject of your photo shine, we have selected our top 3 editing tools that will enhance your image! Get started by uploading your image in the Photo Editor and see which tool looks best on your image. 

Highlight Details With the A.I. Image Enhancer

The A.I. Image Enhancer allows your images to be sharpened and more color balanced in seconds. Navigate to it by selecting the Edit tab on the left side of your interface and clicking the A.I. Image Enhancer button. 

macro A.I. enhancer

This will automatically enhance your photo while giving you the option to adjust the edit with a slider. This is a simple tool to make your image pop in just seconds – providing definition and color balance all in one click. 

macro A.I. after
macro A.I. before



Adjust Perspective With Funky Focus

The Funky Focus tool allows you to highlight a specific spot in your image, this is perfect for macro photography because you can select your subject and make the rest of the image fade away. Under the Blur & Smooth section of the Edit tab select Funky Focus

macro funky focus

This will pull up a circular-shaped blur. You can select radial, or linear as well if your subject is better suited for those shapes of focus. Place the center of the circle over your subject and adjust it to fit your subject by selecting the white and blue dots on the edges of the focus rings to change the shape. Use the slider to find the perfect combination of blur and gamma correction for your desired outcome.

macro funky focus radial

Funky Focus will make your subject the shining star of your image while the rest fades to the background. Take a look at the transformation you can get with Funky Focus. 

macro funky focus after
macro funky focus before



Sharpen Your Subject With the Sharpen Tool

The Sharpen tool makes your image crisp by increasing the contrast along the edges of your subject, decreasing blur, and bringing your image back into focus. This is a great option for your macro images because it helps eliminate the inevitable blur that occurs in this style of photography. Select the Sharpen tool from the Essentials section of the Edit tab. 

macro sharpen

This will automatically have the Smart Sharpen effect applied to the image, you can choose to switch to the Standard Sharpen option if that suits your image the best. Adjust the amount slider till you are satisfied with the sharpness of your image. 

macro sharpen detail

Take a look at how Sharpen makes your subject stand out in seconds. A little bit goes a long way with the amount, so experiment with that to see what works best with your subject. 

macro sharpen after
macro sharpen before



Refine Your Macro Photography With BeFunky

With these three tools and your newfound knowledge of how macro photography works, get out in nature and start finding the beauty in the littlest things. Once you have snapped photos you love, upload them to the Photo Editor on your desktop or your mobile device to make your macro dreams come true. 

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified