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Perfect Your Photos With Our BeFunky A.I. Image Enhancer

By Vanessa Poulson | Basic Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials Touch Ups

We all want to take better photos, but half the battle with photography is making sure your photos look great in the editing process. You could spend hours modifying the colors, saturation, and contrast, manually enhancing every element until it looks it’s best.  Little did you know, there’s an easier way to make your photos shine. 




We’re happy to introduce the next segment in the BeFunky A.I. series, the A.I. Image Enhancer, the latest and greatest addition to the fabulous Photo Editor. This tool uses powerful A.I. technology to amplify your photos with a single click. It’s a simple solution for taking your landscapes, portraits (or selfies), cityscapes, and more, to the next level—no complicated editing tutorials necessary. 

Help Your Photos Look Their Best

This tool’s capabilities extend far beyond what manual photo enhancing can do. With the click of a button, you can take any picture to the next level. We’ve spent a decade researching and creating the finest photo editing tools on the market, and we’re so excited to share this new tool with you! The A.I. Image Enhancer will automatically amplify the colors in your photo to be more intense and vibrant, and add necessary light and contrast to increase the overall quality of the photograph, all using the power of A.I. technology.




Like our A.I. Portrait Enhancer, our A.I. Image Enhancer makes powerful color corrections and adjustments are sure to give your photos a boost in quality and appeal. These powerful features work for both indoor and outdoor photography, so shooting in any environment is a breeze, without any excessive editing work on your part.




As for your landscape and city shots, prepare for your editing time to be cut in half! With just one click, the brightness and contrast, saturation, and exposure of your photos are adjusted, so that your creative photography shines. Now, your photos can look perfect with minimal effort on your part! 

How to Use The A.I. Image Enhancer

Using these new tools on your photos is a breeze. Start by opening your desired photo in the Photo Editor.

Upload your photo to BeFunky

Click on Edit, followed by the A.I. Image Enhancer, and voila, your photo is edited to perfection, with boosted colors and beautiful modifications done with the power of A.I. 

Apply the BeFunky A.I. Image Enhancer

You can easily adjust the strength of the tool by toggling the slider for more and less intensity on this powerful tool, but otherwise, sit back and let the power of A.I. make your editing work a breeze! 

Before and After

image-enhancer-after (1)
image-enhancer-before (1)



The A.I. Image Enhancer Tool is exclusively yours with your BeFunky Plus account (among all of our other Plus exclusives!) Are you ready to start making your photos and portraits look their absolute best? Click the link below to get started!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified