Funky Focus lets you push the limits of reality in your photos. With a few steps, you can put focus all out of whack, in the best possible way. Harness it’s power to create a miniature world with a tilt-shift effect. Quickly and easily change depth of field. Transform pictures into pixelated blurs, invert colors to black and white and turn everyday images into memorable photography that will make a lasting impression. With our one-of-a-kind Funky Focus tool, you can bring your photography to places you never thought possible!

Turn up the Funk in Your Photography

Funky Focus offers professional quality photo editing, and it's super easy to use. But before you get down with this handy tool, upload a photograph to the Photo Editor. Then, from the Edit menu on the left, choose Funky Focus.

Funky Focus Tool by BeFunky

Pro Tip: If you’d like some extra room on your screen, press the space bar to hide your on-canvas controls while you make edits.

Circle in on Your Subject

To make a circular shaped blur, use Radial mode. It's great for focusing in on the parts of your photo that matter most. When you select it, a round shaped target will appear on your screen. Adjust its size by clicking on the edges and dragging, and place it over the part of your photo you want to remain in focus. Then, adjust Blur Amount and Opacity. Your image will gradually fade out of focus from the point you selected. You can even use it to create a tilt-shift effect. Just choose a narrow point of focus near the center of your image, leave plenty of foreground and apply!

how to blur background in BeFunky

Pro Tip: While using Radial mode, hold the Shift key to lock the aspect ratio as you adjust the size of your focal point selection tool.

Bring Quality and Focus in Line

Linear mode is another helpful feature of our Funky Focus tool. You can use it to alter focus so it fades away from your subject in straight lines. Just choose Linear from the menu, and four lines will appear on top your photograph. Whatever parts of your photo are within these lines will remain in focus. You can click on them to adjust their sizing, change their orientation and tailor them until they create the ideal focal point for your photo. Then adjust Blur Amount and Opacity, and watch as your image instantly transforms perspective to create a beautiful effect.

how to edit depth of field in BeFunky

Pro Tip: Linear mode is ideal for focusing in on certain areas of your photograph and creating depth of field. For shallow depth of field, select a narrow point of focus. For deeper depth, widen your focal point.

Diffuse Light and Color

To combine an old and new world look, try our Black and White feature. First, select either Radial or Linear, and choose your point of focus. Then select Black and White from the Funky Focus menu and change Blur Amount and Opacity. When you do, your image will automatically fade from lively, vibrant colors in your focal point, to nostalgic black and white surrounding it.

selective color editing images in BeFunky

Pro Tip: The icon with the two overlapping squares is Inverse. You can use it at anytime to flip which parts of your photograph are colored, in focus or blurred.

Create a Pixelated Dreamscape

Want to add an artistic flair to your photography? Mosaic is the feature you'll want to use. Before you apply the effect, be sure to select your focal point using either Linear or Radial. Then, choose Mosaic from the Funky Focus menu and adjust Blur Amount and Opacity. Your photo will gradually become pixelated as it moves away from your selected focal point, and transform into an intriguing, pixelated piece of art before your eyes.

how to pixellate photos in BeFunky

Pro Tip: You can combine different Funky Focus effects to create a truly unique look. Try using Black and White and Mosaic together for an otherworldly effect. Or, get real funky and add our Artsy effects into the mix!

Final Results

how to blur backgrounds in BeFunky
how to edit food photography in BeFunky



Change perspectives, bend the rules of reality and add a little funk to your photography with the one-and-only Funky Focus!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified