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Find Your Focus With Funky Focus

By Sarah Foster | Photo Editor Tutorials

Altering the depth of field of an image has never been easier than with Funky Focus. Adjusting the focus of your photo can be done in a few simple clicks; you can transform pictures into pixelated blurs, invert colors to black and white and turn everyday images into memorable photography that will make a lasting impression.

 Funky Focus allows your images to be elevated to new heights you never thought possible. With the help of BeFunky’s Photo Editor, you can transform your image in just a few clicks. 

How to Funky Focus Your Photos

Start by opening up your image in the Photo Editor, navigating to the Edit menu, scrolling to Blur & Smooth section, and selecting Funky Focus

choose funky focus

Radial Focus

When you select Funky Focus, a round target will appear on your screen.

This will make a circular-shaped blur using the Radial mode. This is great for focusing in on the parts of your photo that matter most. You are able to adjust the size of the highlighted subject by clicking on the edges of the circle and dragging. Place the circle over the part of your photo you want to remain in focus, then, adjust Blur Amount and Opacity. Your image will gradually fade out from the focus point of the main subject to the edges of the image.

funky focus circle

Linear Focus

For a more level type of focus, select the Linear option. This will alter the focus so it fades away from your subject in straight lines, instead of circularly. When this is selected, four lines will appear on top of your photograph. Whatever parts of your photo are within the two center lines will remain in focus, outside of those, a gradual fade will occur until the edges of your image.

funky focus linear

Black and White Focus

After you have selected either Radial or Linear for your Funky Focus type, you can play around with highlighting through color by selecting Black and White from the Funky Focus menu. This will automatically make the primary focus of your Funky Focus selection in color and then fade to black and white.

funky focus color

Mosaic Focus

Once you have selected either Radial or Linear for your Funky Focus type, one of the other adjustments you can make is to use the Mosaic option. This will give your photo a mosaic or pixelated aesthetic, where the primary subject is still crystal clear. You can increase the Blur Amount for larger pixels or reduce it for smaller ones. Making changes to the Opacity with Mosaic will alter it so that there are more or less visible pixels. Pair this look with the black and white option for a futuristic artistic look. 

funky focus pixel mosaic

Add Some Focus to Your Photos

Change perspectives, bend the rules of reality and add a little funk to your photography with the one-and-only Funky Focus! There is no wrong answer with Funky Focus – every image can do with a little funk, whether you are trying to highlight a subject, or transform your image into the digital age. Get started finding your focus with the Funky Focus tool. 

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified