Lens Flares Shine a New Light on Your Photos

Master the art of the lens flare with innovative and easy-to-use effects

BeFunky Lens Flare effects

A Bold Expression of Light

Lens flares are an art form of their own. You can use them to create unique effects, capable of evoking the drama within your photography. Enhance the sun and set golden horizons aflame. Harness rays of light to emphasize a sun-drenched appearance. Add geometric patterns and beams that radiate with color. With our Lens Flares, you'll find countless ways to easily amplify the beauty and creativity of your photography.

Light leak effects by BeFunky

Bring Photo Realism to New Depths

Our Lens Flares will bring a sense of realism to your photos. They replicate the true effects of light entering and reflecting off a lens, so you can give your viewers a glimpse of what it's like to be the one standing behind the camera. Add beautiful streaks of light, bright orbs and other naturally occurring photo effects to create an “in the moment” style for your photography. It will keep your audience engaged on a whole new level.

Lens Flare photo effects by BeFunky

Innovation You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Our Deluxe Edition Lens Flares are exclusive to BeFunky's Photo Editor. Nowhere else will you find tools that give you the ability to harness the power of light and create alluring effects the way BeFunky does. Try our Simple, Realistic, Flash and Sunny Day Lens Flares to enhance the natural elements in your image. Use Nova, Elysium and Laser to transform everyday landscapes into surreal dreamscapes. Or, use Spotlight, Performance and Iris to create incredibly powerful lens flares and photographs.

Lens Flare effects by BeFunky Photo Editor

How to Create a Lens Flare in 4 Steps

Shed new light on your photography!

lens flare tool

01. Choose Lens Flare

Open BeFunky's Photo Editor and choose Lens Flares from the Effects section.

Select a lens flare

02. Select a Flare Effect

Select one of our Lens Flares.

adjust lens flare

03. Adjust the Effect

Adjust intensity and place the Lens Flare over your image.

save photo

04. Apply and Save

Apply the effect and save your image.

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