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How To Enhance Colors In Your Photos Without Oversaturating

By Whitney | Inspiration

Getting vibrant colors in your photography isn’t always easy. Even when you take a photo of a colorful scene, the hues can end up looking a bit dull or flat in comparison to what your eyes see. That’s why we created Vibrant Colors DLX! It’s going to be your new go-to for enhancing color in your photos while keeping things looking au naturale.

The Difference Between Saturation And Vibrant Colors

Saturation is defined as the intensity of the colors in your photo, otherwise known as chroma. Normally when you’ve got a photo that needs a color boost, you’d increase the saturation to make the colors brighter. With most photo enhancer software, increasing the saturation slider results in the uniform boosting of every color in your photo, regardless of whether or not they’re already well-saturated, which quickly leads to oversaturation and color clipping - when a color is so far beyond its normal range that all details in that area become lost.

Even if you’ve never heard of the term “saturation” before, you’ve probably seen an oversaturated photo at least once in your lifetime. You know, the ones where all the colors have been intensified to such a level that they don’t look real - skin tones look orange, trees look neon green, skies look an unrealistic shade of blue, and so forth.

avoid oversaturation with BeFunky

Alternatively, our Vibrant Colors DLX will increase the intensity of only the colors that need it in your photos. It’s a smart Photo Enhancer effect that senses the difference between mid-tones that need a color boost and well-saturated colors that should only be minimally enhanced or left alone altogether. This way, the colors in your photos end up vibrant, but realistic. In other words, your friends will never look like cheetos, the trees and sky won’t look like alien terrain, and you’ll never lose the details from clipping.

Adjust color in your photo without over saturation

When To Use Vibrant Colors DLX

Any time you’re editing photography and want to enhance the true colors, the Vibrant Colors DLX effect will be your new go-to. It makes hues look more realistic in all types of color photography, but here are four instances where it really shines:

Photos With Dull Saturation. Any time you take a photo where the colors look more muted than what your eyes saw in the first place (due to lighting or otherwise), our Vibrant Colors DLX effect will breathe new life into the pixels that need it.

BeFunky Vibrant Colors DLX
How to enhance dull colors



Portrait Photography. For those times when the colors in your portrait shots need a boost - including skin tones, eye color, lip color, and all the things - Vibrant Colors DLX has built-in protection against oversaturating skin tones, so you can enhance their natural coloring without turning your friend into an oompa loompa.

Adjust color in portrait photography with Vibrant Colors DLX
Enhance portrait photography with BeFunky



Landscape shots. Whether you’ve got some sunrise, sunset, or daytime nature shots that could use a color boost, Vibrant Colors DLX can help you achieve surreal colors without making them look too unrealistic. In the following section, I'll show you how to take the photo below from original to vibrant! 

BeFunky Photo Enhancer: Vibrant Colors DLX effect
BeFunky Photo Enhancer effects



How To Fix Colors In Your Photography

To give those dull colors in your photos a sense of vibrancy, start by uploading your photo into BeFunky’s Photo Enhancer. Vibrant Colors DLX effect will be the third effect from the top.

Photo Enhancer effects by BeFunky

In just one click, Vibrant Colors DLX will sense the range of color present in your photo and enhance the mid-tone hues that need the most vibrancy. To see your original photo, press the “O” button on your keyboard and you can really see the difference in color this effect makes in just one click. As with the majority of our effects, you can fully adjust the intensity of the effect by clicking on the Settings Menu. Here, you’ll find sliders for Opacity and Color Amount, as well as a Paint Mode that will let you paint the effect on select areas of your photo!

Vibrant Colors DLX effect by BeFunky

The Opacity slider is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you’re wondering, it represents the amount of the effect you’re seeing. For example, at 100% Opacity you’ll see 100% of the effect, and as you decrease this amount, the more of your original photo you’ll start to see.

The Color Amount slider represents the saturation, or intensity, of the colors. Vibrant Colors DLX is super intuitive, so it really focuses on enhancing the undersaturated pixels and mid-tones of your photo. The coolest thing about the Color Amount scale is it can be decreased into the negative numbers for a more monochromatic aesthetic, or bumped up to 100 for maximum vibrancy! Take a look at the difference between this photo with the Color Amount set at -100% versus 100%:

BeFunky Photo Enhancer: Vibrant Colors DLX effect
BeFunky Photo Enhancer: monochromatic colors



If there’s a certain area that you want to use Vibrant Colors DLX on and leave the rest of the photo alone, then say hello to Paint Mode*. When you’re in Paint Mode, just click the reverse button and then paint the effect onto any objects in your photo. You can then adjust the settings and watch only those objects become more or less vibrant, while the rest of your photo stays the same.

*Paint Mode is now Erase Mode. To get the same effect described above, go to Erase Mode, click the Invert Selection button, and select Keep. 

Paint color onto photos

Final Results

Whether you want to tone down the saturation in your photos or make the colors pop, the Vibrant Colors DLX photo enhancer will help you achieve the look you're going for. It fixes colors in just a few clicks, making for super realistic images with colors that are closer to what your eyes saw in the first place. And the best part is it's so smart, it does all the work for you!

BeFunky Vibrant Colors DLX
Enhance nature photography with BeFunky



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