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5 Time Saving Photography Tips

By Holly Sutton | Inspiration

“Work smarter, not harder”.

While this is a piece of advice we’ve all heard, for those of us who own a small business, striking a balance between work, your social life and time alone is a huge challenge. We’re always wishing for more time in the day and we’re always trying to make our systems work faster. And since photography is such a huge part of your business, it follows that it also consumes a big chunk of your time—which is exactly why there are tools like the BeFunky Photo Editor to help you out.

Want to save more time on your photography? Here are a few of our best tips on how to make the most of your time (and camera!).

Know Your Camera Inside Out

5 time saving photography tips

Fact: the better you know your camera, the quicker you’ll be at taking photos. By knowing exactly how your camera works, you can minimize the amount of editing you’ll need to do post-photo. Read your camera manual and practice playing with the different settings. Familiarize yourself with your piece of equipment & make it your own.

Let's say you usually find yourself spending too much time cropping your photos or adjusting the brightness. You can sort this out once and for all by manually adjusting your camera settings. This eliminates a lot of small, unnecessary steps in the editing process, which definitely saves you oodles of time.

Create a Setup

5 time saving photography tips

You don’t want to have to figure out where you’re going to take your photos each time you go to shoot—you want to have specific studio places set up where you can get to work without any hassle. And if you’re creating your own setup, make sure you can easily move it around. You can head over to the BeFunky Pinterest for all sorts of great DIY photography tips and tricks, or you can check out these gorgeous little posts right here:

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It's a good idea to try different positions to see which has the best lighting when shooting. You don’t want to have to recreate your setup every time you move around! A lightweight tabletop is always a great idea for this. If you’ve got your own studio, dedicate a space in it just for photography. This gives you instant access to all your equipment and erases the time you’d usually spend setting everything up.

Shoot in Bulk

5 time saving photography tips

This changed my photography game in a big way. As a blogger, I used to shoot photos for each individual blog post as I was creating it. Photograph—write—edit—schedule. This was the format I used. But soon enough I realized that wasn’t a very smart way to work. Working smarter is about doing everything in batches, and that includes shooting photos.

While you’re at it and in the right frame of mind, you might as well take as many photos as you can. I can definitely vouch for this—it saves so much time! If you’ve got a new collection that’s just arrived, shoot all your product photos in one go. If you’ve got two hours one afternoon to shoot photos for your blog, do it all in one go. You’ll save so much time in the long run and it’ll make a huge difference to the productivity of your brand.

Plan Out Your Content

5 time saving photography tips

This was another game-changer for me. I used to think: “Right, I’m going to take blog post photos now”. Then I'd decide how I was going to  take them and what to include. But why not plan in advance? For instance, when I plan my editorial calendar at the end of every month, I don't just plan my content: I also plan the image that I want to use for each blog post.

It doesn’t have to be an exact layout, but you can think about the different props you want to include and the style of it in advance. Just jot a few notes down and that's it! The next time you go to shoot some photos in bulk, you'll find yourself smiling because you’ve finally got all your ideas in one place. Score.

Have a Consistent Editing Style


Part of defining a brand comes down to visual styling. When someone visits your website, Instagram or any other online platform that you’re on, they want to know they’ve come to you—and a lot of this depends on what your images look like.

Maintaining your brand's aesthetic is necessary to maintaining consistency, which means that having the same editing style is key. If pops of bright color is part of your brand's aesthetic, for instance, then you'll want to be sure to include this in the styling and editing of your photos. This means you'll know exactly what your go-to tools are when you’re using the Photo Editor, which will save you oh-so-much time since you'll already know what to do instead of having to decide what to do. You’ve already defined your style.

While some of these might seem like small points to debate, they end up going a long way when it comes to saving as much of your time as possible. It's time you started working smarter and not harder, aka the key to success for any blogger or small business owner.

Do you have any other time saving photography tips? What’s your favorite tip in this post?

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified