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How to Turn a Photo Into a Graphic Novel

By Emma Berry | Photo Editor Tutorials

Graphic novel and comic sales have hit a new high in this pandemic year. With a 6% increase from 2019, 2020 saw a gain of $1.28 billion in graphic novel and comic book sales. Graphic novels are similar to comic books in the sense that they both use sequential art to convey a story. The mix of visuals and text make graphic novels popular amongst children and teens because they are easy to read – especially for the younger generation who have shorter attention spans. 

Graphic novels are influenced heavily by comics, so they are perfect for any Marvel and DC fanatic. And remember, graphic novels aren’t just for kids. If you’re an adult reader, a graphic novel has everything you need to find enjoyment by providing entertainment, emotional appeal, stimulating plotlines, and amazing visual content. So, what’s better than reading a graphic novel? Turning yourself into a graphic novel character using BeFunky’s Graphic Novel DLX effect, found in the Artsy tab.

How to Turn Your Photo Into a Graphic Novel

If you want to turn yourself into your very own graphic novel character, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Upload Your Photo

Head to the BeFunky Photo Editor by using this link and upload your photo into the Digital Art Category, which is where you’ll also find our Graphic Novel DLX Effect. Click the Open button at the top of your screen and choose any file.

Open image for graphic novel effect

Step 2: Apply the Graphic Novel Effect

Once you upload a photo, you'll be brought to the Digital Art category in the Artsy tab. Next, choose the Graphic Novel DLX effect to finalize your image’s conversion. 

Choose the graphic novel effect

Step 3: Customize the Graphic Novel Effect 

Now that your image is in full graphic novel mode, you can start customizing it to your liking by clicking the Settings button. 

Photo to graphic novel go to setting

Each effect has its own unique settings menu. In the Graphic Novel DLX settings, you can adjust the Amount, Sharpenness, and Color Amount. All you have to do is simply drag the sliders to customize the effect to your liking. 

Photo to graphic novel adjust effect

Within the settings menu, you also have the option to erase the Graphic Novel DLX effect from parts of your photo if you would like. To erase, click on the Erase tab and use the Remove and Keep buttons while clicking and dragging the brush. 

Photo to graphic novel remove or keep areas

Step 4: Apply the Graphic Novel Effect

Once everything looks the way you want, simply click Apply to finalize the results. 

photo to graphic novel apply effect

Step 5: Save Your Photo

Now that we've transformed your photo into something straight out of a graphic novel, it's time to save it. Simply click the Save button at the top of the Editor and choose a location – whether it's Befunky, your computer, or Facebook.

Photo to Graphic Novel Results 

With a single click, you've completely transformed your photo. Now you can live out your comic book dreams with this photo to graphic novel filter!

Before and after graphic novel effect

Photo to Graphic Novel Inspiration 

With the rise of digital art, graphic novel art styles are always expanding with new and diverse techniques. The plot of graphic novels can range from superheroes to science fiction to horror, but the style is really up to the artist at the end of the day. Let us lend your imagination a helping hand while we show you some inspiration for what you can turn into a graphic novel using our photo editor Graphic Novel DLX effect. 

Turn Your Pet Into the Main Character

Turn your pet into the main character! With this effect, you can transform your pet into an original, graphic novel character. Simply upload your favorite pet photo and follow the steps above. Remember, you can customize the settings to make your pet look better than ever.

Super pet graphic novel effect
Dog to graphic novel before image



Take Your Portrait to the Next Level

Want to be the main character in your own story? Upload your favorite portrait photo and watch the graphic novel effect bring out all the details and shadows, similar to the complex drawing styles seen during the 70s and 80s. You can customize the settings to heighten the intensity of any shadows to add a darker, emotional effect.

Graphic novel portrait after
Graphic novel portrait before



Live Out Your Superhero Dreams

The rise of superheroes from the DC and Marvel Universes has never really slowed, but the art is always evolving and changing with the times. The Bronze Age of comic books, for example, started to become more realistic and focused on bringing out the human traits of each character. This most certainly inspired modern-day graphic novels. Our Graphic Novel DLX effect allows you to adjust the amount of the settings so you can customize how realistic you want your superhero to be.

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Create your very own superhero and tell their story with our photo to graphic novel filter. 

Superhero graphic novel after
Superhero graphic novel before



Create Your Very Own Graphic Novel Character

Graphic novel art has evolved through many styles and changes. In this new age of graphic novel art, there are art styles out there for everyone. Luckily for you, our Graphic Novel effect allows you to customize the style to your liking. Ready to get started? Check out BeFunky’s Graphic Novel DLX effect in the Photo Editor.

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