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How to Turn Your Photo Into a Cross Hatch Sketch

By Emma Berry | Photo Editor Tutorials

Live out your artistic dreams with BeFunky’s Cross Hatch DLX filter. Cross-hatching in art is a method of line drawing that is used to illustrate light and shadow. In a cross hatch drawing, the whitespace or openness of the canvas is used to represent light, while shadows are created by using patterns of crossed lines. 

Of course, cross-hatching on paper requires practice and skill, but using BeFunky's Digital Art suite requires zero skill and provides the same results! It’s super easy to turn one of your favorite shots into a cross hatch sketch. We recommend choosing a photo that has a lot of depth, shadow, and contrast to stay true to the origin of cross-hatching.

How to Turn Your Photo into a Cross Hatch

If you want to turn one of your photos into a cross-hatch, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Upload Your Photo

Open the Photo Editor and upload your photo. Click the Open button at the top of your screen and choose a file from your computer. You can also use the dropdown menu to upload photos from your BeFunky account, Facebook, Google Drive, and more. You can also always use the Search Stock Images button in the Image Manager to search over a million stock photos for free. 

Step 2: Convert Your Photo Into a Cross Hatch

Once you upload your photo, you will be brought to the Digital Art suite. This is located in the Artsy tab on the left side menu. Then, click on the Cross Hatch DLX effect and watch your photo transform.

Edit cross hatch effect

Step 3: Customize Your Cross Hatch

Now that your image looks like it was sketched by a cross-hatching expert, you can customize it to your liking by clicking the Settings button. 

go to settings for cross hatch

Each Artsy effect has its own unique settings menu. In the Cross-Hatch DLX settings, you can adjust the Amount of the effect and Sharpen it to your liking. All you have to do is drag the sliders to customize the effect. 

Edit cross hatch effect

Within this settings menu, you also have the option to erase the effect from parts of your photo if you would like. To erase, click on the Erase tab and use the Remove and Keep buttons while clicking and dragging the brush. 

Isolate subject cross hatch

Step 4: Apply the Cross-Hatch Filter to Your Photo

Once everything looks the way you want, simply click Apply to finalize the results. 

Apply cross hatch effect

Step 5: Save It!

Lastly, it's time to save your photo! Simply click the Save button, located at the top of the editor, and save to the location of your choosing – BeFunky, your computer, Facebook, and more.

Save cross hatch

Photo to Cross Hatch Results

Now you have your very own cross hatch sketch! Wasn't that easy?

Cross Hatch Final Image
Before cross hatch effect



Cross Hatch Inspiration 

Cross-hatching works the best on photos with lots of dimension, since the technique focuses on highlighting the contrast between light and shadows. Adding the cross-hatch filter immediately enhances any shadows or light in your photo, and we’ve outlined some inspiration for you below. 

Enhance the Beauty of Nature

Landscapes with light and depth make for the perfect subject for the BeFunky Cross-Hatch DLX filter. This filter instantly enhances the beauty of the natural light and shadows. 


Artify Your Daily Life

Use the cross-hatch filter to transform your favorite moments of everyday life. There is so much artistic potential in every moment – no matter how mundane they may seem.

Cross Hatch your daily life

Add Depth to a City Scene

City scenes include both natural and artificial light. There is an abundance of contrast and depth, making these scenes perfect for the cross-hatch filter. 

Cross hatch city inspo after
Cross hatch city inspo before



Create a Cross Hatch Effect Without the Hatching

Use the BeFunky Cross Hatch DLX Filter to become an artist in a few simple steps. Ready to start sketching? Head over to our Photo Editor to use the Cross Hatch DLX filter and browse our Digital Art section for even more fun filters. 

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