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5 Composition Rules For Picture-Perfect Photos

By Peter Latriano | Inspiration

Having a hard time capturing that picture perfect shot? It may be because there’s more to photography than meets the eye. While I can use the BeFunky app for simple, quick fixes on the go, a great amount of detail ultimately goes into capturing the ideal image.

From beginners that are just starting to get their hands dirty, to seasoned professionals who skyrocketed to fame for capturing those perfect moments in time, it’s an art form that everyone can practice and appreciate at some level. But for those who are just beginning to immerse themselves, here are 5 composition rules that'll help ensure your pictures come out great every single time.

Simplify the Scene

Have you ever looked at a picture and felt claustrophobic? Bad composition can do that. When it comes to photography, sometimes less can be more. If too much is going on in a photo, it can end up looking stuffy and cluttered, and that’s definitely no good. To top it off, a photograph without a clear focal point begins to lose the interest of its audience. In order to avoid this, you should choose a subject and then work around it. Silhouettes, textures and patterns all make for great subjects for when you want to keep things subtle. There’s beauty in simplicity!


Fill the Frame

Too much negative space is just no good. It’s a common mistake, but it leaves your subject looking small, and can confuse viewers on where they should be looking. A quick fix for this problem is to zoom in and fill that frame up. It’ll help flatten the perspective and give you better over control what’s happening in the background. Focus in on what matters to you, and leave the rest a mystery. And if things are still looking a little on the small side, luckily the BeFunky Photo Editor is here to help you crop and edit till everything looks just right.


Lead With Lines

There are lines found just about everywhere, in many different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s the lanes of a road, hanging telephone wires, tall-standing trees or one of the other countless possibilities, it’s easy to find lines in everyday life. This creates a great opportunity for nailing your composition. By taking advantage of this and leading with lines, you can greatly help drive attention in your pictures. Try using converging lines to give a sense of perspective and three-dimensionality, or use curved lines to bring viewers eyes on a journey around the image, eventually leading them towards the subject.


Obey The Rule of Thirds

You should always trust your own instincts when it comes to photography, but there are some rules that can help along the way. One of these is the rule of thirds. When you look through the viewfinder on your camera or cell phone, imagine that what you’re seeing is divided into 9 equal segments, sort of like a tic tac toe board (some cameras give you the option to actually display the lines so you won’t always need to use your imagination). The rule suggests that the points where the lines intersect are the best places to position your subject. By following this rule, you will almost always create a balanced and pleasant composition.


Pro Tip: Nail the perfect rule of thirds shot with BeFunky's Crop tool! You'll find handy gridlines to position your subject right where you want it.

Create Depth

Depth is an important compositional element. By having a clear foreground, middleground and background, you can draw in the eye of the viewer and carry them through the picture. To achieve this, you’ll need to go for different angles. Trying to capture a wildflower scene on film? Take the picture from a lower angle, which not only will give your viewers a close up of the flowers but will also bring them on a visual journey through the flowery meadow. Another option is to create a frame using foreground objects. Natural or architectural arches make do a great job of this, giving your photos that extra pop.


With these rules in mind and a little help from your friends over at BeFunky, what masterpiece will you whip up today?

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified