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Turn Any Photo Into a Comic With BeFunky

By Sarah Foster | Featured Photo Editor Tutorials

Comics are a quintessential part of growing up, and so many of us feel the nostalgia of flipping through comic books or grabbing the page out of the newspaper. With BeFunky’s Cartoonizer, you can capture that look with one-of-a-kind cartoon filters. With just a few clicks, you will find your image jumping straight out of your favorite comic book pages!

How to Turn Your Photo Into a Comic

Feeling like it's time to turn your photos into a comic? Click here to head to the Artsy tab of the Photo Editor. Drag your photo directly onto the canvas, or choose one from your Image Manager.

Step 1: Apply a Cartoonizer Effect

For this tutorial, we're using a photo with a pretty solid background. But if you choose a photo that has a busier background, you can remove it with the Background Remover, one of our most popular photo editing tools.

pick cartoonizer

Select the Cartoonizer effect from the Artsy tab that fits your comic style the best. You may like the image to look more like an illustration, or a bit less. Click on the Settings icon (far left, above the slider) to bring up more customization options. Otherwise, you can simply adjust the strength of the effect with the slider. When you've achieved the right comic effect, click the checkmark to apply the effect. 


Step 2: Customize Your Comic

Next, we're going to make some targeted edits to make our Cartoonized photo look even more like a comic!

Create a Sunburst Effect

We're going to add a sunburst effect to emulate more vintage-style action comics. To do this, select the Effects tab on the left-hand side, followed by the Sunburst category. For this tutorial, we are going to use Sunburst 2

In this image, we are going to adjust the impact of it, using the slider. You are able to adjust the effect to be the perfect amount for your image, before applying.

adjust sunburst effect

To make our subjects stand out more, we are going to remove the Sunburst effect from them specifically. You are welcome to keep them if it’s closer to your desired result. To do this, click on the Settings icon. Then, select the Select option and choose which specific areas you'd like to apply the effect.

adjust sunburst selection

Add Speech Bubbles and Text

If you want to have your subject speak, select the Graphics tab and click the search box, and type “speech bubble” to find your perfect comic book speech bubble. 

search graphics

Next, you will select the graphics that will be the perfect addition to your comic, and then click the X in the upper right-hand corner. 

add graphics to library

Once you exit the Graphic Library, you will be able to drag your speech bubble from the Graphics Manager onto your canvas and adjust them to the perfect position. 


To add text to the speech bubbles, select the Text tab, followed by Add Text


A text box will pop up where you are able to write what fits your comic panel the best. In this example, we are using the font Comic Sans to give the authentic comic book feel, but feel free to select the font that fits your aesthetic the best. Centering the text within the box will allow for it to fit within the speech bubble. You are able to move the text around so that it fits within the bubble to tell your story!

adjust text properties

Add a Realistic Page Border

Adding a border to your image will help it appear more like a page from your favorite comic. First, select the Frames tab, followed by the Border effect. For this tutorial, we used white as the outer border color and black as the inner border color. We changed the inner border thickness to 4%, but you can decide the right thickness for your comic panel. Then, click the Apply button. 

add a border to comic

Age Your Comic With a Stenciler Effect

To add an extra level of nostalgia, add the Stenciler effect to make it look like it is out of one of your favorite comic books. To do this, head to the Effects tab, followed by Stenciler.


We used the Stenciler 1 effect and adjusted the slider to the desired effect. After you reach the perfect amount of aging to your comic panel, click apply. 

Step 3: Save Your Comic for Sharing

Once you are finished perfecting your comic, you are ready to save it. Click Save at the top of the canvas, then select your preferred save location and file type. 

save it

Final Results: Photo to Comic in Minutes

It's easy to turn your favorite photos into a comic – in just a few minutes. Take a look at how we layered effects, utilized graphics, and more to make a special memory into a fun comic.

final comic

Turn Your Photo Into a Comic With BeFunky!

The final results look like your photo was taken right out of your favorite comic book. You can do this with photos of pets, family, or anything in between! Get started with turning your photos into comics by using BeFunky’s Photo Editor and a handful of photo effects. You can go a step further and create multipaneled comics with our Collage Maker

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