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How To Turn Your Photo Into A Comic

By Denesia Craft | Inspiration

I think we've all read the Sunday comics and comic books and wondered, how do they draw like that? Well today I'm going to show you how to turn a photo into a comic with no drawing supplies or art degree needed, just your photo and BeFunky Photo Editor are required.

First, choose a photo you would like to use for the comic.  I used a nice family stock photo from our friends at Pixabay.

Photo Into Comic 1

You're going to upload your photo into the BeFunky Photo Editor.

Photo Into Comic 2

Look at your photo to see if you need to add any visual interest to it. The background in my photo is really white and it wouldn't translate well into a comic scene, so I'm going to add some excitement to the background by adding a sunburst. You always see a sunburst in comics and cartoons when something interesting is happening in a scene. If you want to add this effect to your photo, then you're going to go to the Effect panel, click on Sunburst, select Sunburst 2, and adjust the sliders and the color of the sunburst to your liking.

Photo Into Comic 3

I decided to erase the sunburst rays off the people, but you're free to leave them there if you want to.

Photo Into Comic 4

Now it's time to take your first big step into turning your photo into a comic. Go to the Artsy panel, click on Cartoonizer, and select Cartoonizer 1 and adjust the sliders to your liking.

Photo Into Comic 5

Your photo is really looking like a comic now, but you have to add a little more to it to give it that authentic comic look. It's time to add speech bubbles to your photo. Go to the Graphics panel, click on Speech Bubbles, and select whatever speech bubble fits the look of your photo or the story you're trying to convey.

Photo Into Comic 6

Position the first speech bubble wherever you want on the photo and you're going to repeat the whole speech bubble process again until you have all the speech bubbles you need.

Photo Into Comic 10

Before you leave the Speech Bubble panel, you're going to click on the Flatten Layers button so the speech bubbles will become apart of the photo and whatever effect you use will be placed on top of them and the entire photo.

Photo Into Comic 11

Your screen should look like this now:

Photo Into Comic 12

The speech bubbles are looking very empty, so now it's time to add text to them. Go to the Text panel and click on the Add Text button.

Photo Into Comic 13

Once you click on the Add Text button, the text properties box will pop up and you can choose whatever font and selections look good to you.

Photo Into Comic 14

If you don't know what font would look the best in your comic, then choose Comic Sans MS like I did, it will definitely give your comic that familiar and nostalgic comic font look.

Photo Into Comic 15

After you finish choosing your font and selections, remember to position your text in the speech bubble.

Photo Into Comic 16

The text in your speech bubble should look similar to this now:

Photo Into Comic 17

You're going to repeat the text process until you fill all your speech bubbles with text.

Photo Into Comic 19

Before you leave the text panel, you're going to click on the Flatten Layers button like you did earlier so your next effect will go on top of the text and everything else.

Photo Into Comic 18

Your screen should look like this now:

Photo Into Comic 20

You could stop at where you left off in the image above and use the comic just like it is, but you could take it a little further and make it look like it's been in a newspaper or comic book laying around for days, weeks, or even years. In order to achieve that look, you're going to go to the Effect panel, click on Pop Art, and select Pop Art 3. This effect will give you those subtle colored dots you see in printed comics. Feel free to play around with the sliders until the dots are to your liking.

Photo Into Comic 21

To make this comic look even more like a real printed comic, you need to add a border around your comic. Go to the Frames panel, click on Border, and change the outer color of the border to white and the inner color of the border to black and you're going to slide the inner thickness slider to any number you want. I wanted my border to have the same thinness of a printed comic's border so I moved my slider to 4.00.

Photo Into Comic 23

For the finishing touch to your comic, you're going to add a grungy newsprint effect to it that will send your old printed comic look over the top. To achieve this look, you're going to go to the Effect panel, click on Stenciler, and select Stenciler 3. Play around with the sliders until you get the effect you're looking for.

Photo Into Comic 24

You should now have a printed comic that is one of a kind and looks like it has been around for ages. Feel free to show it off to your friends and family and let them tell you what wonderful comic skills you have.

Photo Into Comic 27

If you read this tutorial and would like to try your hand at being a comic illustrator for a day, then move the pen and paper aside and give the BeFunky Photo Editor a try right now.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified