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How to Turn a Photo Into Polygon Art

By Melanie Doncas | Effects Showcase Photo Editor Tutorials

Polygon art, often referred to as low poly art, is one of the most iconic art styles in our modern era. With its minimalistic approach, low poly art prefers simple colors and geometric shapes over fine details and lifelike realism. It originates back to the early days of 3D animation, when video game designers had to opt for a basic visual style that got rid of fine details and textures. These days, you’ll find low poly art in all kinds of graphic design, from logos and tattoo art to advertisements and posters.

In the past, creating polygon art was both difficult and time-consuming, with designers having to manually transform an image polygon-by-polygon. Thanks to BeFunky’s Poly Art effects – which are found in our library of Artsy effects – you can achieve the same look with just one click!

How to Create Low Poly Art Using BeFunky

Ready to convert an image into geometric shapes? To get started, click here to head directly to the Artsy tab of the Photo editor and open an image of your choice. You’ll then be automatically directed to our Artsy Effects section.

Step 1: Click on Poly Art

Within the list of Artsy Effects, simply locate Poly Art, then click on it.

open poly art

Step 2: Select a Poly Art Effect

You’ll notice there are heaps of Poly Art effects to choose from, so feel free to click on each to sample them on your image.

When you click on an effect, three options are available: Settings, which allows you to alter the effect further; Cancel, which cancels the selected effect; and Apply, which applies the effect as-is. You can also adjust the strength of the effect using the slider.

Once you’re happy with your changes, click Apply.

choose a poly art effect

Step 3: Save Your Low Poly Art

All that’s left to do is to click Save at the top of the screen, then select your desired save location.

save your poly art

Final Results

Who knew creating low poly art could be so simple? Within just minutes, you can transform any image into an amazing geometric artwork!

poly art final

Low Poly Art Inspiration

Want to create your own polygon photo but don’t know where to begin? Our low poly effects look great on a variety of images, from portraits and landscapes to nature and more!

Here are just some of the different looks you can achieve using the amazing Poly Art Effects.


You witnessed just how effective the Poly Art effects are at transforming a portrait in the tutorial above, but what about when that photo contains more than one subject? This stunning mother-daughter portrait uses Poly Art DLX 5 to transform it into a modern work of art.

poly art portrait example


You might think the sharp geometric shapes of low poly art would clash with the soft, organic curves of nature, but this isn’t the case. Our Poly Art DLX effects add sharpness and contrast to images of nature that really makes them pop!

poly art nature example


It’s hard to believe that this artistic image of a fox was created within seconds, but that’s the true power of our poly art effects! The intriguing angles and natural texture of animals make them the perfect subject for low poly art. You could even create an Artsy pet portrait in this style!

poly art animals

Still Life

You’ve probably heard of still life paintings before, but why not give them a modern twist with one of our Poly Art effects? Simply choose an arranged artistic scene (like these oranges) and apply the poly art effect that looks best. Print and frame your creation for beautiful art on a budget!

poly art still life example

Photo to Polygon Art in a Click

With its bold geometric shapes and paired-back color palette, it’s easy to see why polygon art is a hit. Rather than spending hours transforming a photo to polygon art using tricky software, BeFunky’s Photo Editor does the hard work for you. Think of it as your very own online polygon art generator!

Go on, try our Poly Art effects for yourself to see just how great they are!

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