BeFunky is a powerful Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Graphic Designer platform, all rolled into one seamless online platform. We specialize in creating photo editing and graphic design tools that are powerful and innovative, yet simplified for everyone. We’re passionate about making photo editing and graphic design as easy and accessible as possible. That way, you can create whatever you’re imagining without having to learn complicated software!

Whether you’re in need of a photo editing and design platform for your blog, business, social media presence, craft hobby, or simply to preserve your photo memories, BeFunky is the perfect solution.

We’ll share some of our favorite features of the Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Graphic Designer below, but there’s still so much more to BeFunky. Let's explore!

Features of the Photo Editor

BeFunky’s Photo Editor is home to all the photo editing tools and effects you need for turning ordinary photos into something extraordinary! Here are a few of our favorites:

Photo Editing Tools

The Edit tab in our Photo Editor is home to all the photo editing tools you need, from basics that help you crop photos and resize images to pro-level tools like the Cutout tool, the Replace Color tool, and so much more!

crop photo example

Whether you need to sharpen an image, blur the photo background, correct colors, or something beyond, our photo editing tools will help you make it happen.

Touch Up Tools

We all have bad photo days. That’s why our Photo Editor offers a huge selection of Touch Up tools to help you easily retouch photos.

after touch up
before touch up



You can erase blemishes, whiten teeth, get perfectly smooth skin, and even enhance your best features with digital makeup!

Batch Processing

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to edit a multitude of photos, you can edit them all at once with our Batch Processing tool! Just upload all the photos you want and apply edits and photo effects to them at the same time.

batch photo editing

From bulk image resizing to batch cropping and beyond, our Batch Processing tool will save you tons of time.

Photo to Art

Our Photo to Art effects do just what they sound like: turn your photos into brilliant works of art - all in a single click! Choose your favorite artistic styles and watch your photos transform into oil paintings, watercolors, cartoons, sketches, and so much more.

photo to art after
photo to art before



All of our Photo to Art effects are built by us, from scratch, so they’re totally unique to BeFunky. That means you won’t find them anywhere else!

Photo Effects

The Effects tab in our Photo Editor is home to hundreds of photo effects and filters for adding to your images. From Chromatic and Black & White filters to Pop Art, Vintage Colors, and more, you’ll find the perfect photo effect for any look you’re going for!

photo effects after
photo effects before



The best part is, every photo effect is fully customizable, so you’re in control of how much or little you want to enhance your photo. You can also layer multiple effects for a style that’s all your own!

Lens Flares

Our Lens Flare effects help you harness the power of light in your photos. Add them to create a sun-drenched appearance, a sci-fi scene, or simply enhance the sunset that’s already there.

lens flare effects for photo editing by BeFunky
big sur



As with all of our photo effects, Lens Flares are fully customizable. That means you can position them on your photos, change the color, intensity, blend mode, and more!

Photo Enhancer Effects

Located in the Edit tab, our Enhance DLX effects help fix the four most common photography problems: lack of detail, dull colors, image noise, and poor lighting conditions. Add just the right amount of contrast to your images with Sharpen DLX, fix the colors in your photos with Vibrant Colors DLX, reduce image noise with Denoise DLX, and add tons of detail with HDR DLX. They’re our favorite photo enhancer tools to rescue problem photos!

And our A.I. Image Enhancer is a one-stop editing tool that will improve your image's clarity, exposure, and more. All you have to do is worry about taking the photo, and our A.I. technology will do the rest.

ai after
ai before



Add Text to Photos

Our Text Editor has hundreds of free fonts, colors, and styles to help you add text to photos with ease! Choose from our wide selection of fonts or add your own to the collection.  

text to images

It makes creating inspirational photo quotes and captions a breeze!

Add Watermarks to Photos

Watermarking photos has never been easier than with our Watermark Maker.


Just upload your watermark, customize the settings, and add it to any photo you save with BeFunky!

Features of the Collage Maker

Our Collage Maker has everything you need to whip up picture-perfect photo collages with drag-and-drop functionality. Here are some of our favorite features:

Collage Wizard

No idea where to start when it comes to making a photo collage? Our Collage Wizard has your back. It generates high-resolution photo collage layouts for you to choose from, all without cropping a single pixel from any photo!

In other words, it does all the hard work for you.

Collage Layouts

Our Collage Maker has hundreds of beautiful layouts for you to choose from. Whether you want to make a photo grid, Facebook Cover Photo collage, or Pinterest Pin, you’ll find the perfect layout for any need.

collage layouts

Best of all, our collage layouts are fully customizable, so you’re able to add and delete cells, resize them, and rearrange your photos in any way you’d like!

Pinterest Pin Maker

In the Layouts tab of our Collage Maker, you’ll find that Pinterest has its very own category! There are plenty of collage-style pin layouts for you to whip up something Pin-worthy.

collage maker pinterest

Whether you need a step-by-step Pin design or just want to showcase multiple photos, our Pinterest templates are totally customizable to meet your needs.

Features of the Graphic Designer

Need a hand with graphic design? Our Graphic Designer has you covered! Find all the pre-designed, fully customizable templates you need to create social media imagery, assets for your business, event marketing materials, invitations and greeting cards, and so much more. Here are some of our favorite features:

Social Media Design Templates

It’s easier to stand out on social media when you’ve got our design templates as your guide! Design header imagery like Facebook Cover Photos, YouTube Channel Art, Twitter headers, and more.

social media template examples

And once you’re done branding your social media channels, you’ll love using our social media graphics templates to whip up posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! These pre-designed, customizable templates will become part of your social media workflow in no time.

Card Maker

We think personalized greeting cards are way more thoughtful than anything store-bought! With our Card Maker templates, you can create cards for birthdays, weddings, holidays, thank you notes, and more.  

create birthday cards online for free

This way, you can always skip the greeting card aisle.

Banner Maker

There’s no need to hire a professional graphic designer for your online advertising efforts when you’ve got BeFunky’s Banner Maker at your fingertips.

banner maker templates

Design captivating Facebook ads and web ads of many sizes, all with drag-and-drop simplicity!

Event Marketing Templates

Whether you’re marketing an event or planning a wedding, you’ll find all the design templates you need for the perfect DIY invitations, posters, flyers, and more!

marketing templates

Use our Poster Maker to make eye-catching event graphics, or try our Flyer Maker for creating the perfect handouts. They’re already professionally designed and waiting for you to tailor them to your event!

Millions of Free Stock Photos

Need some captivating stock imagery for your design project? Our Graphic Designer gives you access to over a million free stock photos to use, all searchable from within the web app.

stock image examples

Just type in your search term and click on your favorite stock photos to start designing with them immediately.

Customizable Vector Graphics

Our Graphic Designer is home to hundreds of vector graphics, icons, and stickers for you to add the finishing touches to your projects. They’re all customizable, so you can change the colors, resize them, change the blend mode, and so much more! With so many design elements in our library, you’re bound to find the perfect ones.

graphics library

Get Started With BeFunky

That's only a snapshot of everything you get with BeFunky's online Creative Platform. The best way to start learning your way around is to head there and have a look! Click the link below to start exploring.

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