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Behold: Batch Processing For Faster Photo Editing!

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We’re always about making your photo editing experience as seamless and efficient as possible. As we were brainstorming ways to make your photo editing sessions easier, we stumbled upon an idea so brilliant it’s going to make you seriously freak out. Available now in our Photo Editor, you’ll now be able to BATCH PROCESS your photos! That means you can edit hundreds of photos all at once. Here's a quick video to show you just how efficient Batch Processing is: 

Whether you want to add the same photo filter to multiple photos from your family vacation or need to make twenty photos for your blog the same size and shape, we’ve got you covered. And the coolest thing is, you can make your own custom batch processing panel by adding your very favorite photo editing tools for quick access. All you need is a BeFunky Plus membership to start saving serious time and feel like a photo editing wizard with all this power.

Add All The Photos You Want

When you click the new Batch button at the top of the Photo Editor, you’ll be able to upload an multiple images to edit as a batch. Simply click the Add Images button in the Batch Processing menu and select all the images you’d like to add from your computer.

batch processing by befunky photo editor

Batch process comes particularly in handy if you’ve got a large folder of photos from your latest vacation, photoshoot, or images you’re ready to edit for a blog post. Whether you want to crop them in the same orientation, resize them to a specific dimension, sharpen them at the same rate, or add the same photo filter. The sky’s the limit with batch processing!

Access All Of The Photo Editing Tools You Need

Immediately after you upload your photos as a batch, you’ll notice specific tools from our Photo Editor listed on the left. These are your quick access options. You can click on them one by one to edit your photos using each tool, or click the ‘x’ next to any tool to delete it from your quick menu.

Batch processing photo editing by BeFunky

If you’ve got a particular photo effect or tool that you’d love to see on the list, the Manage Tools button at the top of the Batch Processing menu will allow you to search BeFunky’s Photo Editor for tools and add them right to your quick menu. This way, you’ll always have your favorite photo editing tools at hand when batch processing your images.

Crop Photos All At Once

Cropping all of your photos at once is easy with Batch Processing! After you click on Crop, you’ll be able to use the dropdown menu to choose pre-measured crop options like 4 x 6 Photo, Square, Golden Ratio, and more.

how to crop photos all at once

If you’d rather crop photos in freeform mode, you can choose the Freeform option from the Crop dropdown menu. This way, you can crop each photo within the batch to your chosen dimensions.

freeform crop photos for batch processing

The coolest thing about cropping photos as a batch is that the Crop tool is so smart, it will automatically detect the focal point of your photo and place the crop target accordingly when you click the Auto button beneath Focal Point!

how to crop photos in BeFunky batch processing

You can also move the crop targets individually for custom placement, or choose from a set focal point menu by clicking the Align options in the Crop menu. Once everything looks just the way you want it to, click the blue checkmark. Too easy!

Resize All Your Images In One Click

Even if you have a mix of landscape and portrait orientation photos in your batch, clicking on Resize in the Batch Processing menu will let you resize images by Scale, Longest Size, Width, Height, and Exact Size. For example, if you need each of your images to be 1280 pixels wide, you’d click the Width option and type 1280 into the pixels box.

how to batch resize photos

The original photo size and new photo size will be displayed on the bottom of your batch images. Click the blue checkmark to confirm your selection and watch them all resize in seconds!

Edit Photos Cohesively With Hundreds Of Tools

In the Batch Processing menu, your list of tools on the left are quick access for editing your photos. If you don't see your favorite tool or effect on the list, fear not! By clicking the Manage Tools button at the top of the list, you can choose from hundreds of tools and effects from the BeFunky library. Here are a few of our favorite editing possibilities for batch photos:

Adjust Exposure

This one is particularly handy if you’ve got a batch of photos from the same photoshoot or time of day. If they all need some adjusting in the exposure department, you can click Exposure and use the sliders to enhance Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows.

Exposure tool for photo editing as a batch

You'll be able to watch and see how subtle changes in the Exposure panel improve all of your images at once!

Improve Color

The Color tool in the batch processing menu lets you adjust the color of your photos. It comes in handy when you want to increase or decrease Saturation, change the Temperature of the images, or make uniform adjustments to Hue.

BeFunky Vibrance tool for batch photo editing

You can also use the Vibrance tool to bring out the perfect amount of color in each of your photos without oversaturating a single pixel. Our Vibrance tool is so smart, it’ll scan each photo individually and seek out the areas of the image that need a color boost, all while leaving the well saturated areas alone.

Sharpen Photos

Use the Sharpen tool to quickly sharpen images. After clicking on Sharpen, simply use the slider to increase or decrease the amount of sharpness and get crystal clear images in seconds.

how to sharpen photos as a batch

Another great tool for sharpening images is the Clarity tool. It enhances your images by adding contrast to the midtones of each individual image, creating a super clear photo without oversharpening!

Make Smart Enhancements

The Auto Enhance tool is ideal when it comes to figuring out the right exposure and color balance for your images. It’s so smart, it’ll sense each photo’s needs individually to boost color, balance exposure, and give your images that expert touch in just one click.

auto enhance photo editing batch

Once you click the Auto Enhance button, you can use the slider to adjust the amount if you’d like to make the enhancements more subtle or dramatic.

Add Your Favorite Photo Filters

You’ll now have access to a huge library of photo filters from our Effects tab to use in your batch processing sessions! Choose your favorites and add them to your quick menu to create an entire batch of Black & White photos, add a Chromatic effect, or layer a few of your favorite looks to create a totally custom filter for every single image. It’s so fast, you’ll pinch yourself.

How to add filters to photos as a batch

There are so many photo editing tools you can use in your Batch Processing session, so feel free to make adjustments to your quick menu by clicking the Manage Tools button at the top of the Batch Processing screen. You’ll love the quick access to your favorites and how easy it is to edit all those photos at once!

Save Your Batch Images As A Compact Zip File

When you’ve made all your batch enhancements and you’re ready to save, click the Save button at the top of the Batch Processing menu. You’ll have options to save as .JPEG or .PNG files, as well as naming options for organizing each image file within the batch. Type a descriptor into the Update Filename box, then choose whether you'd like what you've typed before the filename or after the filename using the dropdown. You can see an example of the filename you've customized in the yellow box below the Update Filename section, and when you're finished making your selections, click the Save Images button to choose a destination on your Computer for your batch.

how to save batch images in BeFunky

Once you’ve clicked the Save Images button, all of the images within your batch will be enclosed in a zip file. Double click it to unzip it, and marvel at all of your beautiful photos with all the enhancements in tow!

With Batch Processing, you’ll save more time than ever when it comes to editing photos. We’re so excited for you to have this powerful new feature at your fingertips! If you’re a BeFunky Plus member, you’ve got a whole new photo editing world to roam. And if you have yet to become a BeFunky Plus member, you’re only an upgrade away from greatness. Upgrade today to unlock Batch Processing and every single powerful photo editing and design tool across our entire Creative Platform!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified