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How To Watermark Photos Easier Than Ever

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Whether watermarking has always been part of your workflow or you’re brand new to the process, we’ve got some news that’s going to make your whole day: BeFunky’s NEW Watermark tool is here to help you watermark photos and designs easier and more consistently than ever! Now in the Save menu of the Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Graphic Designer, you'll find a whole new option for adding watermarks and customizing the settings (like placement, opacity, size, and more!) for perfect aesthetics every time. 

The best part is, once you add your watermark to BeFunky and establish all the ideal settings, it’s there whenever you need it and can be added to any photo, design, or collage you save in a single click. It’s the perfect final step in your creative workflow, whether you watermark photos for business, blogging, or otherwise. All you need is the perfect watermark to upload and BeFunky’s Watermark tool will take care of the rest!

Watermarking Photos 101

Adding your watermark is the perfect way to protect your images, brand them, or simply sign off on your art. They can be subtle and non-distracting or big and bold, depending on the look you’re going for and the purpose your watermark serves. Either way, a watermark is an effective way of indicating the original source, making it an easy way to market your brand and/or protect your images and designs from being stolen or improperly credited.

why watermark photos

A watermark can be your logo, icon, signature, website URL, copyright symbol followed by your business name, or really any layer you add on top of a photo to indicate its source. Whatever you decide to use as a watermark, we recommend using a design with a transparent background, so it can be added seamlessly to any photo. And since the background of your images might be dark in some cases and light in others, we also recommend making a few different variations of your watermark (for example, a white logo and a black logo) so you can choose the best style per photo. If you don’t already have one, here’s a great tutorial on how to design a watermark.  

How To Add Watermarks To Photos

Once you’ve got the perfect watermark (and perhaps a few different variations) to add to your work, you can start customizing and using it with BeFunky’s Watermark tool. To get started, upload a photo into BeFunky’s Photo Editor using the Open tab or dragging-and-dropping an image file into the interface. The photo you choose should be an image you’d like to add your watermark to. Adding a watermark is designed to be the last step in your photo editing workflow, so after making all the edits to your image you’d like, click the Save button before selecting Computer.

how to save a photo in BeFunky

Once you've selected Save to Computer, you'll notice a new checkbox titled Use Watermark. Check the box and click the button titled Create Watermark Preset to upload your watermark file and start customizing it as a preset.

how to add watermark to photo

In the Watermark Preset Editor menu that appears, click the Upload Watermark button to upload your watermark. Like we mentioned before, this can be your logo, website url, icon, or any watermark design. It’s best to make sure your watermark has a transparent background and is saved in .PNG format - this way your watermark will look seamless no matter what image it’s placed on. If you don’t yet have a watermark to upload, here’s an easy tutorial on how to create watermarks. When your watermark is uploaded, give it a descriptive name by typing into the Preset Name field.

watermark tool by BeFunky

After uploading your watermark, it will automatically be placed on your photo as a preview in the Watermark Preset Editor. This is your chance to make all the customization choices you want for perfect sizing, opacity, and placement! First, click the Placement dropdown menu to choose where you’d like your watermark placed on the image. Clicking each option will move your watermark accordingly.

where to place watermark on photo

Next, use the sliders to adjust the Size, Padding, and Opacity. Adjusting the Size slider to the right will make your watermark larger, while adjusting to the left decreases the size. Adjusting the Padding slider to the right will create more space between the watermark and the edge of the image. And finally, sliding the Opacity slider to the left will make your watermark more transparent, while sliding it to the right will make it more opaque.

photo watermark tool by BeFunky

When you’re finished customizing your watermark, click the Save Preset button. Your preset will then be added to the Save menu for adding to every image you save in BeFunky’s Photo Editor, consistently placed every time!

watermark photo tool by BeFunky

You’ll notice that even after you save a watermark preset, you have the option to edit your customization choices by clicking the Edit Watermark Preset icon in the Save menu. You can also click the plus icon to create as many new watermark presets as you’d like!  

Final Results

Whether you want a big, bold watermark or you want to keep things subtle, the BeFunky's Watermark tool can help you consistently get the look you want.

how to watermark photos in BeFunky

We hope our new Watermark tool makes your photo editing workflow a whole lot more seamless. Click the link below to start watermarking your photos the easiest way ever!

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