A Poster Maker So Easy to Use, It's Fun

Design eye-catching posters with drag-and-drop simplicity

BeFunky's Poster Maker

Draw in the Crowds

It's not a party without BeFunky. With our Poster Maker, you can create stunning poster designs that get the word out about your next big event, and get your friends pumped to attend. Trying to throw the biggest bash of the year? Create an intriguing design with our poster creator and make your party go down in history. Is your band ready to rock out and perform a show? Nothing draws in the crowds like a professionally designed poster. Teaching a new yoga class? Extend your reach with a stunning poster design from BeFunky, and fill every available mat in your studio.

Poster Maker by BeFunky

Make Business Events Exciting Again

When it comes to poster design, we're all business. Our Poster Maker offers an impressive number of templates, effects, and professional editing tools to help you create posters for all your company's events. Use drag-and-drop simplicity to make an engaging event poster no employee will be able to refuse. Take advantage of effortless template design and help make your next networking event a full house. With BeFunky's Poster Maker, you can be sure your business events will have a great turnout every time.

Poster templates by BeFunky

Extend Your Reach with Digital Poster Design

The best way to spread the word is through the internet. That's why BeFunky's Poster Maker lets you design, save, and share posters digitally. Create a custom poster, add it to your Facebook event page and watch as the confirmed guest count goes through the roof. Design a digital poster for your missing pet, share it on social media and vastly improve the chances of kitty coming home safe. No matter the purpose of your poster, BeFunky's Poster Maker helps you create beautiful designs that capture attention and get results.

Digital Poster Maker by BeFunky

How to Create a Poster in 4 Easy Steps

Create stunning posters that will make your next event a hit

choose a flyer template


Go to BeFunky's Poster Maker and select a template

Add images


Personalize your images using the Photo Editor

personalize the template


Customize your text, fonts, colors, and more

Save project


Save as a project file or final version

BeFunky's Online Poster Maker