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Top 20 Tips And Tricks You Might Not Know

By Whitney | Inspiration

If you’re looking to really up your creative workflow with BeFunky, there are so many tips and tricks we’re eager to share with you. Not only will these tips help you edit photos, create graphic designs, and make photo collages like a total pro, your creativity will take on a whole new level of efficiency! Here’s everything you need to know, in no particular order: 

Drag and Drop Image Files to Start a New Project

In the Photo Editor, whether you’ve got a photo uploaded to the canvas or not, you can start a new photo editing project at any point by simply dragging and dropping an image file from your desktop right into the interface. 

how to start a new project in BeFunky

You can also drag-and-drop multiple files into your Image Manager for super speedy uploading! Just open the Image Manager tab (the top icon) in the menu on the left, then drag-and-drop the images into the Image Manager menu and you’re good to go. 

Edit Multiple Photos at Once with Batch 

At the top of the Photo Editor, there’s a handy little button called Batch. When you click on it, you’ll be able to batch edit multiple photos at once, whether you’ve got two or two hundred!

batch edit photos in BeFunky

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the Batch tool to resize images, crop photos, add effects, and so much more. 

Use Arrow Keys for Slider Adjustments

Many of the tools and effects in our Photo Editor can be adjusted with sliders that you can drag with your mouse. To keep your adjustments minimal and meticulous, simply click on any slider and use the arrow keys on your computer’s keyboard for ultra-slight adjustments.

arrow keys for slider adjustments

Pan While You’re Zoomed In 

Sometimes you’ve got to zoom in to your project to use a tool more precisely. When you’re zoomed in and need to navigate around the canvas, hold down the Spacebar while dragging the canvas to move around it.

When you release the Spacebar, you can keep on using the tool and pick up right where you left off! 

Show Original Photo 

Sometimes in your photo editing sessions, it’s helpful to see what your original photo looked like before the edits were made. A really quick way to do this is to press the "O" key (“O” as in Original) to see your original image and compare it at any point. 

show original photo in BeFunky

Toggle Between Platforms

Whether you're in the Photo Editor, Collage Maker, or Graphic Designer, you can easily toggle between platforms using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner. Any time you navigate to a new platform, each of the other platforms will save your work right where you left off.

how to navigate between platforms in BeFunky

That way you can edit a photo, toggle over to the Collage Maker and work on a collage, and more - working simultaneously as you go.

Press the “D” Button to Quickly Duplicate Anything

When you’re working with layers (text, graphic, or image), they can easily be duplicated by selecting the layer and pressing the “D” key (“D” as in Duplicate).

duplicate layers in BeFunky

That means you can create multiple text layers with the same font and formatting and as many copies of a graphic or image layer as you want. It’s the fastest shortcut for duplicating ever!

Create New Collage Cells

Anytime you’ve got a Collage Layout loaded onto the canvas, you can easily add new cells to customize the layout. Simply hover an image file in between cells until you see two dashed lines appear, then drop it in to create a new cell. 

add new cell to photo collage in BeFunky

Resize Individual Collage Cells

You’ve probably noticed that you can resize entire rows of collage cells by clicking and dragging them on the layout. But did you know that if you hold the Shift key while dragging you can resize one cell at a time? Perfect for customizing your layouts the way you want!  

resize photo collage cells in BeFunky

Change Your Default Language

Whatever your language preference, you can easily change your default language in BeFunky. Just click your icon (or the dropdown menu) in the upper right corner of BeFunky’s Photo Editor, Collage Maker, or Graphic Designer. Select Settings and then choose the language of your choice!

how to change default language in BeFunky

Add Your Own Fonts

BeFunky’s Text tool comes with a huge library of free fonts, but if you want to add your own fonts to the list, it's easy! Simply drag and drop any font file that's stored on your Computer into the Manage Your Fonts menu and click Upload Fonts. Easy as that!

And to make things even better, BeFunky is also integrated with Google Fonts, so you can choose from hundreds more options to add to your font library! In the Manage Your Fonts menu, choose Import From Google Fonts to browse the list and add any you love in a single click.

Menu, Text, File

Any fonts you add from your Computer or Google Fonts will instantly be stored in your font list, allowing you to use them right away.

Add a Watermark

If you’ve got a watermark you’d like to use on a project you’re creating with BeFunky, you can easily add it in the Save menu! Just be sure to check the Use Watermark box and you’ll be prompted through the steps to add and store your watermark in BeFunky. Once it’s stored, you can add it in a single click on any project you save. 

how to add watermarks to photos in BeFunky

You can even use the Watermark tool in Batch! After making all the edits you want to your photos in Batch Processing, check the 'Use Watermark' box in the Save menu. Then your watermark will be added to multiple photos at once, all precisely placed the way you want. 

Add your own SVG’s

BeFunky offers a huge Graphics Library with all the graphics, icons, and stickers you could need for putting the finishing touches on your designs. But did you know you can also add your own SVGs (scalable vector graphics) to use in your projects?

how to add SVG in BeFunky

If you’ve got your own collection of graphics, just click the Computer button in the Graphics/Design Elements tab (the heart icon in the left hand menu). This will allow you to upload your own graphics for using in BeFunky! 

Use Alignment Tools For Precise Placement

Whether you're working on a design, photo edit, or collage, BeFunky offers some helpful alignment tools to make placing layers easy. Just click on the Alignment button in the bottom menu to enable Snap Lines, Display Distances, and Guides. This way, you're able to see the precise distance in pixels between the edges of your layer and the edge of the canvas, relation to other layers, and so on. 

To get super meticulous alignment, you can even use the arrow keys when your layer is selected to nudge it in slight increments. This takes all of the guesswork out of design placement!

Manage Alignment Tools

If you find that any of the Alignment tools are distracting for your creative workflow, you can easily disable them (and re-enable them) at any time.

how to disable snap lines in BeFunky

Just click the Alignment button in the bottom menu and click Disable on Snapping, Display Distances, or Guides. 

Crop, Edit, and Cut Out Image Layers

Whenever you add an image layer on top of another photo, design, or collage, you can use the white rectangles around it to crop it to perfection

You can also select Edit Image in the Image Properties menu and edit your image layer with powerful tools from BeFunky's Photo Editor, or select Cutout to erase the parts of the image layer you want. That means you can erase backgrounds from image layers or edit them however you want, right on top of the background image!

Quick Resize Options for Image Layers

There are a few quick resize options that really come in handy when working with image layers. When you right-click an image layer, click Canvas from the dropdown menu and select Fit To Canvas to fit the layer perfectly to the edges of the canvas, or Fill Canvas to fill the entire canvas with the image layer. 

fit image layer to canvas in BeFunky

Select Multiple Layers to Resize and Adjust as a Group

Speaking of layers, did you know that you can hold down the Command key (or Control key on a PC) while you select them to highlight a whole group of layers? Alternatively, you can click and drag with your mouse over multiple layers for quick selecting. 

group selection in BeFunky

With all of them selected at once, you can use the blue circles around your group of layers to resize and rotate them. That takes the guesswork out of adjusting layers one by one. And if you right click a group of layers, you’ll have additional options for editing such as moving them forward and backward, flipping them, and aligning them. 

Use the Eyedropper Tool to Match Colors 

For all the times you want to make your text or graphic match a certain color on your design canvas, the Eyedropper tool will save you tons of time color matching. Any time you’ve got a Color Picker open, click the Eyedropper icon and select any pixel on your template. 

And if HEX color codes are more your style, there’s even a field in every Color Picker to type in the code for ultra-precise color matching. 

Save As Project 

Whether you’re in a time crunch or you simply want to back up your work, use the Save As Project option in the Save menu. It will save your work in editable format, so you can come back and continue your editing session at a later date! 

save as project

Save As Project really comes in handy when you want to create a custom template to use over and over again like Pinterest Pins, social media posts, customized collage  layouts, and whatever else you could need to use as a template for future projects. This way you never have to create from scratch to replicate the look. 

Keep On Learning

We're dedicated to providing you with all the best tips and tricks when it comes to working in BeFunky. These handy little things will seriously up your game when it comes to photo editing, collage making, and graphic design! We're excited for how they'll improve your workflow. Keep on learning with the never ending tips and tutorials on our blog so you can easily create whatever you're imagining! And click the link below to get started with your next creative project:

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