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How To Brand Your Business With BeFunky

By Holly Sutton | Inspiration

Did you know that Instagram now has more monthly users than Twitter? If anything, this is just another sign to make us realize just how important photography for your brand strategy really is. And for small business owners, it’s never been more crucial to create a consistent feed and brand style with photography.

But how do you do it? How do you brand your business so when someone sees one of your photos, they instantly know it’s you? There are some common elements that can make photography look and feel more curated. This list will give you some tips on how to brand your business using BeFunky, and help you to hone your own photography style and brand name.

Plan Your Content

How To Brand Your Business With BeFunky

If you sell a particular kind of product or want to be seen as a creative, you should give some thought to how you plan your images. Putting some thought into your photographs and their composition is how you begin to create a brand that's consistent, which will then help it stand out more. Start by picking the right types images, then think about the colors and textures you’re using (more on that later!) and take the time to form a unique composition that captures an interesting point of view. If you start to brand your images by creating a similar layout, this becomes a familiar signature.

For example, I never include anything in my photographs that isn't a color in relation to my brand identity. My main brand color is a dark turquoise and my secondary colors consist of different shades of that color, so I wouldn't compose an image that included lots of red or orange items because those colors aren't in line with my brand. But I also love purple, which combines perfectly with turquoise. It's all about finding the right set of colors that match.

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This also means you can plan your photos in advance. A good brand is all about scheduling, so set out to schedule your Instagram posts and take specific photos when you’ve got competitions running or it’s a time when you’ve got certain popular products. Share behind-the-scenes shots and keep active. Luckily, BeFunky is the perfect app for when it comes to keeping your photos consistent!

For extra tips, check out this post on styling top-down photography.

Create a Unique Aesthetic

How To Brand Your Business With BeFunky

Want to know how to really brand your business? Make sure you’ve got a clearly defined approach to your photography. The aesthetic you choose needs to align with your branding and your values, so you might want to try and use the same tones and familiar shots. You can do this in different ways using the BeFunky app which we’ll go into detail soon, like with choosing uniform colors, lighting and fonts. It’s all about finding a style that suits you.

Take this as an example. This feed is very unique and you can instantly get a feel for the brand. It’s very minimal and white space is a key feature. And yet there are similar consistent pops of other colors like blue, which is the main color of this brand. The best way to get a feed like this is by making the most of the features of the BeFunky app and Photo Editor to produce high-quality images.

Edit Your Photographs in the Same Way

How To Brand Your Business With BeFunky

Branding your business means you want all of your photos to have the same feel. Whether you want them to feel warm, modern, minimal or especially dreamy, you can use BeFunky to create all of these effects. The trick is to use the same editing style for all of your photography. The brand Wanderdust, for instance, believes in living a beautiful life and having unique style. Her photography always encapsulates this. You can just tell by looking at these images how much of an ethereal effect they create as they’re edited in the same way: you can see the same sort of blurred hue in each of them, which is what helps to make the brand unique.

There are really easy ways for you to create this ethereal aesthetic by editing your photos so they are light, bright and airy. It all starts with your surroundings. Think about where you're taking your images and what feel like this going to create. Do you want it to be against a white background or a darker one? Notice the colors in the images above all revolve around soft shades—that's the perfect way to create this look for your brand. In the BeFunky Photo Editor, your two most useful tools will be Brightness under Exposure in the Edits panel and Soften. Just look at these two images and see the difference:

branding your business with befunky

Choose Complimentary Colours

How To Brand Your Business With BeFunky

Since the color and tone of your images has a huge effect on how they all work together as a collection, choosing a set of specific brand colors is key. For example, if you always want your images to have a blue hue, you can do that by using the Color tool in the BeFunky Photo Editor. The colors that speak to you the most relate to the messages you'll want to send out through your brand. You could also edit your images to have warm neutral tones, cool watery shades, pops of vibrant color or delicate pastels—the sooner you start using the app to experiment with different hues and temperatures, the sooner you’ll define your own brand style.

For the images I create for my blog posts, I always include a colored hue of the main color of the background image I'm using. This way I'm keeping consistent with my brand colors as well as staying true to my brand's style. It helps to makes the images all the more unique.

branding your business with befunky

Choose Consistent Fonts


What makes BeFunky unique is the incredible array of fonts you can choose from to add to your images. You can create images for your website, blog posts and your social media platforms all within one app.

One thing that makes for a really defined brand is having consistent fonts. The fonts you choose should reflect your brand identity. If you’re a wedding company, you might want a traditional, elegant font. But if your business is in the law industry, you’d want to use a strong, bold font that signals authority. Consistent fonts allows you to create impact.

Take the brand in the above feed, for instance. Whether they're quotes, posters or graphics, the font is the same in each of these images, because it's the brand's primary font. Using the same font helps you to be consistent, which is key for developing a strong brand.

How To Brand Your Business With BeFunky

Branding your small business with photography is difficult. But you can do it all with BeFunky. Your composition, colors, fonts, and editing will all come together to represent your brand through your images once you start implementing all of these different features. And soon enough, when someone comes across one of your images, they’ll know straight away that it’s you and your brand.

How are you going to use BeFunky to help brand your business?

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified