A Batch Photo Editor That Saves You Time and Effort

BeFunky's Batch Photo Editor lets you apply the same effects to hundreds of photos simultaneously.

six wedding photos of a happy couple being edited in BeFunky's Batch Photo Editor

Edit Multiple Photos at the Same Time

If you've ever had to edit several (or even hundreds) photos, you know how tedious and time-consuming it is. Repeating the same edits over and over is enough to make your fingers cramp up, which nobody has time for! Thankfully, our Batch Photo Editor has come to the rescue, helping you seriously streamline your photo editing. Batch editing means all the essential photo editing tools, photo effects, and photo filters from our Photo Editor can be used on multiple photos simultaneously, saving you a tremendous amount of time and effort. The best part is it's easy for anyone to use – there's no technical know-how necessary! So, whether you're looking to crop, resize, or get creative with photo filters, our batch editor has got you covered.

Batch Photo Editor controls next to 3 duotone concert images

Your Small Business Sidekick

Has your career (or side hustle) got you post-processing photos like there's no tomorrow? Our Batch Photo Editor cuts the back-and-forth by allowing you to apply the exact same editing process to your entire batch of photos – all in a few clicks. Are you a wedding photographer having to edit a ton of photos for your latest happy couple? Or a blogger who needs to edit multiple images for your next blog post? How about an Etsy seller who must crop and resize numerous images for your latest listing? Or perhaps a real estate agent resizing a whole lot of images from a home photoshoot to use in your marketing materials? It doesn't matter what field you work in; editing photos in bulk means you'll have time to get back to doing what you love the most.

Four photos of ceramics products

Resize All Your Images With One Click

Those tiring days of resizing images one by one are no more. With our Batch Image Resizer, simply upload all your photos, set the desired size, and voila – with just one click, all your images have been resized. If you thought that sounded like pure post-processing wizardry, it doesn't end there. Our Batch Image Resizer even keeps the quality of your images high while reducing the file size! If you run a website or an online shop through Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, or otherwise, then you're in luck. Our bulk photo editing tool is perfect for prepping blog images or online photo uploads that require a specific size, saving you a lot of time and effort. And for instances where you actually need to lower image resolution in batch, for something like photoshoot proofs, we've got you covered.

Three portriats next to the controls for BeFunkys Batch Image Resizer

The Perfect Photo Crop, Multiplied

When it comes to bulk image editing, our Batch Photo Editor hasn't left anything out. You can use its powers to crop as many images as you want – all at once. Simply upload all your images and select the Crop tool. You'll have total control over the aspect ratio and can move the crop target wherever you want on each photo. All that's left to do is watch all of your images get cropped perfectly, all at once. It's that good! This is super handy when having to crop images to a particular size for printing or even when you need to crop a batch of photos into square format for your upcoming Instagram posts. What's more, you can batch crop and resize images in one go! First, crop to the perfect aspect ratio, then resize to the specified pixel amount or scale. Now, that's a photo editing match made in heaven!

Six various portraits being resized in BeFunky's Batch Photo Editor

A Filter for Every Social Media Feed

We all know the power of an on-brand social media feed. A cohesive set of images is far more impactful and makes your feed look nice and neat. Forget applying the same photo filters to each photo one by one, though. Our Batch Photo Editor takes out the hard work, allowing you to apply the same photo filter to an entire batch of photos – so you can get to posting faster. Most of BeFunky's Photo Effects are available in the Batch Photo Editor, so there’s no limit to your creativity. Whether you want to make your batch of images black and white, Chromatic, filled with sunbursts, or more – your social media goals are just a click away.

Six photos from a desert photo shoot with the same photo filter applied

Add Watermarks to Photos With Consistency

If you're a photographer, blogger, brand, or anyone else who regularly adds a watermark to your photos, you're in luck. Our Batch Photo Editor also has the ability to add a watermark to every photo in your batch consistently. Upload your watermark or logo, position it on the image, adjust the opacity, and set it as a preset. From then on, your watermark can be added to every photo with your chosen settings whenever you want! Watermarks help protect your product photos, work as logos on your YouTube thumbnails, or branding on your blog photos. Not only will your photo watermarks look more consistent than ever, but they'll also save you hours of work each week, giving you more time (and energy) to do what you do best - running your awesome small business.

Three lifestyle photographs with branded watermark added to the lower left corner

How to Batch Edit Photos

Edit all the photos you need in just a few clicks with the Batch Photo Editor.

Upload photo icon

01. Upload Your Photos

Open BeFunky's Batch Photo Editor and drag-and-drop all the photos you want to edit.

Select tools icon

02. Add Tools and Effects

Add photo editing tools and effects to the batch editor for quick access.

Apply edits icon

03. Apply Photo Edits

Use as many photo editing tools and effects as you want to edit your entire batch of photos simultaneously.

Save image icon

04. Save Your Edited Photos

Give your batch a new filename, add a watermark if necessary, and save the images as PNG or JPG.

Edit Mulitple Photos at the Same Time With BeFunky