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A Beginner’s Guide to Using BeFunky for Your Business

By Holly Sutton | Inspiration

Gone are the days when you could just take a picture of one of your products on your phone and upload it to your website. If you own or work in a small business today, the chances are that you’ve come across fellow business owners who struggle to create their own perfectly edited photography.

People put a lot of effort into making their photo edits look professional, so if you're looking for a beautiful, easy solution for editing your photos, look no further than the BeFunky Photo Editor. Here's our beginners guide to using BeFunky for your small business—we hope you find it as useful as it was fun to make!


Cropping images

When you’re using the Photo Editor in BeFunky, it’s always best to work your way down the basic editing tools and then add filters and other effects towards the end. What’s one of the most basic tools when it comes to editing? Cropping. Now, cropping isn’t just about getting all your images to be the same size. It’s about highlighting the most important part.

You might take a photo and think you’ve got the perfect shot. When usually, the cropping tool can help you emphasize the main feature of your image even more. This is especially true for product photography. When cropping, there are lots of different options for you to choose from in the app, or you can pick your own dimensions. Either way, all your proportions will still be intact.



Usually, you can start off with the fabulous Auto Enhance feature which always does a great job of automatically correcting your images. But if you want to make your images even more polished, you can go into the Edits panel and start experimenting with your brightness and contrast. It completely transforms any photo. Look at the two above—the one on the right has been enhanced by increasing the brightness, contrast and highlights. It’s had a huge effect, especially with the colour of the grass. This is perfect for helping your images look light, bright and airy, which will really benefit your business.


colours in photography

The Colors section in the Photo Editor features a setting for got something called “hue”, which can turn your image into a completely different color. Moving up and down the scale turned the colours of these trees into red, green, blue, purple, and gave each one a totally different effect.

You can also alter the saturation and temperature which can help to make your image look warmer or cooler, depending on the feel you want the image to have. It’s all about how it looks for you, but BeFunky makes it really easy to play around with the sliders until you find the right amount. Shooting images in Autumn and Winter can make images look dull and grey, so upping the temperature slightly can make a huge difference.



It can be easy to get the Sharpen feature wrong—too much is overkill. But when you want to highlight certain parts of a product or emphasize details to make them pop, it’s the perfect tool to use. On the example above, the sharpen tool has only been increased slightly on the right-hand picture and just look at the difference.

Blur & Smooth 


Adding a blur to an image creates such a brilliant effect. You can either blur most of the photo to help focus in on the most important part of the image, or just blur the edges to give an added effect. This works especially well for product photography. Let's use an example - if you want to show off a new design of a planner being featured on a desk, you can blur out all the other parts and focus purely on the product you’re trying to sell.

New Tools 

New BeFunky tools

A new awesome tool from the BeFunky app is the Cutout tool. This lets you cut out certain parts of an image in different shapes and allows you to create everything from watermarks to logos and beyond. Sometimes, it’s interesting to see an image in a shape other than rectangles and squares—why not showcase your products in a circle shape? You can also blur the edges to give your image a real ethereal effect.

So there you go—there's your beginners guide to using BeFunky for your small business! There are so many possibilities to experiment with this app. As you try out new things, you’ll find your own unique image style along the way to help your brand stand out. There are also plenty of other cool things you can do with BeFunky, such as add overlays and text to images. So download the app, have a play around and look out for another guide soon!

Are you ready to kick-start the photography for business?

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified