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The Design Your Dream Contest

By BeFunky | Inspiration

Bloggers, readers, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s have a moment of truth here. How many among you have worked for ages—NAY, struggled in vain for years to build up your brand? To start a business from scratch is a difficult endeavor that only very few ever manage, and yet, if you add on the extra trouble of trying to promote that business, you’ll find yourself deep in a pickle (jar) that no one seems to be able to open. (See what I did there?)

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Sure, you can scrounge the corners of the internet like the wonderfully resourceful people I know you to be for tips and tricks, but to achieve real, significant change is a rarity that few ever manage to find.

That all changes now.

We wanted to give credit where credit was due, to give small businesses everywhere a fighting chance at something real, at something huge. This then lead us to…

the Design Your Dream contest!


Here’s how it works. From November 2nd until December 7th, small businesses (those with 1-100 people in the US only—sorry Europe!) are invited to design their very own business cards using the business card template found in the Designer Toolset.

Designs will be evaluated based on creativity, technical skill, and written responses to a few short essay questions. After all, we want to hear about the stories behind the design, too. Give us that sweet, sweet inspiration.

On December 10th, we’ll be choosing 6 finalists before choosing our grand prize winner on December 16th, 2015—and oh, what a winner they’ll be.


The winner will receive a dream public relations prize package to help grow their brand that includes:

  • a private marketing strategy consultation with the Hollenbeck Group PR team
  • a custom press release for your business
  • a national newswire drop to thousands of US print, broadcast and digital media outlets
  • a detailed media pick up report
  • a blog post feature on the BeFunky website
  • a one year BeFunky Plus subscription
  • a better, happier business
  • bragging rights for life

This is the once in a lifetime kind of opportunity you’ve been waiting for. I know it, you know it, and the Dwight Schrute of offices everywhere knows it, too. It’s the kind of prize that’ll bump up your brand name, boost visibility, potentially increase sales and engagement, save the rainforests* and give your business a truly competitive edge.

*(Okay so we’re kidding about the rainforests bit but still—you’ve got to admit that’s an awful lot one contest can do).

So if you’ve been dreaming big, now’s the time to commit pen to paper (or rather, pixels).

Get all the info and more here.

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